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Review: Now That She's Gone - Gregg Olsen

Waterman and Stark #2

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I wish I had known this was a sequel, it would have explained so much. 394 more words


Pyramid Schemes and Why You Must Stay Away

I bet you have heard of a pyramid scheme. You know, the business or whatever in the heck it is where one person will recruit individuals, take their money and get rich off them? 555 more words



It is pretty hard not to get caught up in responding to rude, critical and argumentative people but I have found that if I don’t react or respond I feel a lot better. 51 more words

Not Worth It

Not worth my time.

So I went out with my friend yesterday and went to her brother’s place. They said there would be a party. Was there? Nope. I had two beer and passed out while watching beetlejuice on a couch half my size. 84 more words

My Life


It’s not worth talking about.  It’s not worth mentioning.  It’s not worth bringing up or trying to find help.  It’s nothing really; but that’s the point, it’s not meant to be nothing, there should be something.  26 more words

STOP with the kitty and more

From Friday to today I’ve learned if I ever, EVER, want to keep something quiet or secret my daughter can not be involved. I do love her and wouldn’t know what to do with myself if she was gone but miss me time. 507 more words

Single Mom

When You Finally Realize They Aren't Worth It

Maybe you met someone new. Or maybe, this person has always been a part of your life. You spend every single day talking to them, or seeing them. 749 more words