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Afterthought 131—Complicity

Quite well enough did you recall my name
   and clearly it recited with ill charm
for your accomplice to know, when he came,
   whose children you wished him to do harm. 7 more words
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The sweet and the bitter in the little bird's eyes

I do believe that I was a decent child, if not a good one. Before I left home I always tried to stay out of trouble so I wouldn’t cause my parents any problems. 1,080 more words

Afterthought 128—Crone's Turn

The crone mumbled just loud enough
to be heard beneath our coming in late
making ourselves at home the one night

before melting into her own stew's pot
as if seasoned to each individual taste
in the forgotten kisses of her first dance.


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Afterthought 124—Accidental Prophecy

The charts to prove it will be placed inside
containers unfamiliar to routine
(your messenger whose face you haven't seen,
the one by whom his message sent — denied). 73 more words
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On not being good enough

Do you feel like you’re not good enough? Apparently that’s the major underlying negative/limiting thought that everything else boils down to, according to self-help goddess Louise L. 404 more words


Tried, but was never good enough
Cried, but was never helped out
Lied, but was never found out
Sighed, but was never asked about
Died, but was never cared about


Not good enough

hi again! So this is a bit of a follow on from the last post, I hope you might be able to relate or something?!?! idk. 168 more words