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Rainbows Inside

Could others see, could others know of, the places I go beyond the dialogue, into the rainbows inside

Beyond black and white, a place of feeling, where everything flows and everything is possible… 83 more words

Don Charisma


this framing device the latest of boxes

in a long line but resolutely mine:

all the rooms ever labeled ‘my room’

just shifts in tone, squares to irregular rectangles… 118 more words



when i studied for my BA i took on a minor in philosophy. (that’s why he’s always so philosophical i hear you say to yourself. ha.) today i was driving & found myself thinking of a philosophy lecturer i had… he was a real eccentric, said a lot of strange/curious things. 1,290 more words


I cried when I read a poem today–

–as I listened to my childhood’s muse,
and memory’s past;
it need not be sensical
though sentiment, it cast.

The soul never made sense
to mankind; 101 more words


Sleep On It

Who loves you now,
Big fella, with the muscles and the tight t-shirt
And the piles of women at his feet,
30-odd year old fucking young skirt. 396 more words


this town is

and if i walk off into Forever, then I’ll be right happy and radiant


The edge 

This isn’t a poem. It’s just a collection of words forming thoughts.
I prefer swimming in a pool, enclosed and safe.

I stand feet bare… 71 more words

Moments In Life