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Down w a Bad Stomach

Very bad. Took me more than five days. Hope the germs are out soon.


New Years Resolutions For 2016

Okay, so many of you may be thinking that it’s a little early to be writing about New Years’ resolutions, but I figured I should get these written down somewhere before I forget. 287 more words

Why do things always seem to go wrong in threes?

I’m writing this offline at home, something I hate doing. So I have to save the text to my USB stick, then take it to work and publish in the morning… (I hate bringing the text on a stick, that is. 201 more words

Weekly Roundup - Not The Best Week ...

Hey everyone … so this week has not really been the best … last weekend was ok but I wasn’t feeling too great for most of it … and even during the start of this week I was still not 100% myself … having said that Perry has been great and really been helping out quite a bit so I wouldn’t feel to bad about not being able to do all the things I would usually get done around the house … 345 more words

Hugo & Derek

Deutsch und Englisch

Das mit dem “bald sehr erschöpft einschlafen” wurde leider nichts, da ich noch ein bisschen zu lang nach Dtl telefoniert hatte und dadurch gegen halb 1 wieder extrem wach wurde, wieder erstmal müde werden musste und dadurch bin ich sehr spät eingeschlafen. 1,158 more words


Ughhh!!!! 😓😨😰


I haven’t been feeling well recently.

I haven’t got the energy to do anything but lay on my bed having a Friends marathon!

I’ve just been feeling like utter… 💩! 52 more words


Tai chi Y4D137: dispelling illness

woke up this morning to do tai chi. Wound up feeling worse after tai chi not better. Stopped after qi gong and one iteration with the form. 12 more words

Tai Chi