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Feeling Like you're not Good Enough


First of all let me say I started this blog to help inspire people that go through similar things that I’m going through. One of the challenges I have with myself is not feeling like I’m good enough. 903 more words

Earning Love

Why do I think that if I have the Art of Work mastered then I’ll receive the Art of Love? Why do I think that I have to strive for others to care about me? 382 more words

This Thing Called Life

Be Grateful for your Friends

We take  a lot for granted nowadays, and especially today we take our friends for granted. These past few days I’ve been rather aggravated and angry at my best friend, and not really for anything she did, but mostly for what i did. 285 more words


Perfectionism vs Creativity...

I grew up being encouraged always to do my best in all things, and although in some ways this constant quest for self-improvement has proved somewhat beneficial in life, the down side for me has been living with a never-ending niggling feeling of simply not being good enough as I am… 324 more words


Afterthought 173—Changed Expectation

Enough to leave the surest touch nonplus,
yet not in time to trouble comfort's breech
with online covenants that seldom reach
maturity encountered acting thus,
quite arguably that's what's come of us:
alone with every nothing, one of each. 65 more words

Afterthought 150—Changed Perspective

Floor it!  Baby, blast through all extremes
he deals you!  Sweetheart, don't let him accept
you only based on making you reject
a love that threatens his possessive schemes
against you! 76 more words
100 Poems

A Million Excuses Not to Write

I use the word “excuses” deliberately. A reason is a legitimate justification. An excuse, as defined by my dictionary, is “an explanation, not necessarily true, given in order to make something appear more acceptable”. 1,265 more words