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A few words make all the difference

Sometimes, life gets in the way and not a word gets written.

Writing even a few sentences after a dry period like that is like slipping into the sea and swimming away.

The best laid plans...

As I write it is at the end of my second day of rest and, apart from this, I’ve written nothing.  I also haven’t gone shopping or cleaned the kitchen. 158 more words


Dear Universe, you absolute c*nt.

You took my friend Sarah, Universe.

She was 25 and you took her, you greedy wanker.

I needed her in my life and you took her from me and the rest of the people who love her.

I hate you.

Not Writing

Fighting it: why not writing makes no sense

Not everybody will share my view that for a writer, writing is not a hobby, it is almost an addiction; a compulsion that can drive us to entertain inappropriate and often criminal fantasies. 481 more words

Creative Writing

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Hoppity Hop update!

The cast came off!

Her ankle still hurts a bit, from a month of not being used.

Crutches for a week or so, still but no more cast! 39 more words

Not Writing

I'm a grandma

Middlest and his wife gave birth to a baby boy last night at 6:28p California time. 8 lbs 9 oz, named Jonah Dashiel (Dashiell? Didn’t think to ask about spelling.). 8 more words


At Least the Turnover Was Good

In my defense, I have a sinus headache.

I thought I would lead with that instead of making it the headline.  Now I don’t have a headline.  238 more words