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day 660: "not good enough"

For context listen to this awesome interview by eqafe, “fear of not being good enough”. Lots of practical support in it about how to deal with such mind programs, yes, “not good enough” is a program, constructed by self, society, family etc. 895 more words

Breaking Through Inadequacy

We all feel inadequate at times.

Perhaps, we’re in a room full of people who appear to know more in some capacity than we do, or a job interview, or a date with someone we think is out of our league, or being caught making a mistake, and so on. 672 more words


On letting go of God

Goodbye. There’s just too much suffering in the world. I’ve held onto my belief until now, but no more. And letting go of you feels better than confessing my love to you over and over again only to be ignored. 61 more words


My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is that I am not good enough and that I will be sitting here in July without having achieved anything. It’s not rational, I know. 164 more words


You'll never be good enough

If you don’t push her, she’ll leave you.
If you don’t support her, shame on you.
You’re standing in front of an awesome girl,
but you’re as blind as a god damn bat. 69 more words

Dealing With Mental Health

Growing out of the adolescent stage and into the adulthood stage is a difficult process for a teenager to comprehend, let alone understand why suicide is not the solution. 465 more words

Plays Ramble On

I am dehydrated and distressed.

Every time I go to a play I tell myself that I need to take water and then I’m like, but you can’t drink it during the play so why bother? 523 more words