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Insecurity: Childhood Origins

I’ve struggled with this post for some time. I have wanted to write it out for a very long time, and thought about posting it on a previous blog I used to write. 1,124 more words

Single Mom

That unsuccessful feeling.

Ever get that feeling you falling into a pit you dug yourself? Where there is no way out and every attempt of escaping is met with a downward force that shoves you back into the pit? 344 more words

Screams Of The Soul

(The following poem was my entry in Wingword Poetry Prize Contest.The results are not out yet so I don’t know if it is good enough to win..But fingers crossed ! 166 more words


Have you ever had the feeling of not being good enough? That you’re never worth it?

Well, this day is one those days. Where I feel as if I’m running away from something that’s not there; something abstract, invisible. 744 more words

Embracing My Inner Tantrum

It’s Thursday.  Blog writing day.  I want to be all sunny today, writing lovely positive words.

Nope.  My inner two-year-old took over on Monday and is having an extended tantrum. 341 more words


Step into my life

So often we feel like we have to be everything to everyone. I know I get sucked into that mind set. I’m a wife. I’m a mom. 342 more words

Good Enough

Vet nursing and all the feels

I am a vet nurse

I have an obligation to compassion to not only animals but the owners.
I have a fucking hard time being compassionate to owners sometimes especially when they bring their animal in 24 hours after they ran over it with a car and laughed when it was euthanised. 94 more words