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Crispin Crispian Shall Ne'er Go By.

I was utterly at a loss of what to blog on this singularly uninspiring day. Until, that is, I logged into my trusty Tumblr and saw this: 93 more words

10/24 Updation

I went into today with the intention of getting more of my outline written and maybe spending some time with my boyfriend, but he’s having dinner with his mom, ex girlfriend, and brother and I’m kind of in a funk, so no writing. 45 more words


When technology fucks you over

We moved house last week (on the Saturday).

So I saved my open documents (on OpenOffice) and then I shut down my computer. We didn’t have the internet until Wednesday, I didn’t turn my laptop back on until Thursday morning, because we were busy with other things. 90 more words

RL Stuff

Not writing

Initially I thought I would write everyday, just to let the thoughts flow out of my mind. I did manage to write everyday because I was in love with writing. 233 more words


Underground is no place for a writer

Aspiring and newbie writers…stop living underground!

When you’re new to writing, or when you’re not getting paid for your stories yet, you may tend to consider writing as secondary, as a hobby, as something you do whenever you have some free time, thus burying your talent and your passion, and going… 364 more words

The Writer's World

Being in a rut and trying to get out of it.

I am in a rut, a very big one.

It is my own fault really, I have been distracted to much. With my work, general laziness and other things. 519 more words

The Foundry

Not enough time

Editor Cat died today.

People write on line about losing animals. It always makes me cry. But not like this, not like the reality of it. 818 more words