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Look! We are on the Internet again!!

You may be wondering who the infamous “we” that is being referred to in this blog is.

Well unfortunately “we” are not going to tell you. 127 more words

Not Telling

Are non-telling parents braver than those who tell?

You are not bad parents to want to keep it secret, I think it is often a braver thing to do”

The above quote is from the Non-Telling thread on Fertility Friends and it intrigued me.   457 more words

Lessons for non-tellers from late tellers

I have recently been in touch with three families who have teenage or adult donor conceived children.  The ages range from 14 to 38.  Two of these families are preparing to tell their children for the first time that they are donor conceived.   528 more words

What to expect, when ... people don't know you're expecting

This was extremely hard for me. Not as hard, mind you, as carrying a baby or making a person. But hard, in that… I’m an open book. 210 more words

I wrote something. I wrote something I shall not post or tell.

I can’t tell her. I can’t tell her because that isn’t fair to her. 118 more words

Jan In Real Life

I say, "High!" I mean, "Hi!"

I remember how the world became bigger in a blink, and smaller in a blink, and bigger, and smaller again. I remember screaming how unbelievably funny and frightened I was feeling. 51 more words

Was it Rape or Is it Fraud?

It certainly wasn’t a lie.  Not “just a lie” in exactly the same way it isn’t “just clothes”.   At what point does not knowing enough to say NO! 113 more words