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Coffee, typos, and slow mornings

So, yeah… I find it oddly comforting that a small transposition on my name can alter my perspective of identity. My identity. How I think of myself. 194 more words


quiet quiet quiet
still be still
breathe in
feel the weight of your bones
breathe out
know the end of you
still be still
breathe in… 17 more words

August Nonsense


i drove through the night with nothing

else to think about / the speed-trap zone

into cowra & a massive roo stands counting trucks,

mulling over the headlong leap into something / 78 more words


puddles at my feet

I say it time and time again. I don’t always mean it, but this time, this time it drips from my tongue and forms a pool at my feet. 146 more words


Creeps into the core  
of my being, this  
breeze of gentle dullness,  
dressed as contentment,  
so easy to slide  
into its grasp, fall  
into that soft cushion  
of peace, enveloped  
by its temping embrace,  
to be captured by  
emptiness disguised as release.
Not Poetry

deep love

N.B. for people who know how to love deeply

deep love is like being sat at the bottom of a swimming pool
with your goggles on and feeling like you’re a different species. 72 more words


Sparkling Alluring

So he wondered what was this ,   this thing that shone with life and excitement.  It drew him , like a candle draws a moth into its flame he was attracted, giving up control to that which seemed to sparkle, letting himself dissolve in the intensity. 56 more words

Not Poetry