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the dark

Words crescendo and you can’t stop yourself can you?

You sit down and after the world stops moving around you, you finally feel like you’re ready. 70 more words


Sonnet #1

After you, my heart rests heavy,
Amidst the winds, before the words read,
I feel all but a life that reeks off steady,
Though it drag me and I continue to dread. 84 more words



neon imprints float on waking

the flotsam of a night & over-

doing it settles into your irises

like webbing a tactical whispering

of mantras is fanciful but this at… 55 more words

nothing nothing
hollow as a drum
and your voice echoes
fills up the space
until there’s room for nothing else

but it doesn’t last. 6 more words

August Nonsense

All of Me - Unfinished

An intolerable sadness had touched my life and it was irreversible. The distress and pain made my world, any world, unrecognizable. Because of this fact I did not and do not suffer fools kindly. 205 more words



your privacy settings unlocked it’s

the era of talking about ourselves

in the third person she says ‘it’s not

that’ but it is / & everything always is… 154 more words


Frank Ocean > The Weeknd

(N.B. Wish we could all brag about being ” that nigga with the hair, poppin’ pills, fuckin’ bitches and livin’ life so trill” but some of us have to pay the bills to see the sun rise one more time, and as if glorifying ecstasy hasn’t been done before, ugh. 530 more words