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Killjoy (2000)

1 hour 25 minutes – Rated R for Sexual Situations, Language, and Some Violence.

Clowns are scary. We have covered this. Again and again. But, as a kid, I was scared of anyone who covered their face. 737 more words


Hobgoblins 2 (2009)

1 hour 32 minutes – Unrated (But I’ll give it a PG-13) for puppet on human violence, language, and things you might not want to explain to little kids… 748 more words


Shelving DIY

Hiya, Cats & Kittens

So, now that we are happily ensconced in our Magical Dream Farm, we’ve started completing some of those random little projects that a new home always seems to bring. 450 more words

The Hole (2009)

“The hole has been there since the world’s first scream.”

Fun: 7 / 10

Most of the scares are of the “made ya jump” sort, and the movie is short on pure horror.

242 more words

Top 10 Non-Scary Halloween Movies

When Halloween rolls around, many jump at the chance to dress up and pig out on assorted candy, but balk at the idea of being scared. 1,127 more words

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