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And thus ends...

the February Era.

Next up, things start getting good. March has its own era! As does April, May, June, and July!

We kick off next with one of my favorites, No Land Beyond.

Not Poetry

Era System

This is how this works:
I started writing in August of 2014, and the latest set of poems published is dubbed the “November Era”. This means that all the writings from November until the last era (which wouldn’t exist because there wasn’t one before that) would be found under this category. 37 more words

Not Poetry

Petitions and Causes, Sandra Bland, Marlon Downes


Here’s your weekly personal postĀ from me.

Since Ferguson and the death of Michael Brown (R.I.P), I’ve been more aware of the news and current events. 524 more words


Lateness, Concerts, Capitalism, Emotions

Personal post time. Hello!

I’m not keeping this website updated AT ALL! I’m dearly sorry. Time to update you on my life.

Soon I’ll be vlogging again, I think, so that’ll be interesting. 591 more words

Not Poetry


I have a confession.

I like jello.

It’s simple consistency and the ability to hold different flavors makes it the perfect dessert. Strawberry, lemon, cherry…lime is my favorite -by far. 366 more words


This Finished at 2:50am

Sometimes I grab you by the neck
If you vomit your heart out I’ll know its for sure
They’ve not shaken me up off the floor… 642 more words


People on the Subway Series

Black ankle boots. Zip on inside. Two buttons. Legs clad in black patterned stockings. Plump and pretty in a grey flannel skirt.

Brown anorak Kathy bates hair. 179 more words

Not Poetry