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what's the feeling?

Oh right, it’s the feeling that I’m not good enough knocking on my door. He comes around often. We like to have tea sometimes.

I, like many other people, am insecure. 493 more words

Self Esteem

When God's Calling Feels Too BIG

I struggle with insecurities. A HARD struggle. Daily. I question my ability to be a good wife, mother, friend, daughter. I question my morality every single day. 757 more words

Positive power

As a girl who always cuts herself down today I’ve started to try and be positive. I always believed second best was all I was really good for, I didn’t want to be second best it was just my way of protecting myself from the disappointment of being let down. 486 more words


Memes we can relate to

Why have I got to have a billion emotions everyday?

When you see a read receipt then they go offline…

Me getting my heart broken over and over again… 114 more words

Soul Mate

The last goodbye

Sometimes you can’t hold on to someone no matter how hard you try. Sometimes your efforts to be the person you feel they deserve makes you bend and push and distort yourself to the point you’re just not sure who you are anymore. 360 more words

Soul Mate

Day 400: Words, The Morning After


Day 400: Words, the Morning After


Words, the morning after. I imagine them as rinsed and clear, and in the words ‘morning after’, I remember that regret and resolution, ‘a lesson learnt’. 689 more words

The space in your mind is your greatest potential

The space in your mind is your greatest potential, it is the very best YOU, beyond thought. This is where your greatness resides and it asks you on a daily basis to let it be manifested in your physical reality. 227 more words