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Hello. I’m assuming people who will be reading this first post of mine will be my friends, so no need to introduce myself. However, just in case. 149 more words

Not Poetry


The wind is wild and strong tonight, pushed my way by some distant storm, some swirling thing somewhere off the southern coast. It blows unabated across the marsh and winds its way like ribbon through the trees, wrapping itself all around our little house. 33 more words


Updated “Does a fish know she’s wet?”

Not Poetry

At this point, I don’t know if anything I’m posting is actually good, or what I could improve on. If you feel inclined to interact with me, whether to compliment me on a poem or to lob virtual tomatoes at me, it would be very much appreciated.


I know now why I like the rain.

It’s because it’s expressive, it’s fluid. It’s almost alive (at the very least it helps give life, to crops and vegetation all over). 233 more words

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This isn't a Poem

This isn’t a poem
It’s the fallout from an explosion
in a dictionary.
Mixed with the shredded pages of
a thesaurus, glued back together
at random. 45 more words


So, as I alluded to in the last few posts, I have just started college. I’m in Week 3 now, and things are starting to get busy, plus I have a job. 318 more words

Not Poetry