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I really wasn’t feeling well but I still managed to edit the videos for next week and I’m really proud of them.

UPDATE: How am I feeling???

Hi everyone!
Sorry for taking so long for this post! I was exhausted from being sick, but I am back in action now, so I will fill you guys in! 809 more words


It got all of us ...

Cough, cough. Sniffle, sniffle. Ugh, ugh. MULTIPLIED BY ALL OF US.

Well, I hope you all have a day where everyone doesn’t end up sick!!!

Life's Little Lessons

Lonely & Not Feeling Well

I have never been one to sit around and let myself get lonely.  At that first tinge of wishing I had someone with me I usually get up and go somewhere.  532 more words


Nothing is going to plan this week

I’m still having sleep issues knocking my cycle out of whack with the business world. I was exhausted last night but I still couldn’t get the mind to shut down and let me sleep, and then it took forever to wake up and function after I did get to sleep. 86 more words

Daily Post

Miraculous Recovery

Wonderful Wife: “I’m sick.”

Me: “I’m feeling terrible myself.”

WW: “Nope. We can’t both be sick. I called it first. Suck it up, buddy.”

Me: (long pause)

Me: “I feel better already.”

Things My Kids Say