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You need to know that I mean business.

I really want to stop letting some things get to me. There has to be a way to do so without coming off like a complete bitch, right? 14 more words

Leo Crawford - Midnight Cinderella - Sugar End (Spoilers)

I didn’t like this ending. It felt incomplete. Was it because I didn’t reach the end of the gauge when I reached the ending, or was that all this ending had to offer? 34 more words


About that one movie.

I watched a movie the other day that I really enjoyed until the end. to be clear this blog will have some spoilers but I don’t know the title of the movie so I don’t really know what to tell you. 487 more words


Nike fuel band

Hello runners,

I bought this gadget from amazon because it was out of stock on the Nike website for 120£ which is a massive sum of money for it’s features. 262 more words


Don't bother with the Magic Bullet ⛔

  This isn’t worth the price or the trouble, it talks the talk, walks it a little bit and then wears out!

Using the Magic Bullet for the first time was amazing! 293 more words


Beauty is Pain (Literally)

It’s Friday night, I was sent home after 30 minutes of work because we were too slow. I’m thinking, awesome! My cousin is in the area, in the beautiful town of South Lake Tahoe, CA. 446 more words



Surprised by flurries
Snowfall record broken now
History is cold