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Drawing @iamsrk as Jai Singh in Shakti: the Power for #13YearsOfShakti

I like to celebrate all of @iamsrk Shah Rukh Khan‘s films when the anniversary comes around and when I have time to do so. 738 more words


A plot twist to the "Not Without My Daughter" scenario.

To recap, the movie “Not Without my Daughter” is about an American woman (and her daughter) who needs to escape from her husband in Iran. This film has now apparently set a precedent for the fate of all Western-women who date/marry Middle-Eastern men (sarcasm intended). 442 more words


"Not Without My Daughter"

Image- http://video.xbox.com/en-us/movie/not-without-my-daughter/e6269361-7536-4d88-9662-84201899550d

As soon as I tell people about my religious background and my husband’s religious background, I either get some sort of silence or enjoy a series of unfortunate questions ( 747 more words


A new perspective!!

About a month ago i discovered that the   daughter Mathob in “Not without my daughter” has written a book herself, so I immediately found it on my library’s homepage and put in a sersevation (the book in English is called “The needful threads”, Sorry I could only find the Danish cover for it) 672 more words


Stories of Dynamic Women In Print and On Screen (Part One)

Chances are, Hollywood producers will find a way to turn young Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai’s triumphant story I Am Malala into a movie sooner than we all learn to pronounce her last name. 535 more words


Not Without My Daughter (Movie)

Not Without My Daughter (1991), directed by Brian Gilbert, is based on a true story of a woman who became trapped in Iran after she traveled there with her husband and daughter under the pretenses of a vacation. 186 more words

Movie Review

The books I am reading now…

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

A beautiful tale of a successful journalist getting the wisdom about life from his dying professor. 118 more words