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No, not Willy, not even Horatio, but this little fella.

He was hatched in the incubator along with one of his brothers or sisters

as mum had abandoned the nest, but he just seemed very weak, and had one eye that wouldn’t open. 247 more words

Living In France

I am Not Dead

I am Not Dead

In case you were wondering… Neither this blog nor me are dead.

I haven’t posted anything in over month not because I have run out of ideas or given up on the internet. 668 more words


31: Running in the Dark

I have started running again.

After a few months of deep, sweet lethargy — avoiding most exercise, feeling my body age day by day, minute by minute, practically… 2,003 more words


Mijn conclusie: Boris Nemtsov is een fake liquidatie, de beste man is vissen en fishy.

Nemtsov has not been assasinated in this fake attack in Moscow.

There are various facts about what happened on February 27, leading to the conclusion the whole assasination is a strange event. 991 more words


Blog Post | In which I am perfectly alive | 3/9/15

I have returned! That’s right, folks, I have not died, contrary to popular belief. I’m here. Hello. Greetings.

Let me begin with a heartfelt apology. 293 more words

The Elephant in the Room

I must address the elephant in the room: Part three of “Defining Video Games” is coming. I have an almost-finished draft of it on the very PC I am writing this post on, in fact. 226 more words

Video Games

The Diana Redemption - be careful with the myth!

I recently did this interview about The Rachel Redemption with my old friend Commercial Malcolm. Read on if you want to know more about the book, the film, conspiracy theories and more… 1,061 more words