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Author of Our Own Lives

We often hide behind Fear, who generously veils itself as frustration or “I’m not good enough.”

When Fear is our friend, we have a lot of really convincing excuses about why we don’t have enough time or energy. 175 more words

Reflections On Daily Life

Hearts First

At the beginning of the year it is tempting to set goals, make plans and dive into the busyness of the new term (not that those are bad things). 499 more words


Afterthought 1550—Minus One, Minus Another

Time was known more by
what we didn't do
than by what we did.
It's the absent things we know,
minus one, minus another. 

We withheld pieces of ourselves,
expecting to do without. 83 more words
Nothing Special

You're Not Good Enough?!?!

How do you react when you hear you’re not good enough? Does it crush you? What are your reasons for your actions?

There are times when we get disappointed because we are told that we are not good enough for something. 101 more words


"Patricia, you're not good enough"

Patricia, you’re just not good enough”

Back in 2015, I was so frustrated with my writing ability.

When I was 18, Journalism was a breeze. It’s like words come out of my head as if I was an article churning machine. 748 more words

Self Esteem

A place for everything and…everyone put in their place

There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night, heart pounding and anger flared from a random memory that decided to make itself known again to my subconscious. 1,072 more words


Episode 54 - Am I Not Good Enough?

“Why don’t they like me?” “Why do I keep losing partners?” “Why can’t we go further?” “Aren’t I worth it?” are all questions that have crossed our minds one point or another during our dating career. 234 more words