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BBC 4 Get In Touch!

I have witnessed the birth

Of a new movement

Though it’s not Human Birth

It is still a bit…

What’s the word…

Not pretty.

The reason could be… 107 more words


Lying My Head on the Cat's Chest

Do you ever
Listen to an animal’s heartbeat
And feel a profound sadness
Because it beats much quicker than yours
And their little lives
Are on fast forward?



Failure At Keeping Up With This and Other Stresses

Belated personal post upcoming–

So last week, I didn’t even make one.


I am a failure.

I am sorry.

I’ve been so stressed recently. Not that that’s an excuse – it’s just fact. 293 more words

Not Poetry

location based

breezy nylons. repeating blue &

white circles, grey cottons for the

plasticitiy or nighttime imprint.

just all the fabrics since ever.

black as a shade all intimacy… 89 more words


Exploring Poetry Styles, Influences, Ect.

Good morning y’all,
Here’s a weekly personal post!

First of all, thank you if you’re reading this, following me, or keeping up with my poetry at all. 785 more words

There is.

There is a moment in time when the sun is just rising, it is casting orange and pinkish tones over the topography, that you think this is beautiful. 351 more words


Why I'm Called Kittaia and Other Noteworthy Shit

Apologies for the sudden personal post coming up-

I figured that perhaps someone reading would like to know more about me.

Maybe my poetry can sing if I give myself a voice. 633 more words