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It All Started With A Spice Rack

Eighteen inches must mean something different to the people at Amazon than it does to me. Like most things in life, the best intentions are paved to hell with a mislabeled spice rack. 457 more words

Daily Thought

Accidents (keep) Happen(ing)

I still haven’t been writing.

Last week, on their way to the post-concussion-you-can-go-back-to-school follow up with the pediatrician, my daughter crashed the car. She hydroplaned and hit a guard rail. 201 more words


I'm still recovering from wedding planning.

Sometimes I blog about writing my novel. And sometimes I blog about not writing it. Per this latter category, a thing I did last year instead of writing a novel was plan a wedding. 915 more words


A child's imagination and other rants

Today, I was strolling around the children’s area of a department store. It was all very shiny and they have an animatronic dinosaur I’d happily hire a crane to steal, but overall it was one of the most depressing places I’ve been in a while. 263 more words


On the Pleasures of Not Writing

By Peter Selgin

Not writing has many advantages. You can walk with both hands in your pockets. You can peel and eat an orange. Other fruits, too, become accessible to the non-writer. 670 more words

Writing Process

Friday Update

I’ve neglected the internet this week, because I’d been writing and then I stopped writing to wonder if there was any point in finishing my writing. 94 more words

Featuring: Sonnets in Colour.

As I’ve mentioned in last week’s post, I’m in the middle of a distractingly amazing Shakespeare class. One of the loveliest parts of the whole experience is the people I’ve been able to interact with. 140 more words