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Guess Who's Back, Back Again

As you’ve probably already guessed, Locked Girl has returned from surgery… Locked Girl is, of course, still in the hospital. But she is alive, for those of you who might have grown concerned… Rather sore, but alive, and mostly fine. 202 more words

Bromo to Probolinggo to Surabaya: a primer on Indonesian driving

If you’re at Bromo/Cemoro Lawang and need to get back to Jakarta, the only feasible route (as of April 2017) is through Probolinggo and Surabaya. 809 more words



So yeah. I’m not dead. Surprise ladies, gents, attack helicopters, etc.

Sorry about the extended absence, I got kicked right in the teeth by finals, then I had to relocate from… 691 more words

Transcending Gratitude

A few months ago I jotted down something that I imagined I might share as my FB Status Update today, with tweaks as needed to match reality (see photo at the end of this post). 798 more words



Hello wild ones!

I’m sure you’re thinking, oh wow, this bitch finally came back from the dead. WOW. How fucking nice of her to remember that she has a blog. 426 more words

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle ✨ 

Hello everyone! I hope you are happy. Today I just felt like writing a little piece of motivation for myself and for you guys!

So I am going to talk about my definition of sparkle and how important it is to me! 488 more words