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Confession 12: I fall in love by the river and in an art studio and stop being crazy

LAST WEEK: I’m recklessly brilliant, to no result

It’s raining and he’s breaking my heart—maybe I’m breaking my own heart, yeah, that’s probably a more accurate description of what’s happening—and I’m very very tired of treading water. 694 more words

Confessions (about The Process)

Another slow day...

I wrote a hundred or so words, but nothing much to show off about. Slow and steady… I did some editing, too, though!

Sorry for the short update, I’m shattered! Talk to you tomorrow.

Just Blogging

Yeah, today I got nothing.

Sorry, guys. It’s been a weird day.

However, I did get to officially press the ‘finish’ button on my first ever Caladria project as an editor, so that’s a good feeling. 19 more words

Just Blogging

tips to survive water damage with hex

Lately various people I know or people online have been spilling a lot of stuff on their laptops, and some of them have gotten totally destroyed, which made me sad for them. 475 more words

Ten Reasons Why I Wish I Wasn't A Writer 

Lately I have been having a lot of these “I wish I wasn’t a writer” moments. And I’m pretty sure I am not the only writer to feel this way. 278 more words


A slow day

Again, I’ve been editing and planning for most of the day, so I only got 86 words written. I’m still feeling pretty rotten!

Total written today:  14 more words

Just Blogging

Is It Over Yet?

Isn’t that the loveliest fruit basket?  Sent to me by a friend, and it didn’t have strawberries, so I was actually able to eat it. 350 more words