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Slipped Disc: A story in some parts. Part: the first.

“Gordon Bennett!” Bennett jumped. His glazed eyes blinked into action as Coach’s oppressive form filled up his vision right up to the periphery. The thick atmosphere in the East Cheshire Millennial Bowl had sent Gord’s imagination into a tailspin and he was finding it an ordeal to maintain focus. 732 more words


Human species advised to move to GRCh37

BOSTON.  The entire human species has been advised to convert their genome to GRCh37 by the GATK Best Practices team at the Broad Institute, The ScienceWeb… 173 more words

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Your awful, bigoted opinions are encoded in your genes

LONDON. A recent study, published only in The Sunday Times, has revealed that you pass on your shameful, hate-filled, bigotry to your children via your genes. 160 more words

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Only three gel images ever made, admit scientists

SWITZERLAND.  After yet another case of doctored gels identified in high impact publications, molecular biologists have finally admitted that there are only 3 genuine gel images in the world. 170 more words

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Bacteria will pay you to sequence them by 2016, analysis reveals

CANADA.  An analysis of historical trends in the cost of sequencing carried out by The ScienceWeb has revealed that by 2016, bacteria will actually pay you to sequence them. 161 more words

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SGM held at Birmingham to allow scientists to collect filthy new diseases

Birmingham, UK.  The society for grubby microbiology (SGM) is holding its annual conference in Birmingham to allow microbiologists to discover and collect thousands of new diseases that exist only in the streets and sewers of Britain’s filthy city. 157 more words

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