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The Challenge

So I came to the realization that I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 or so D&D-universe characters with brief blurbs of personality and backstory, some more than a little brief (Te’roh, Aylys, Venzer, Lexine, and Alika among them)…as noted in previous ramblings, I’m sort of a perpetual daydreamer and tend to make various character ideas up whether I have a use for them or not. 156 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Blank Mind, Dumb Blog, Here's a Vampire

How many times has Wuss-out Wednesday followed Tired Tuesday?  Many.  Today shall make one more, but I hope to think of something amusing to say nevertheless.  306 more words


Not the Most Interesting Blog Post in the World

So here I am on Lame Post Friday, feeling too lame to make any post at all.  We can’t have that, can we?  I just made a wand for my wizard costume for tomorrow, using a knitting needle and a few things I had on hand because, well, I almost never throw anything out.  272 more words


Sometimes, characters just develop themselves

Lately I’m discovering that a lot of my characters seem to me going rogue and deciding to develop themselves instead of the other way around. 629 more words

Not Writing

Villains Not Heroes is updated every few days, and one-shots or short stories are posted every now and again.

Hi to anyone who might have stumbled across this blog somehow!

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A Spice Named Variety

For someone who appreciates routine, some may call me fickle. I prefer capricious– just because it sounds cooler. I just finished another book last night, bring my YTD count to 20. 360 more words


Hello I am Tree and I write things sometimes.

In all seriousness hi, welcome, what’s up! I’ve been writing as a hobby since around middle school, maybe a little before then if you count some of the weird stuff I came up with as a kiddo. 36 more words

Not Writing