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It's always awkward when The Download's daughter's date shows up early

It’s prom season and that means we get a visit from The Download’s daughter’s prom date. And of course, The Download’s daughter isn’t ready yet so awkwardness ensues. 29 more words

The Download

Bill Braunschweiger with the 10 o'clock news at 10 on 10

It’s a big news night so that means it’s always good to get a preview of the 10 o’clock news at 10 on 10 from esteemed journalist Bill Braunschweiger. 29 more words

The Download

The Download's frustrated girlfriend is frustrated

The Download’s frustrated girlfriend stops by and is, well, frustrated at Justin’s schedule. Why is the Download’s frustrated girlfriend being punished because Justin has an evening show on WGN? 29 more words

The Download

Morning Ray of Sunshine - Holiday from Stress and Angst

Fear over things that may happen. Angst over when things will happen. Insecurity that we may not be good enough. Jealousy that we are not getting what we deserve. 171 more words

Meet Janice, The Download's bachelorette

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are ratings juggernauts for ABC so why can’t AM Radio get a little piece of the pie? Tonight, we meet Janice, The Download’s bachelorette and introduce her to some prospective suitors from the WGN audience. 29 more words

The Download

#23: Does It Mean Anything

Does it mean anything? Does anything that I do, will anything that I do, have a meaning to it?

Why does it feel like a pipe dream sometimes? 224 more words