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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

                                                                      -Anaïs Nin


The Download's 1% report

Ted Dinerbanski from Dinerbanski & Ross (the oldest tax and accounting firm in America) joins Justin with the 1% report. We spend a lot of time on The Download talking about social services and giving a voice to the voiceless, but have mostly avoided addressing the problems of the rich. 64 more words

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The Download's interns are going to be fifth-year seniors

Brittany and Britney join Justin to break the news that they are not only transferring from ASU to University of Phoenix, but they will be sticking around to continue their internship. 50 more words

The Download

It's always awkward when The Download's daughter's date shows up early

It’s prom season and that means we get a visit from The Download’s daughter’s prom date. And of course, The Download’s daughter isn’t ready yet so awkwardness ensues. 29 more words

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Bill Braunschweiger with the 10 o'clock news at 10 on 10

It’s a big news night so that means it’s always good to get a preview of the 10 o’clock news at 10 on 10 from esteemed journalist Bill Braunschweiger. 29 more words

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