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Personal Problems: 5th Account

(NB. Did you click the fucking link again? How stupid can you be? I want you to listen very carefully. I’m in trouble. I’ve gone to hell and I’m stuck here. 1,632 more words


Personal Problems: 4th Account

(NB. Look out. It’s another one. No I’m not responding to the fact I deleted names from the 3rd account. I will be. Wish me luck. 1,122 more words


make a home out of me

I’ll give you; winter warmth
sunset summer breeze

I’ll make you; hot coffee
or tea, or both;

the comfort of sleep,
protection from light… 116 more words


And it's not that big of a deal for God is understanding 

You barked at your mom’s

And that’s fine

You weild promises but end up kneeing them

And that’s fine

You found happiness in someone’s departure… 198 more words



my private catalogue of gestures,

entry noted: the way your eyes

flickered closed, accompanied by

this almost imperceptible brow

furrowing & a head shake, right- 95 more words


For People Who Don't Understand My Poetry

(NB. I don’t expect people to understand my poetry, I know many of you understand Personal Problems, I think that’s because I write about school, and people we mutually know. 1,208 more words