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Sick :(

I promise to be up and running again soon.


Day 2742 - Best Husband Award Goes To...

Last night, my amazing husband asked if there was anything he could do or get me to make me feel better (since I’ve got a bit of a cold). 113 more words


Sorry for the sparse postings of late. I have several chronic conditions and have been having difficulty with them and medication. Has made me way more tired than usual. 32 more words


Out with the parasite and in with the virus…maybe someone has a voodoo doll of me somewhere :P I’ll never be able to understand those who want to be ill. 85 more words


Haiku - Colds

“I hate winter colds
Office epidemic starts
Vitamin C needed”


R&R with Mama!

On Monday night, my son kept waking up with coughing fits.  My son is known for sleeping through the night and not making a peep unless something is wrong.  324 more words

"time for giving all you've got" —Run River North

*it was reeeally hard to pick a line from this song ahaha
Was so negative in my last post I meant to write a follow up to say that things worked out and it wasn’t all ideal but it worked out, and this week is just as hectic and stressful as last week only perhaps moreso because that cold I’ve been fighting (and, let’s be honest, barely winning against) has officially over taken me and today is day 3 of feeling like complete SHIT because I am headache-y and sniffle-y and congested and exhausted all the time and always… 173 more words