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town b

my favourite sandy beach disappeared a while ago. now a vast expanse of mud. i mentioned it to julie & she said that’s just what rivers do. 57 more words


Personal Problems: 13th Account

N.B. This is the final instalment of Personal Problems. Go die somewhere.

She says “I love a good knobbin’”, “i love giving hand jobs” and he says “snorting through straws is cleaner.” I feel like Puff Daddy doing this through paper notes. 909 more words


A Happy Artist

I have been stripped off my literary allowance;
a few months now, and the stink reeks off me
for showers a few and misery a scarcity. 126 more words


For some reason, I form memories related to taste and smell more readily than I form visual memories; this has always been the case.  My earliest memory, if I want to be honest, is of eating blueberries-and-cream baby food.   546 more words


To commemorate my 100th poem since April 24, 2016, I’ve decided to open a page to share some of my poetry.

This is part of an effort to contribute to a culture of openness and sincerity.


across the reserve

these unknown vantages are

mine alone every thatch is a mark

of experience a weathering of trouble &

doubt if the muted palette is the world… 60 more words