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5 Reasons why combacks aren't real

You know comebacks? Not those comebacks when you’re pissing somebody off. Combacks, love combacks. Relationship combacks, second chances. Whatever, who cares anyway? They aren’t real. 324 more words


Indominus Rex

Indominus Rex never existed.  And it never will, unless we are stupid enough to invent one. Indominus Rex was the big, bad dinosaur that was in Jurassic World (a good movie, by the way), and at least, with the knowledge that we have today, there was nothing like Indominus Rex in dinosaur times.   134 more words


If I Had a Band


With pinkrabbitxo in bass, mundisvargr in vocals and yours truly on keyboards. Next gen 8-bit metal symphonic what the fuck music.


Don't Want to

I face you
Your head in my hands
My hands tangled in your hair

We smile at each other
Although yours is weak and
Mine is strong… 159 more words

Not Real

In the Dust

I sit here, alone
Pondering how my life could have gone down the drain
So fast
And how
The whole world
Seems like it has left me in the dust… 258 more words

Not Real

In This Forest

A tiny sliver of light
Shines on your face
Outlining the right side
Making your dark brown eye
Gleam and dance

We are face to face… 233 more words

Not Real

In That Moment

The moon shines
Its kind face watching us
The water glistens
The roaring waves
The soft sand
In between my toes

I press myself against your strong… 102 more words

Not Real