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Brain Hurts

This isn’t even a bloody poem because exam revision has rendered my brain a pile of overheated mush. I’ve used all my creativity and imagination into anagrams and triggers to help me memorise the case list that never seems to end. 39 more words


A reflection on the last 130 days

Wow. Can’t believe we made it. At this point I feel like there’s a never-ending ”struggle” for everyone so I’m not about to dive into mine. 605 more words

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Inspiration Vol. 2

Awhile back, I posted about the blogs that I was into at the time and I posted a few Tumblr accounts that I vibe with. I still vibe with those accounts, but let me be the first to say that they are no longer my favorite blogs or bloggers. 456 more words

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Service Hours Finished!

Finally finished my service hours, now I’ve rounded out the 150 hours of CAS!!

To accomplish this, I helped teachers reorganize and decorate their classrooms (adding some things that I knew would get students more engaged in reading) and wrote book reviews for high-schoolers who have difficulty finding books that interest them. 352 more words


Ethics of Paid Content

I’m full of opinions so I’m going to skip the whack part and go straight to what I think (because that’s what’s important to me right). 181 more words

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Excerpts from a book I'll never write #2

Yesterday, I did a prompt to write a poem. I’ve noticed that these prompts get me (marginally) more of those sweet, sweet stats. Plus, they can be kind of fun. 640 more words

Bad Poetry

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters I or J

An obvious choice for me is Junction… or more specifically Clapham Junction (though I could have chosen many other junctions for this challenge). Clapham Junction is reputedly the busiest station in Europe with up to 180 trains passing through every hour! 243 more words


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It's my home city! My enduring memory of Clapham Junction will always be the mind-bogglingly huge number of tracks.