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Village-based speed sign to 'just give up'.

A Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) in the quaint countryside thoroughfare of Bissington Brinkwell has announced plans to ‘just give up’ following a long, unsuccessful campaign against unruly traffic. 438 more words


Scottish government to ban evidence

Edinburgh.  Following criticism of the Scottish government’s decision to ban GM crops, it has emerged today that they also plan to ban all forms of scientific evidence, including all rational and logical thought. 304 more words

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Loud, annoying scientists still dominating conference calls

USA.  The loud, brash and annoying scientists that everyone secretly hates are still dominating weekly conference calls and collaborative scientific discussions, much to the annoyance of the polite, shy but very good scientists who end up fixing everything quietly afterwards, a new study has shown. 225 more words

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Post-doc realises supervisor was bullshitting the whole time

Birmingham, UK.  A post-doc at the Institute for Microbiology and Infection has come to the realisation that her PhD supervisor was a complete bullshitter, after graduating and joining a better, more competent group. 198 more words

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Most people doing genomics not actually doing genomics

CAMBRIDGE.  Most people who claim to be genomics researchers are not actually doing genomics at all, and instead are just sequencing things and calling it genomics, it has been found. 250 more words

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At nanopore hackathon, PacBio turn up with sweets

Birmingham, UK.  At a hackathon to develop software for oxford nanopore sequence data organised by Dr Rick Slowman yesterday, attendees were shocked to find that PacBio had turned up unexpectedly and started offering everyone sweets. 209 more words

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Publishing paper without releasing data not really science

PALO ALTO.  Publishing a paper without releasing data is more like telling a story or a funny anecdote than actual science, a recent study has found. 232 more words

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