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Jesus, the Savage

Pastor Steven Furtick is going to begin a new series entitled Jesus, the Savage – and I love it already. I have a intense dislike of the Renaissance depictions of Jesus. 761 more words

Spiritual but not Religious...oh really?

You hear people say, I’m a spiritual person but I am not religious. What does that mean? Many will tell you that spirituality is finding your inner peace, finding your true self and your true path…whatever that means. 189 more words

About The Book

Good People Should Not Die Young (ESPECIALLY)

Open Letter To The Entity Taking My Friends And Family From My Life:

Too young.

Too young.

Too young.

I am still sitting in the reality of losing one of the most kind, loving, friendly, funny and GOOD friend just days ago. 599 more words

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Remember Me

Earlier this week my oldest son asked me if I was religious. I was excited about the question because it told me he’d been paying attention to the message I delivered on Father’s Day about the Incredible Dad.   507 more words

And People

Why I Don't Call Myself an Atheist, Even Though I am One

When I chose to not believe in God, I actually didn’t know what an Atheist was. The first time I heard the word “Atheist” was when I told my dad that night that I didn’t believe in God. 598 more words