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10 Luxury Travel Experiences that AREN’T Worth the Money

If you’re broke and traveling it can be hard to decide where you want to spend your precious few dollars. You don’t want to feel like you’re missing out, do you? 837 more words


Thoughts On Heroic Mode Tavern Brawl - Hearthstone's Newest Mode

In Theory, Heroic Tavern Brawls Sound Fun

In practice however, this was the single worst experience I have ever had with Hearthstone. I’m getting ahead of myself though, let me explain what Heroic Tavern Brawl is for those who don’t already know. 583 more words

Jon Spencer Reviews

The Darkest Timeline

What is done can never be undone.

You offered something safe, and then you took it away. You deserve what you get. You have done more damage than you can know. 54 more words

MacBook Pro 2016: Don't get it, not worth it.

Seriously. For a normal, average consumer who loves great value for his money, the MacBook Pro (MBP) 2016 13-inch is not worth it because of its: a) price hike; b) marginally better performance vs. 503 more words


Kmart Love Brand Review

So I was looking through the Kmart beauty section, and in noticed that Kmart had brought out a new beauty brand, which I believe is called Love. 528 more words


On Extended Break

Since I have been asked in email about not blogging recently, I feel it only fair to let y’all know that I have decided to take an extended break to reassess my political involvement. 63 more words

Clark County Issues

16 Rip-Offs People Paid For That Were A Total Mistake

Found on Ask Reddit.

“99% of items sold at whole foods” – ILOLyouLOLweallLOLOL

CAUSE IT IS LITERALLY RIPPING YOU OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!” – … 253 more words