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NotGTAV is a ruthless Snake-like parody of GTAV set in the UK. Join us on a shonky hand-drawn voyage across Britain’s green and pleasant lands. Play as Daffyd, Darren and British Prime Minister David Cameron in this satirical cult-hit game. 11 more words

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Feel fear, hope and despair in a 2-minute "notgame" about Freedom Bridge

Play Freedom Bridge from NecessaryGames.com

Playing the game made me want to ask why and how it was possible that life can be this cruel even though I already knew that it is. 72 more words


So You Want to be Good at Computer -- Moving Before Hello World

I hope you enjoyed your time in new territory because it’s back to what I’ve talked about before Hello World. Specifically, it’s this idea of objects. 1,038 more words


So You Want to be Good at Computer -- Moving Beyond Hello World

This one will be a bit shorter since I’m going to have code, and much of it will be self-explanatory. However, what we want to make is game as a class so that we can represent it. 262 more words


So You Want to be Good at Computer -- We's int now

I last left off discussing some of the more conceptual stuff with regards to data types with the goal being to show how simple it is. 918 more words


So You Want to be Good at Computer -- Data Types

I hope you enjoyed that bit of code, because we aren’t going to be looking at code anytime soon since code is for nerds and you’re not a nerd, are you? 861 more words


So You Want To Be Good At Computer -- Hello World!

Now we come to the staple of every beginner guide everywhere: Hello World. The Hello World example is used everywhere since it shows many basic concepts of a programming language and does not overwhelm someone with complexity. 870 more words