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Know When to Tap Out by Heather Novak

Last week, I wrote all about cutting yourself a window when a door closes. Then life kicked me in the gut. Woke up Tuesday morning to a snow storm and my mom being rushed to the ICU. 581 more words


If We Faint Not.

Inspiration has been at a low ebb lately. The last month or so has been full of troubling issues with my extended family, which have been making my life more about “keepin’ on keepin’ on” than bounding along the mountaintops. 228 more words

Not Writing

Typing... About... Writing...

Must… get… blog… post… written.

You know, like in the comic books?  I don’t read a lot of comic books, but I know there is often a frame with the hero going through something dire and saying he must… do… something…  I find that perfectly appropriate for Wrist to Forehead Sunday. 268 more words


Bullet Journal - Organisation (procrastination) for the creative minds

The idea behind the bullet journal is credited to Ryder Carroll. It’s a fusion of to do lists, personal goals, daily weekly monthly yearly planners and anything else you want to include. 264 more words


New adventures ahead!

It’s summer here and school holidays and about a month ago I asked my wife to teach me how to knit.

It went rather well, I made a tiny beanie then decided to challenge myself a bit more and made a cardigan for my dolly I’ve had since I was little and which we use as a hat model for the beanies we knit/crochet. 130 more words

RL Stuff

Amazing Day.

Back in November, Coldplay asked fans around the world to send them short video clips of their day. This is what became of them:

Our lives are amazing. Have an amazing day.

Monday Mental Muck

Well, I would have a Monday Mental Meanderings post, but my brain is mired in the muck (just to alliterate a little further).  Seriously, my thought processes seem to have slowed down almost to a halt.   271 more words