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Beauty is Pain (Literally)

It’s Friday night, I was sent home after 30 minutes of work because we were too slow. I’m thinking, awesome! My cousin is in the area, in the beautiful town of South Lake Tahoe, CA. 446 more words



Surprised by flurries
Snowfall record broken now
History is cold

The Power of Love by Pamela Deakin

Well…that was depressing. You would think that with a title of “the Power of Love”, we would encounter a tale of love standing up to any of life’s challenges. 1,337 more words


#3. Friends for(n)ever?

First of all, I feel really bad about not writing a single word since last December, but during these months I didn’t feel the need to write because only good things happened to me (except one thing – see above). 367 more words

We Don't "Do" Valentine's Day

This will be the 11th Valentine’s Day for my wife and I.  Once, long ago, when we were two broke kids living in dorm rooms we tried the whole date night thing.  535 more words


And so it is.

She doesn’t ask for much. That stopped a while ago. Lately, she’s not even asking you to talk to her. She’s not asking for an explanation to why you aren’t. 86 more words


Compost Soup for the Soul

This is a post I started weeks ago and then things got busy. It’s still a semi-important thing that happened, so here ya go.

Something happened to me today. 492 more words