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Daily Roundup: aliens already have sequencers in space; Thermo to launch Ion Torrent into stratosphere; Scientists predict space bugs

TheScienceWeb daily round-up

Aliens have responded to the news that Oxford Nanopore and NASA are to send USB sequencers into space by saying that they’ve had sequencers in space for thousands of years and are amused by the efforts of tiny humans. 241 more words

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Sequencing company about to sh*t all over your plans once again

LONDON, UK.  Your favourite sequencing company is about to sh*t all over your plans  once again, by releasing an update that breaks all of your bioinformatics pipelines, and requires you to buy expensive new hardware, it has been revealed. 137 more words

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We're all completely ****ed and everything is pointless, study finds

UK.  In one of the largest personality surveys ever carried out, it has been found that no-one gives a shit about anyone else and people largely only care about their own selfish, crappy lives and bigoted opinions. 177 more words

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Funders to insist that all scientific groups contain at least two men

BREAKING.  In an unprecedented move, a consortium of the world’s leading funders has come together to insist that all scientific groups must contain at least two men, and preferably many more. 143 more words

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What if.... a poem by Warwick Kipling

Ed: you probably won’t understand this post unless you have read this and this, which I strongly encourage you to do.

UK.  We received this beautiful poem yesterday from Warwick Kipling, Rudyard’s little-known son.   415 more words

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Dan Graur hate-bot shows no sign of slowing down

Houston.  The viral-AI-hate-bot, @DanGraur, shows absolutely no sign of slowing down, and President Barack Obama is chairing a special meeting of the anti-troll committee in an attempt to curb the dangerous levels of hate being produced. 120 more words

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Scientists suggest natural solution to anti-vaxxers

Virginia.  After yet another study was published demonstrating exactly zero link between vaccines and the onset of autism, even amongst high-risk groups, scientists have come up with an innovative solution to end the anti-vaccine movement once and for all. 194 more words

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