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TREEFINDER has no strong feelings about immigration

MUNICH.  The software TREEFINDER has distanced itself from its own author by stating categorically that is has no strong feelings on immigration, and is definitely not a racist. 107 more words

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Scientists amazed that PLOS isn't rolling in cash

BOSTON, USA.  Scientists have expressed their amazement that the public library of science (PLOS) isn’t “absolutely rolling in it”, it has emerged, after PLOS announced that they were… 113 more words

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And Yet That Was A Headline I Saw On My "News" Feed Today

Okay . . . I’m slightly more coherent than yesterday, but it’s a slim difference at best, so I’m still going to keep this brief.  I just want to say that I didn’t choose… 75 more words

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Vanquished FIFA player cites 'absolute bullshit' as chief reason for defeat.

A FIFA15 player was incandescent with rage after succumbing to a 3-0 defeat at the hands of his former best friend. Barry Turtlehead, 19, of Preston was playing as Paris Saint Germain against his friend David Carpet, manning the helm of Manchester United. 472 more words

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Man sparks controversy with neutral opinion of Jeremy Corbyn.

Saturday 12th September, 2015. Remember where you were, people. Most already do. Depending on their political persuasion, they have either emblazoned the date that Jeremy Corbyn became Labour Leader in their psyche as the day that Socialist politics made a glorious return to the mainstream with Corbyn their left-wing Jesus Christ, or the day that the Labour Party disappeared up its own backside and ate itself from the gizzards out. 647 more words

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Chelsea to beat Arsenal on Saturday 'for a laugh' despite woeful start to season.

Following a crushing 3-1 defeat, Jose Mourinho remained calm in his post-match press conference at Goodison Park yesterday safe in the knowledge that Chelsea’s next fixture is at home to London rivals Arsenal. 416 more words

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Village-based speed sign to 'just give up'.

A Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) in the quaint countryside thoroughfare of Bissington Brinkwell has announced plans to ‘just give up’ following a long, unsuccessful campaign against unruly traffic. 438 more words

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