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Paying for the Magic

Recently, a friend was complaining about an upcoming business trip.  Between meetings, and presentations, manning a trade show booth, and group dinners, she was already exhausted.  1,373 more words


Join with Save the Children to help stop preventable diseases from claiming children’s lives

What’s happening?

Every six seconds a child dies from a preventable disease. In poor communities – where a hospital or health clinic can be days away – deadly diseases pose a dangerous threat to defenceless children. 553 more words

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Educational Testing Software Client

Senior Delivery Manager and Product Owner for 4 software development scrum teams. Managed full-stack engineers focused on Java, Angular, React technologies, as well as two Artificial Intelligence/AI tools (Gurobi and a proprietary AI solution).

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Nonprofit must pay payroll taxes

Nonprofits may be exempt from paying income taxes, but they still need to pay payroll taxes. Taxes withheld must be remitted to the government and 1099 must be filed for contractors. 34 more words


Join with Save the Children to help Rohingyan children fleeing violence

What’s happening?

Horrific violence has forced more than 620,000 Rohingya people to flee from Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh. More than half the refugees are children and they all tell horrific stories of savage violence, bullets and fire, and brutal rape. 538 more words

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AICD's report card on national reform says "we must do better"

“… if our business sector faced the same red tape and regulatory burden as our charities and NFPs continue to endure, there would be uproar.” 196 more words