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This is the Canopy, I Suppose, Even if it Can't Be

Here’s a picture, since the text wont keep the proper spacing otherwise.

Creative Writing

A Girl and Her Little Dog

A cold child piles high

towers for warmth in her grown up house.

They move like spindly skyscrapers

not built to last the rocking chair, 10 more words

Creative Writing

Call Me Lucky: Maybe I Shouldn’t Eat Fish

This thing may leave my body,

taking the pathways in my arms with it.

Imagine pulling a fish spine

from a half eaten corpse.

That’s a panic attack. 72 more words

Creative Writing

Sobbing for an Old Man

Sobbing for an Old Man

like when
I watch movies, remind me dad has died
Or knowing Jared killed himself, and
wondering how much blame was mine. 450 more words

Creative Writing

May Not

12 March 2017

The title is so wrong,

mistakes of the fingers,

to lazy to correct so

maybe just leave it and

mould this winding sequence

of words into a new shape,

a shape born of chance,

break out into the light,

an avalanche of ideas,

that may or may not…..
Not Poetry

What the... I am Back!

Hello and welcome readers! Guess who’s back from the traumatic break? Why, me of course! OMG the feels. Now I’ll be in twelfth grade, my last year in school, and it feels crazy to be sharing all this with you guys but I’m really, honestly so happy and excited and glad to tell you guys about it. 76 more words

Not Poetry

Dazed and confused…..

Dazed and confused in crazy profusion

sap falls , dew rises , winds suck,

 outside turns inside to display hidden reality

an inside that is desiccated and dead, 86 more words

Not Poetry