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Fiction 1

Carrying his 30-kg baggage, Paul was walking towards the odd-one-out bench in Spring Ground when suddenly, he saw a signage which went beyond his nerves. 153 more words


Flesh and emotionĀ 

Are we nothing more than cell infected skeletons?

We move periodically through motions like gelatin

Emotional attachment is a joke,

People assume that their love is forever only to have it revoked… 106 more words


Crazy musings of unidentified dreams

IĀ  hate being alone sometimes cause I get to realize how my life sucks.

What am I doing? Why am I here? 5 years later where do I see myself? 245 more words


McDonald’s got my order wrong.

My shower ran out of hot water. 118 more words

Western detoxing is bunk, need the proof?

Don’t waste your time and money on the newest ideas of detoxing that are being marketed. From an Ayurvedic perspective nothing out there that is being called detox is actually able to detox the body. 98 more words

Ayurveda Articles

Hi there stranger!

I know you don’t care about who I am or what I do or what I feel. I might be nothing to you but then just listen or at least pretend. 401 more words

5 Reasons why combacks aren't real

You know comebacks? Not those comebacks when you’re pissing somebody off. Combacks, love combacks. Relationship combacks, second chances. Whatever, who cares anyway? They aren’t real. 324 more words