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R&R with Mama!

On Monday night, my son kept waking up with coughing fits.  My son is known for sleeping through the night and not making a peep unless something is wrong.  324 more words

"time for giving all you've got" —Run River North

*it was reeeally hard to pick a line from this song ahaha
Was so negative in my last post I meant to write a follow up to say that things worked out and it wasn’t all ideal but it worked out, and this week is just as hectic and stressful as last week only perhaps moreso because that cold I’ve been fighting (and, let’s be honest, barely winning against) has officially over taken me and today is day 3 of feeling like complete SHIT because I am headache-y and sniffle-y and congested and exhausted all the time and always… 173 more words



It begins with a sniffle,
perhaps a cough here and there.
In moves a pounding in the head
as though it’s being squeezed
just for fun. 78 more words

Daily Prompts

"so sick, so sick of being tired, and oh so tired of being sick"   —Taking Back Sunday

Last week my sister went on a job interview. I’ve actually gone with her for her last few interviews; we’d drive out together and I’d just hang out at a Starbucks nearby and try to get things done while she’d be impressing the pants off of prospective employees. 613 more words


I'm Sick

I’ve been sick. Like really sick.

Bronchitis sick.

I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping and drinking water and eating every now and again. I’m taking meds and all sorts to clear out my chest. 90 more words


That's What It Is!

I came to the realization today that I’ve had an utterly unproductive week this past week.  I didn’t write, I didn’t produce any music, and I barely looked at my oil painting that I’m working on.  254 more words

Wanting The Best For Our Loved Ones

I was in New York City last week, visiting my father and stepmother. This trip was the inspiration for today’s blog post. I enjoyed my visit with them. 673 more words

Classical Homeopathy