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valentine's day love letter to quelqu'un

Dear ,

I know not whence I found you, but it must have been in the quiet unknowing certainty of our youth. I must have dreamt of you somewhere in the awakening light of a hazy morning fog, where the sight of each other must have hung fresh in our minds. 341 more words


normal saturday morning

sulfur occlusions, yellow flakes of dust, foamy clumps around a caldera. such an interminable slumber is a drought on the mind.

all i can feel when i regain sensation is a loss of vertigo and an immediate recommencement to consciousness. 194 more words

Journal Excerpts

POET ON TRIAL by Barrie Purnell


I am a human by birth but am a poet by choice,
My poetry gives this artist’s abstraction a voice.
But now when I write of the beauty of stars in the sky… 606 more words

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Book: Milk and Honey

Author: Rupi Kaur

My ratings: 3/5

This book happens to me completely unplanned. I was in the mood to read some poetry. 168 more words


Weak Opinions #14

You always find it hard to estimate the rush hour traffic: buses, trains, subways and flights. You know a little bit about the chaos theory and the butterfly effect.

92 more words
Not Poetry

Weak Opinions #13

The reminiscent notion of he or she was here brings bitter warmth to your heart ‘cos your self-opinionating memory renders the past from mundane reality to wishful delusion. 

Not Poetry

Weak Opinions #12

I love book because it burns my mind. I love sex because it burns my body. I love music because it burns my soul. I love science because it burns what I know. We will watch them burn.

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