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He’ll always have excuses.
He will contradict himself all the time.
He won’t make sense and will try to justify all his wrong doings.
He will say he is wrong or even apologize, but won’t mean it. 73 more words

5th Day of Christmas-How I found out Santa wasn't real

Santa is not real (sorry to ruin your childhood, kids).

Well, he’s not and most of you guys probably figured that out by now. I wanted to tell you guys how I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. 293 more words

12 Days Of Christmas

Funny or not, real or not? Just have a laugh :)

Cola would be green if color was not added to it – (I would still drink it like mad).

Bill Gate’s house was designed using a Macintosh Computer. 268 more words

19: And then...

19: And then…

And then the spam proceeded to stop, the world fell silent, the writers stopped writing and the thoughts stopped thinking themselves.

And then the anger and extreme emotion was unleashed upon the world by a victim of rejection and exclusion.

~ Serendipitous


Three Questions To Ask (2015)

1. Nice ones.
2. Happy ones.
3. Pleasant ones.
To take to task-
With no “real” questions to ask.


7: Relationship (written 15 August 2015)

7: Relationship (written 15 August 2015)

You see it everywhere. It’s so real yet so fabricated. It’s all in the mind, the idea of a relationship and the idea of being in a relationship. 198 more words