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Genomics England decide to just impute from 1000 genomes data

London, UK.  Due to the sheer lunacy of trying to sequence 100,000 people with only a few people and five laptops, Genomics England have decided to instead just impute from 1000 genomes data. 175 more words

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Owners of Illumina MiniSeq delighted at shitter, more expensive data

San Diego.  Early adopters of the Illumina MiniSeq platform have reported that they are “absolutely delighted” that they are now capable of producing much shitter data than their University genomics facility, and at a far higher price. 264 more words

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It's An Open Question, So Feel Free To Take A Stab At It

I’ll grant it wasn’t trending on my news feed for very long, but even so, it’s been over two thousand years, so can someone please… 17 more words

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New workshops in "Software Dickery" announced

Michigan, USA.  The software carpentry foundation, who run the hugely popular “Software Carpentry” and “Data Carpentry” workshops, have announced a new range of workshops called “Software Dickery”. 183 more words

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Preprints definitely shit, say publishers

LONDON, UK.  Preprints, papers uploaded to the internet before they are peer reviewed, are definitely shit, according to a group of publishing companies who have a vested interest in seeing them fail. 167 more words

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News. Not News. The Bubble (and Trump)

3rd February 2016

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News. Not News. The Bubble (and Trump)

I am not sure when it started. Possibly as soon as journalism was a thing or perhaps more recently. 663 more words

Author - Tim C