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Hand grips you
Round your throat
When you least expect it
Creeping, crawling, slithering inside

It comes for you
In the dark hours
In the sunbeam moments… 80 more words

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Beeing A Bit Waspish

I stopped to see a fallen tree

What I thought was a bee stopped to see me

On closer inspection it seems to bee

My bee iz a bit more waspish than bees should bee?

Clearly this bee cannot bee?

Random Fun

i started a tinyletter

i’ll be updating this site less in order to save my upcoming work for publishing

if you’ll miss me, feel free to sign up for… 19 more words

Not Poetry

September - Back to School

September is back to school,

and not a moment too soon.

September is cool nights,

but the annual Indian summer will still surprise us when it comes. 52 more words



Around this time last year, and for weeks leading up to it, I would take a longer-than-needed route home—home at that point being elsewhere—and drive past this place. 1,173 more words



Smashed pillows of marble fluff

Echo places in space far distant

Hints exotic liaisons of imagined life outside

Normality squished into dangerous desires

Gusts tease and reveal perceptions lies… 6 more words

Not Poetry


Never a love was as great as what the sun had for the moon.

His heart was full of warmth, her heart was out of reach. 65 more words