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This is my church, this is where I heal my hurt

So I left the house to buy hair dye. I’m sure this is not quite what I’m supposed to do when I’m ill, but it’s a medical necessity. 241 more words

Erm... So not dead... 

So I feel I should update after this morning’s self-pitying mope at 3am.
I’m not dead. Obviously. Though I’m pretty sure a short spell of death would be less painful than this. 235 more words

Hi Again, I'm Not Dead

Hello People of earth and similar regions.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a few months. Being completely honest, I forgot that this existed. 441 more words

Once again so sorry

Now 19, no I’m not dead I just went on a hiatus, a long one. Life has slapped me in the face and I have been brutally scarred by the internet, but don’t worry I’m not broken… yet. 65 more words

Guess who's back? (it's not shady)

Where the hell have I been? It’s a good question, blog readers. Did I die? Have I been in suspended¬†animation for months on end? Have I been on an all expenses-paid trip to New Zealand with all my friends and we’re never coming back? 1,752 more words


'Chief Tony Anenih Is Not Dead' - Inside Source

PDP leader Chief Tony Anenih has debunked rumours flying around that he has passed on.

Sources say the aged politician spoke to some close associates on Wednesday afternoon, confirming he’s alive.


Game of Thrones: The Red Woman. Is (SPOILER) really dead?

OK So no I’m not wondering if Jon Snow is dead. Cause he is, but that’s not’s what is bothering me right now. (Don’t worry Jon Snow people– I’ll come back to this in a bit). 1,285 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire