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When Your Rent Depends On Someone's Mood - the Hot Waitress Effect

I recently made the decision not to eat at my usual place after I had a couple of …less than pleasant… ¬†encounters with another patron there. ¬† 633 more words


2016 Everything Old is New Again

The ultimate question for any artist is “when do you know when a piece is finished?” and the somewhat facetious response is “when the cheque is in the bank”. 123 more words

Not For Sale

Issue 1: Not for Sale

“Not for Sale” is a socialist zine by Orange County socialists and SP members.

In this issue:

  • A Socialist Critique of Bernie Sanders
  • Ashes of Hope…
  • 14 more words

Who really runs the world?

Today I read an interesting article about commonly held notions regarding the illuminati and secret societies. As someone who studies occult activity, I found the article highly intriguing; the writer is correct when he says fear of the illuminati is dangerous. 167 more words


The Silent Genocide

The other day my mom asked me about my opinion regarding Autism Speaks.

You should first understand that I spent most of my life completely unaware that I had autism, and it was really only after learning that this was the case that life began to make any sense at all.   515 more words


Chinese Suzhou Style Hand Embroidered Peonies Silk Scarf

(100% Silk on Silk) by Ink Jade Studio

I embroidered this as a Xmas present (design not by me though as this was from a kit) for a close friend. 7 more words

Chinese Wind