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Learning To Be Present In Motherhood

Being Roman and Ruby’s mama is one of my greatest joys on this earth. They are the sweetest, silliest, and cutest almost-two-year-olds. Even though they bring so much joy to our heart and home, that doesn’t mean we’re immune to having challenging days as parents. 919 more words


Are we all just treading water?

I have a confession to make, I suck at the blog, life, work balance. I take my hat off to any mega babe that can blog like a pro, work like a queen AND have a social life.  1,069 more words

More than a Light Bulb

I had been reading a book on my comfy couch, when the light bulb in the lamp next to me burned out. My roommate was at Walmart, so I just texted her to pick up some light bulbs, and then I moved to the kitchen for better lighting. 1,059 more words

A Change of Heart

Much like almost everyone in West Virginia, I have been impacted by the heroin epidemic that is destroying the state that I love. I have had friends, family, and classmates that have become addicts. 1,054 more words


God, I Was Rejected

God, I was rejected for my heart
and it’s torn me apart.
I felt the rejection of saying
I wasn’t good enough.
But I can’t give up on poetry, 150 more words


Bad Habit

I get overwhelmed.


Then I lose myself.

To a jumble of masquerading shades and low vibrational, angry, shouts and growls clawing at me from the inside out until I can barely remember how to breathe. 85 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Moving on.

You’ve moved on.

You’ve found a pretty girl. Someone much prettier than I will ever be. Maybe that’s why you like her. Or maybe she has something I don’t. 564 more words