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there lost in the riot of my own stupidity,

red & beating while the engine cools

& the sunset fucks off: nothing

is ever about a shared experience. 117 more words

'AUTHOR SELECTED 'Without Deliberation or Discernment'-Odyssey Accused on Second Charge

All Rise.

(Judge ever so cross. Was hoping for a guilty and wrap up. Court Reporter)

JUDGE Involution-Odyssey. The Defendent Involution-An Odyssey has been cleared by a majority verdict on the… 2,406 more words

Involution Related Ideas

The words are

Alone. It’s better than snow shift. Moments, and grease. There is no more food. There are no more words. There is white, and because everything is white, there is nothing. 12 more words



in the long grass everything is a cushion

i’m spread on the world & we’re an empire of plants

long butter knives from a corner-eye vantage, 364 more words

Instead Of Writing Poetry Today, I'd Like To Talk About Friends

Recently I sent a friend request to a girl who’s known me for years, and I used to date her brother, and since that break-up, it’s occurred to me that she still doesn’t like me, amongst other things I suppose, I think some people in my life have been there at the wrong time and seen all the worst, which I feel I minimally show to people I don’t really have a close relationship with. 1,823 more words



My dad left when I was three. No big deal, right? Or so I thought at the time. Now I know that it left scars upon who I was. 548 more words


I | One

this is not a poem because now i cannot reach into the poetic glance

cannot enter the group of synoptic dharma bums and the circle of muses is all i hear dancing… 15 more words