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Worth the Truth

There was absolutely nothing else I could have done that I didn’t do to save “us”, but still feel like a failure. I wish could just forget it all and not care for a few days. 44 more words

Damage Done

Not Good Enough

The power in the impact from such a phrase relies heavily upon the source. Is there credibility to that source? Is it from someone you know, like, and or respect; or not? 579 more words

To Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Not Good Enough

I won’t sugarcoat it and tell you that it gets easier. Quite the opposite, actually. There will always be millions of ways for people to tell you how to be. 669 more words

Afterthought 1427—With Your Hate

Why let yourself be so consumed with hate
for whom you once knew as your soul mate?
You steal from yesterday to borrow
today to sacrifice your one tomorrow. 91 more words
Nothing Special

Afterthought 1423—Raw

Love quit us. Done. Cold through.
I reach for you.
You're with another someone new.

Given up on. Abandoned. Left behind.
I hurt for you.
You're with another someone your kind. 17 more words
Not Good Enough

Afterthought 1420—What Form

What form can lock your dreaming to the page
on which your doubts construct their sterile cage?
Set their flights free! Let no star stand still
awaiting time that will not move until. 83 more words
Nothing Special