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The changing look of productivity

Today, I spent a couple of hours sitting chatting with my writer friend Ellen.  We had met to write, but it was just a day for talking about writing, publishing and various other related things so we went with it. 154 more words


You Are Here.

Lately, I have been feeling that life has derailed my writing.

I am making progress toward many of my life goals but the writing just doesn’t seem to be there. 363 more words


...And a good day

Hi everyone,

Well, yesterday was rubbish, but today was pretty good. I mean, I think the only words I wrote up to this point were my name a few times (and the locker number I’d taken at work) but apart from that, very good. 49 more words

Just Blogging

More Second Guessing on Tired Tuesday

This morning I wrote the following in my notebook:

History, cheese and wine, what’s not to like? Writing a blog post about them, apparently.

Then I put parentheses around the second sentence and went onto begin a blog post about the event I was referring to.  367 more words


No Excuses

I have no excuses this time. I simply stopped writing. No poems, no daily practice, no journal entries, nothing. I’ve been acting as though writing is not a part of me at all. 297 more words

Trivial Musing

Jar of feathers

“This is my jar of feathers”, says Sebastian, thrusting the small vessel too close to my face. It is a jar, and they are his feathers: the ones he insists on collecting along the dirt road we walk each day to and from his brothers’ school. 1,027 more words

Creative Process

Today it is one week since I quit my job. Right now I am drinking iced coffee and eating fancy chocolate seahorses and watching Markiplier play horror games on YouTube. Like an adult.

Not Writing