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My answer to all of you who try to remove the religion from Easter... stop the war on Easter!

***(WARNING!!! This post is going to piss some of you off)***

It is totally a religious holiday, oh Sinny McSacrilege… the Great Bunny gave his only son, who was made of chocolate, to us, to teach us the correct and moral and only way… the one, true way… to color eggs… and yet we, being imperfect mortals, ate that poor chocolate bunny, and therefore were given a pestilence of fat thighs and bad skin… for our sins… because we worshipped the idols of Peeps, and sought to fill our divine baskets of goodness with cheap, knockoff jelly beans and crap made by corporations who were fooled into thinking that they were people, made in the image of the Great Bunny, by Trump Supporters and corrupt leaders who thought their sole duty was to keep the president from achieving anything… just because it offended them that he was same color as the son of the Great Bunny… and because these men have no sense of shame… or right and wrong… or even of irony… we are now forced to use artificial grass to try to fill the emptiness that is inside our baskets of goodness, and lo, our bunnies will forever be hollow.


Former IT Worker Shocked to get his Taxi License.

In an unexpected turn of events, 54-year-old former IT worker Arnold Lim has had his taxi driver license issued by the Lord of Transiting Association. 145 more words


He’ll always have excuses.
He will contradict himself all the time.
He won’t make sense and will try to justify all his wrong doings.
He will say he is wrong or even apologize, but won’t mean it. 73 more words

5th Day of Christmas-How I found out Santa wasn't real

Santa is not real (sorry to ruin your childhood, kids).

Well, he’s not and most of you guys probably figured that out by now. I wanted to tell you guys how I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. 293 more words

12 Days Of Christmas

Funny or not, real or not? Just have a laugh :)

Cola would be green if color was not added to it – (I would still drink it like mad).

Bill Gate’s house was designed using a Macintosh Computer. 268 more words

19: And then...

19: And then…

And then the spam proceeded to stop, the world fell silent, the writers stopped writing and the thoughts stopped thinking themselves.

And then the anger and extreme emotion was unleashed upon the world by a victim of rejection and exclusion.

~ Serendipitous