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I became all he wanted, but it wasn’t what he needed, and you can seldom tell the difference.


A world burns, Creates new turns

Left or right?

A world burns

Creates new turns

For travellers

So done

With everything

They don’t know of

And yet

They go on

Following the… 72 more words


Reasons why I can't write poetry

I always thought that poets were the coolest people in the world. I decided to be one. Like the result of most of the things I try doing, I failed at it. 395 more words


Weak Opinions #15

Life is not about how much confidence you have, but about how you tackle the confidence interval.

Not Poetry

Postmodernistic Love

Hello Everyone-who-reads-this,

No, this is not the third part of my novel, this is a new short story I’m currently working on. I will post a part of it that functions as its own story, I hope. 1,527 more words


The Pull

            She looked around quickly to see if anything was missing. There was a dark bulge on the floor which wasn’t in the room before, and she couldn’t recognize it, but for now, she let it be. 322 more words



As it turns out, until just before we bought the house, it had been the working address of a hermitage. Which is actually less interesting than it sounds. 291 more words