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all the sweet new designer accolades

how many people could you confidently

confide in, a serious question under hard

light, pose it / i fixed everything… 102 more words

Incongruence, or How to Make a Salad

It was Friday.

A cold snowy day. My wife was home from work, sick with a cold and I was the dutiful caregiver – supplying her with ice cold drinks and extra blankets. 554 more words


Climb the mountain

So by now, (if you enjoy pop culture events) you either watched Lady Gaga’s performance at the Academy Awards live or caught up with it on the internet. 479 more words


Not Poetry Just Thoughts

I’ve stuck around for six years

You have done nothing but hurt me

You were abusive. You caused nothing but pain

But I loved you. I couldn’t bring myself to walking away. 334 more words

Never shake a snow globe too much; for if you do, it will break.




he says i’m all teeth and sharp edges
and soft skin doesn’t make up for the bruises i leave in the mornings
we fight we scream we kiss and wait for the guilt to wash in… 359 more words


Collecting Yourself

We all have our likes and dislikes, things that we migrate toward (or away from). When it’s something tangible that we really like, we like to have a memento of it. 587 more words