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Book Challenge #100: C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy

So when I thought about doing this challenge, I got all excited about the long list of amazing books I was going to read. Then I looked at… 392 more words

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games for adults (20160821)

we could always play hide and seek
she says
though i know what it is she
wants to hide (her heart)
and what it is she really… 42 more words


What I'm...Reading?

I am fortunate enough to have some extra down time in my days when I’m not working and playing games and making ends meet. I suppose I could use this time to be productive. 544 more words

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Otakon 2016: Trying To Make Anime Great Again

If there’s one theme I noticed from what I saw at Otakon 2016 this past weekend, it was trying to revive the way anime was during the 80’s and 90’s. 1,275 more words




My name’s Tasmin. I’m 19.

I spend a lot of time writing, reading and playing games.

This blog will be used mainly to catalog my adventures in games, but sometimes I’ll throw a ramble about a book or something I saw while out and about. 108 more words


Are you watching Steven Universe?

I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked to play games last night, but I did get to watch a few episodes of Steven Universe that were sitting on my DVR. 330 more words

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Warcraft movie: Also a movie about environmentalism

It features an elite class who are corrupted and destroying the environment, and populaces who are held hostage by them.  It also features a generally populist, even internationalist outlook.   57 more words