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This isn't a Poem

This isn’t a poem
It’s the fallout from an explosion
in a dictionary.
Mixed with the shredded pages of
a thesaurus, glued back together
at random. 45 more words


So, as I alluded to in the last few posts, I have just started college. I’m in Week 3 now, and things are starting to get busy, plus I have a job. 318 more words

Not Poetry

The Tale of Something

The phone’s ringing

I’m sweating and shaking

I treat everything like nothing

The words are scrambled

They’re hanging

on my finger tips

But they are frozing… 83 more words

Not Poetry

Do you know?

Do you know what it feels like for a Girl?

Madonna’s sweet voice tells us how strong we are

And how misunderstood and overlooked

But she doesn’t talk about the darker side… 252 more words

I actually wrote Downpour about a year ago, but I hadn’t shown it to anybody until now. I figured now was a good time, because I’ve just begun college this week, and Downpour is about an experience that led me to choose the college I now attend. 459 more words


After two solid days of isolation
and approximately two and a half months of melancholy
and a day where opening my eyes was impossible

I found the light.


Saying I Don't Care

Saying “I don’t care any more” usually means you still do.

In some cases, you even struggle for the opportunities to say it.

But the subtlety of the notion lies in what would happen, embarrassingly, afterwards — the listener, who’s supposed to care, usually stops to do so. 155 more words