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Viking Fan Seeks To Be Indemnified by Vikings Organization for Damages Caused to Roommates' Table

Eagleview Heights, MN — A passionate, local Viking fan seeks to be indemnified by the team for extensive damages he has caused roommates to alleviate his legal woes. 164 more words


Under-35 Year Old Really Makes an Impact at Local Senate District Meeting

Eagleview Heights, MN — A local DFL Senate District unit was blown away when an under-35 year old showed up to their monthly scheduled central committee meeting, which are at the Park Grove Library on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. 269 more words


In Light of American Politics "Jumping the Shark" - Lady Liberty Repatriates to France

by Troy M. Olson

In the dark of the night and into the still morning hours of May 26, 2016 – Lady Liberty, that beautiful beacon of hope and freedom that had welcomed generations of new Americans looking for a brighter future, officially closed up shop and decided to call it quits in light of the country nominating Donald Trump as one of its major party nominees for the Presidency. 305 more words

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Local Cat Takes Third Nap of the Day

by Troy M. Olson

There is a lot of bad news every day, news, by definition is a break in the status quo – which is things going as planned. 147 more words

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Genomics England decide to just impute from 1000 genomes data

London, UK.  Due to the sheer lunacy of trying to sequence 100,000 people with only a few people and five laptops, Genomics England have decided to instead just impute from 1000 genomes data. 175 more words

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