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Misleading advertising by Booking.com

Free -an adverb

meaning – without cost or payment.

To advertise something as FREE CANCELLATION, regardless of whether it is for a third party of not, and then have the third party charge full payment upfront is #misleading and #deceptive to the consumer. 260 more words


The Best Is Never Enough

A lot of people say that you’ll never get what you truly desire until you start praying to God. I used to disagree with that, saying God would hear the voice of every heart that is sincere; after all, he loves you 70 times more than your mother does. 300 more words


Be Don't Be - The Rules of Womanhood

Be innocent but don’t be a virgin

Be willing to have sex but don’t want to have sex

Be sexy but don’t be a slut… 472 more words


What if...

Lets talk about making comparisons.  We all do it.  Our brain likes to be able to compartmentalise to make sense of things, and part of this will be judgement and comparison. 194 more words


Not Good Enough

Were I a better artist, I would make wondrous works in thyne image.

Were I a better poet, I would lavish the very thought of thee into verse of beauty to be chanted in syncopation with the beat of my tumultuous heart. 241 more words


Chasing, Tripping And Falling Down

Have you ever found yourself running after something? Literally or metaphorically? As in, wanting something so bad, whether it wants you or not?

It’s a single-minded attachment to having that person, place or thing, right? 1,058 more words


Fucked Up

I am the kind of person to care too much. To put too much effort into a friendship. To give too much of myself. I open up, invest and trust. 375 more words