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The Time I Died

Today, I died.

It hurt so much; I felt my heart get ripped out of my body, saw it get crushed and I felt it, It was not connected to my body in anyway but it hurt so much. 83 more words

The Time When

Popcorn thoughts of kindness

I’ve been doing a bunch of bits and pieces of things over the past week, I feel very scattered. I haven’t really had time to sit down and write much. 330 more words


i should have said yes,

“Putting yourself out there” might be one of the most difficult sentences to live.
scratched records,
on repeat,
ruffled edges,
and, live we must. But must we… 476 more words


ducks and other confectionery

Jim Carey walked down a street. Mary did as well, but it was a different street. Miles and miles and miles away. Many miles. Mary walked into Intersport and asked if they did any microwavable trays. 256 more words


as an actor / technician under the palm tree squat

i’m obnoxious or just bad at small-talk i’m in

emotional error mostly reflective shadows

stretching to a cackle backed up in three locations… 152 more words

The Philosophy of Artistic Frugal Life

Boring people can’t understand this: to artists, life is not about themselves, but the art they make. Boring people emphasize the importance of survival skill as they age because they start having more responsibilities. 252 more words


am I allowed to crave your lips?

when they speak not
of poetry or rhymed-verse
only drunken nights
and vivid dreams
– such aimless goals,
drinking soma After Ford –

is it all right if I sent over… 130 more words