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Konsten att tappa bort saker.

Jag tappar bort saker. Det är kanske inte det jag är mest stolt över i mitt liv, men jag har kommit att acceptera det. När jag säger att jag kommit att acceptera det så är det så att jag har tvingats leva med det här hela mitt liv, saker förläggs ibland oavsett vad jag känner eller tycker i frågan. 825 more words

The effects of vaping as a teen

First off I would like to say The vaping as a teen is probably the worst thing you can do to your lungs. When I think of a juul or any kind of vape or e-cigarette I automatically think of our generation and teens these days. 307 more words

Correction On AIO Album 67 News

Hey Y’all! Want to learn a lil’ lesson on not trusting people? Well, turns out all the names and episode summaries posted by Lee were false. 225 more words


What my Dog Chews Up Usually Heads to the Landfill...Yuck!

I said, “C’mon now! Not cool bro!” My dog, (Licks my face).

Coming home to something chewed up to pieces is no surprise in my house. 510 more words


I heard that BLOGS are not “in” anymore.

I don’t care.

I love that I can pour my soul

and then look back at them.

Makes me smile.


Being Non-Binary is not 'Cool'

Note: This was originally posted on Kai’s Life in Words on September 15th, 2015. The person mentioned at the start did apologise, however the point still stands. 1,196 more words