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Excerpts from a book I'll never write #2

Yesterday, I did a prompt to write a poem. I’ve noticed that these prompts get me (marginally) more of those sweet, sweet stats. Plus, they can be kind of fun. 640 more words

Bad Poetry

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters I or J

An obvious choice for me is Junction… or more specifically Clapham Junction (though I could have chosen many other junctions for this challenge). Clapham Junction is reputedly the busiest station in Europe with up to 180 trains passing through every hour! 243 more words


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It's my home city! My enduring memory of Clapham Junction will always be the mind-bogglingly huge number of tracks.


This was written more than a year ago.

Of all of my years of living,
Which have only been a few,
I have never been as sorrowful, 134 more words


Algorithmic fails

Fucksake. Don’t suggest astrology to me in Reader. Ever.

Not Poetry

Excerpts from a book I'll never write #1

When I started generating these poems, I expected what in hindsight is a fairly high level of…well…comprehensibility and not-suckiness. I expected them to be something like Emery Allen’s poems – pretty, prose-looking writing that appeals to lost young adults. 468 more words

Bad Poetry

The Joy of Algorithms

WordPress. I am a sarcastic cat lover.

I have no idea what possessed your algorithms to think I enjoy dogs, hiking and motivation rather than cats, bad poetry and dark humour, but I kind of have a sick desire to know right now.

Not Poetry

Hail, Poetry!

And hail, flowing founts of sentiment. And hail, G&S references which are the only thing I can think of to start this blog…

…I do not take poetry seriously at all. 110 more words

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