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Miranda Kate's Mid-Week Challenge : 2017/09/24

I stared at the picture. She floated there, halfway between the ceiling and the floor. Filling the room with water had been difficult. I’d spent weeks sealing the door, and the windows, so the water didn’t leak into the yard, or the hallway. 581 more words


The girl with a broken heart.

She didn’t even hear him. Suddenly he thrust her by the arm, his dirty nails digging deep into her flesh. When he threw her into the back of the van she hit her head against the wall. 523 more words


This anon blog is my stress relief. It means nothing.

Here Comes Some Fresh New Ideas For Serial Killers


Please realize this is not an “actual” article on giving serial killers advice. No, I am not a serial killer but I do have a really bad sense of humor and have watched far too many horror films. 948 more words

Exposing Bright Sun Films 2: Wow Such Exposed (not clickbait)

Jake Williams, creator of BrightSunFilms, is shadier than a convicted criminal sitting under a large oak tree using an umbrella to shield himself from the harmful rays of the sun. 1,577 more words


Places not on Google Maps - Islands 2

The North Sandwich Islands

When Captain James Cook sailed around the world, he must have been feeling extremely hungry. This can be the only explanation for the number of places he named after the humble sandwich. 364 more words

Julian Worker

YouTube Beauty Gurus are Not Real!

I’ve been making videos for about 3.5 years now, and while YouTube provides hours of entertainment and is a great resources I need to talk about how YOUTUBE BEAUTY GURUS ARE NOT REAL! 491 more words