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Could I Ever Be 'Good Enough'?

I’ve always felt like I needed to do more to earn God’s love. I wanted to be better, better, better no matter what. Failure wasn’t in my vocabulary, and I was okay with that. 638 more words


trains and postpartum anxiety/depression

I was leaving a lovely and refreshing catchup with an old colleague. And I cried.
I was leaving the child health nurse appointment. And I cried. 575 more words

Venting / Expressing

Doing no harm – the paradox of self help

Have you ever found yourself reaching for yet another self-help book or on-line course, hoping that this one will reveal the ultimate secret that you’re desperate to know? 1,258 more words

Being Good Enough

Daily Devo: When We Are Not Good Enough, God Is On Our Behalf

  1. Pray, lifting your requests before God and praising Him for His goodness. Be sure to ask Him to speak to your heart during your devotional time.
  2. 226 more words

Lazy day.

This is what I did the other day. The weather was rubbish so I had no motivation, could not be bothered.

On days like this I usually end up questioning my adequacy as a parent. 83 more words


PTSD and Battered Woman Syndrome

I am completely flummoxed about my healing journey since Rog decided to have another affair, and leave me. Why am I not skipping off into the sunset, breathing the most gigantic sigh of relief?! 1,103 more words



We’ve all been there.

The relationships that weren’t quite relationships. They were never official. Things broke off before it could be anything. Those relationships that you can’t call an ‘ex’ or a ‘breakup’ because you were never an actual thing. 579 more words