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Grave Misdemeanours (1989) (aka Night Life)

The worst thing ever – yes, even worse than all the dictators and diseases that have ever existed – is comedy movies that aren’t funny. Horrors that aren’t scary or thrillers that aren’t thrilling at least have a plot to fall back on, but when the entire point of a scene is a gag that just doesn’t work, you’re left with nothing. 698 more words


A Grandfather Stormy Day

Throughout afternoon, thunder grumbled on–

Day painted with storm-amber glory.

I recognized his voice–


Bluff-bluster never scared me.

He’s always been a tease, trying to frighten, 84 more words


Wynonna Earp: a pleasant distraction

Wynonna Earp is a Canadian show developed by Emily Andras, who was also show runner and executive producer for seasons 3 and 4 of Lost Girl. 380 more words

LGBT Representation On Screen

The Guest (2014)


Summary: After the death of their son Caleb in the war in Afghanistan, the Peterson family is relieved to meet a discharged soldier who claims to have served in Caleb’s unit. 769 more words

Horror Movies


Home is another PG rated movie that is good for kids under 5!  It is colorful, adventurous, shows you not to give up!

It also shows you that the odd man out is not so bad after all.  79 more words

Age Appropriate

The Shallows (2016)


Summary: American medical student Nancy (Blake Lively) travels to a secluded beach in Mexico to surf. Once in the water, she becomes antagonized by a vicious shark hellbent on eating her. 812 more words

Horror Movies

Snowtown (2011)


Summary: Snowtown is based on the events of real-life serial killer John Bunting. Bunting along with his crew, murdered eleven people under the guise that they were pedophiles or vagrants who deserved to die. 602 more words

Horror Movies