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Rejection hurts like Hell and it doesn't stop.

Rejection hurts. It really does. I have never felt a rejection that has made me question how good I am at my job. Never. It hurts to be slammed against the wall and knocked to the ground. 413 more words

The Truth Behind Everything...

Yes, I realize The Truth Behind Nothing is the title to shoot for, but this morning I can’t help but think about everything. All of the good. 534 more words

Being Real With People

I'll Never Be Good Enough

And so today I was told, not strictly in these words, that I am not good enough.

I was told some positive things, too, but the entire feeling whilst being spoken to was that I am not good enough. 399 more words


If You Never Feel Good Enough, Read This

If you never feel that you are good enough for anyone or anything, I understand. I know that it is not sensitive if I say that you should not be because you do feel that you are and I cannot take that away from you. 1,248 more words

Lexical density, Gunning Fog, Hard words and low self esteem - perils of writing

I haven’t posted much lately. Truthfully I haven’t written as much either. Having all kinds of problems with things sort of puts a dent in your hopes and wishes. 411 more words


Day 2: Perfection Game

When entering a position of seeking perfection we become blinded by what is right in front of us – All we seek, is this ‘perceived’ point of ‘perfection’. 934 more words


Word Wall part 3

Dear readers,

They say, ” Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”

We’ve all recited these words to ourselves after someone has said something cruel. 122 more words

Spoken Word