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chakra hack

so¬†the lines of questions. not interested. no more answers. i’m not with her anymore. it’s been forever. no thoughts on her sexuality. no feelings about it. 18 more words

one hundred percent dance

i’m not set up here to add drums. even if i was i probably wouldn’t. or shouldn’t. i’m not too good at recognising my own limitations. 46 more words


How bloody ironic
is it of me to
beg you to let me
when it is me who’s
still holding you hostage
the prison of my brain



my friend rob is an amazing musician & because of this i once asked him for some tips on how to play the harmonica. so he said, ‘just suck & blow, man. 21 more words

blue / prevalence

apologies for: the audible air-conditioner hum. i can’t turn it off today. also: the inexpertly played melodica. it’s still a pretty little instrument, despite being jammed in my kids’ closet for years.


it’s a rough effort. but then isn’t everything.

flow / fulcrum

late 2014 i worked briefly with a group of local artists on a project – they were all challenged to make artworks responding to the murrumbidgee river. 310 more words