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Blinko's Revenge

I have a lot of short stories lying around doing nothing. I’m going to start feeding them out. I might even interview myself afterwards. Lucky you!  1,454 more words

Short Stories

Indoor Rock-Climbing at Climb Central @ Kallang Wave Mall

The kids have recently been TOoOoOOo active, climbing onto benches, boulders, walking on tree roots, balancing on roadside kerb, etc.  Aside from running amok everywhere we go, they also practice their gym stunts in our bedroom rolling & flipping all over the place as our mattress is placed on customized platform bed which made it very safe(?) to do so.   2,971 more words


Review - It Follows (15) [2015]

Star Rating: 2/5


  • David Robert Mitchell – The Myth of the American Sleepover



Forest Adventure in The Tree Tops

We first discovered Forest Adventure through Mummy Angeline of Life’s Little Miracles last year.  And when the Parent Support Group (PSG) at K’s school organized the registration at the start of Term 3, we promptly signed up for the event to be held in Sept Holidays.   700 more words


Horror-Fail Friday: Elves...Aren't Scary

Horror-FAIL Friday

So… Christmas Elves are not scary. Figured I should just come right out and say it. Especially when they are designed to look like a Nerf ball with eyes and Chicklets for teeth. 278 more words



Recently when we visited the cozy office of the Wild Crane Press, we were treated to a delightful hour-long introduction to some of the books published by them.  1,402 more words


5 not scary halloween movies to watch!

One more night. One more night and then it’s Halloween! I have been so busy with school that I didn’t really notice that Halloween is around the corner. 629 more words