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The Mechanism of Creation

Hi, everyone. This is something new from me. It’s prose!
“But, where is your poetry?” you ask frightened, uncertain. It’s safe, no one stole it. It’s fine. 370 more words


So Sad

“So sad”,  they all said,

Lost and alone

he screamed

at the crowd,

they were sad

but in his silence soon forgot,

spaced out on life’s… 52 more words

Not Poetry

wine quotes

written mainly to bump the last entry downwards

these lines will rove but not drill down, honouring

memory but moving through it, um maybe…

worry fucks me up it’s not a buzzword… 243 more words


I haven’t  posted on this site in a really long time.  I haven’t written in a long time, either.

There are many different reasons for this that I don’t feel comfortable sharing here.   262 more words

From Phil's Sofa...

If everyone

thought locally. . .







the global

would take care of itself.


Daily Prompt

Random Tiny Equation

silverware. . .

sometimes it’s plated

which is ironic,

if you think about it

–like saying an


car is tired,

and sometimes it’s beveled… 124 more words


The things we leave to ruin

An incredible thing, time. A collective consciousness born from the harnessing of light and shadows, eventually giving way to pendulums and hour hands. Instilling invisible perimeters over our days and nights and defining them as two halves of a whole. 277 more words

Creative Writing