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Ch ch ch ch changes

So since I’ve started this I’ve come up with a number of thing’s I wanted to change. Some things don’t work, some things need to make the story better. 1,125 more words

Not Writing

The Waterfall

The Waterfall is a wise old man. I think of him as the eldest member of the God’s children. His domain is situated at the top of Foin Eas, the largest mountain. 411 more words

Self Improvement

What I Do When I'm Not Writing

The other day, I sat with Datu as he sipped his Chai tea while I gulped down my too-sweet coffee, which had more foam than caffeine. 845 more words


Pretty Dang Majestic.

Hello there. I’m currently house/pet sitting for some dear friends of mine, so I’m pretty happy that I actually remembered that it’s a blogging day. 64 more words

About That Book...

One of the things that comes from not being famous is that nobody ever asks you about the things you want to talk about the most. 2,194 more words


Evil Horde Tropes and The Wurms

Today I’m going to talk a little about the dark army, the Wurms, in my story. Pure evil given physical manifestation is a bit of a trope in stories and video games, but I think it makes for an effective force to fight against. 857 more words

Self Improvement

The Sky

I’ve always been troubled over what The Sky should be. I’ve always known I want The Sea to be the most powerful, and a Goddess over time and space. 848 more words

Self Improvement