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They stand atop a peak, a tarn. Wind whipping past their robes and through their hair. Below them, valleys and waters, ferns and heather, vast expanses of peat and moorland. 195 more words



“The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas.” – Alfred Noyes

The line stuck with me, and now it resonated. The emptiness freeing, the words floating beneath my diaphragm and between my ribs. 172 more words


Too Late

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Small red blood cells.

Physically measured.

In diameter.

In meter.

In stanza.

In form.

In no other way.

December - Holiday Season

​Five days in, finally posting in our last month of 2018.

Finally getting rid of last month’s snow.

Darkness at 4:30; feels like midnight.

My whole clock is off. 227 more words



i cut you open and it looks like me, you look like me, the raspberry jam consuming, the curtains pulled back, the photographs un-swept, shards and shards, i am the air and i am her ghost and i am december’s last light, the way you used to let me run my fingers through your hair, the secrets you told me, the sunsets and long walks and night drives and the way the fog settles, the songs i showed you, the poems i wrote, the way i let love undo me, the way i let the air thicken, the air settle, the air turn, and now the moon doesn’t wear your eyes, and it was a mistake to think she ever did. 164 more words

Not Poetry

Useful - Unconventional? - Prompts

A friend of mine sent a photo to our group chat with some good, if cheesy, ‘prompts’ for another friend involved in theatre, but I co-opted them and got some inspiration for three pieces of poetry (so far), which will be put up in succession. 42 more words

Moon Shot

​In 1995 when we moved into our second apartment the moon always found its way to my pillow. It was most prominent in the winter, but it always managed to be there sometime through the nights of the full or nearly full moon. 218 more words