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When in Distress, Vampires Often Help

Earlier today, a friend at work gave me some icy-hot (it was Equate brand) to rub on my knees.  It seemed to help.  I have spent most of the rest of the day wishing I had something similar to rub on my attitude.   284 more words


Plans go awry

I have the house to myself. The Princeling is with his father, and my father is off on a road trip. This almost never happens. I don’t think I’ve been alone in the house for this long of an extended period in…. 324 more words


The Blog's Gone to Pot

I took some pictures of what I have so far for a container garden, hoping I could make up in pictures what I lack in words.   294 more words


Take Heart.

Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.

– John 16:33

There’s a lot of ugliness going on in the world right now.

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In a pub full of Man Utd supporters

I was in Manchester last weekend and it was a curious thing to be out in the city where everyone was going about their lives on warm spring days as though nothing of note had recently happened there, and yet the bombing the previous weekend did cast a shadow… of defiance and love. 140 more words


5 Things I have Noticed about Myself while working in the Hospitality Industry.

So. I’m coming to the end of a 2-ish month stint of co-hosting a dear friend’s Airbnb property while she is off on her world travels, and it’s been quite a fun learning curve, all in all. 440 more words

I Am a Writer. I Mean a Blogger.

This is a picture I took yesterday with my Tablet and neglected to include in my blog post.  I realized I had left it out before I hit publish but I couldn’t figure out where to add it in.   299 more words