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I am a writer, allegedly

I write things, or at least that is what I do when I am at my best.

It is how I see myself.

However, it is not what I always actually put in the hours doing. 218 more words


How scarfs led to fan fiction

I could have called this post “weaving not writing” as that pretty well sums up the past month. However, my writing deamon is never to be outdone by the crafting deamon and so decided that, while I indulged in my new hobby, I’d write some fan fiction in my head. 108 more words

My Writing

Invisible Self-Destruction, Acceptance, Writing Again Part 1

We are writing or we are not writing. We are observing or we are not observing. We are framing or we are not framing. When we are doing these things we feel high, giddy, confident, whole and sometimes pretty damn cocky. 248 more words


It never really goes away.

I was checking one of the groups I’m a member of on Facebook, a group called “For The Love Of All Things Woolly”. It’s a NZ group for people who enjoy knitting and crocheting and stuff like that. 124 more words

Not Writing

MGR: mid-year checkin

One of the January goals I’m doing the worst on is keeping up with my blog posts :p But I haven’t been great with many of the others. 385 more words


What do you do when it's snowing?

It’s been really cold where I live, but we don’t get snow near the coast. I’ve always thought this to be both a good thing (I fall over enough as it is) and a bad thing (I adore snow and freezing temperatures), but it also means I’m ignorant about life in a snowy place. 109 more words


Some writing bug that was. Only NOT.

I haven’t written a word since.

I can’t decide what happens next.

I can’t crochet anything either, end up frogging everything I’ve started.

I did make another flower for my tea cosy on Thursday night but then I ran out of wool so that was that. 77 more words

Not Writing