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Book Challenge #98: Perdido Street Station by China MiƩville

It’s been 2 months since my last entry for my book challenge. This means I’m officially in violation of my self-imposed rules, since I’m supposed to get to at least one book a month. 438 more words

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So Apple And Microsoft Finally Solved How To Bring Touch Screens To PCs

Looking at Microsoft’s new (and first) all-in-one desktop and Apple’s new MacBook, the dueling touch interfaces become immediately apparent. The people I’ve seen on twitter seem to be making fun of Apple’s new touch bar, but I’m just glad we’re finally starting to move beyond just turning the monitor into a touch screen. 453 more words


Book Challenge #99: Piers Anthony's Xanth Series

The next item on my reading list is Piers Anthony’s Xanth series. It starts with A Spell for Chameleon, published in 1977. I knew this was a long series, but I had no idea that there are 39 of them, and several more still forthcoming. 915 more words

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Book Challenge #100: C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy

So when I thought about doing this challenge, I got all excited about the long list of amazing books I was going to read. Then I looked at… 392 more words

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games for adults (20160821)

we could always play hide and seek
she says
though i know what it is she
wants to hide (her heart)
and what it is she really… 42 more words


What I'm...Reading?

I am fortunate enough to have some extra down time in my days when I’m not working and playing games and making ends meet. I suppose I could use this time to be productive. 544 more words

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Otakon 2016: Trying To Make Anime Great Again

If there’s one theme I noticed from what I saw at Otakon 2016 this past weekend, it was trying to revive the way anime was during the 80’s and 90’s. 1,275 more words