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Ask for a recipe, get a story: cider edition

Someone who knows my deep & abiding love for all things apple asked if I had a favorite recipe for mulled apple cider. Short answer: no. 465 more words

Writing Life

Running But Not Writing

We are just a few days away from the Reindeer Run 5K in Little Falls, NY!  I ran yesterday, did not run today, will run tomorrow, and either take a long walk or a short run on Friday.  271 more words


If Only I Had a Flair for Blog Posts!

I pause in my Sunday activities for a Wrist to Forehead blog post.   I am a little down, I confess it.  One feels one ought to be in high spirits at all times during the Christmas season, but that is not realistic.  281 more words


Late and Lame, but Here's a Lizard

I thought of that title while I was logging into WordPress.  I figured I couldn’t just call it  “Late and Lame,” because I’ve used that title before.  195 more words


If I’m staying home for the day/don’t have a real schedule or anywhere I need to be, I need somewhere between 9 and 10 hours to feel rested and awake. 66 more words

Not Writing

Late-night baking & other adventures

I decided to bake things at 22:40 Wednesday. Why? Because it was the end of a long day with little word progress, I craved sweets, and the dessert cupboards were bare. 584 more words


Discovering Water.

Look at this sweet baby. She’s a one-year-old chimpanzee experiencing a water hole for the first time.

I finished my NaNovel on Sunday, and I’ve been staring at stuff like this ever since.

I’m so tired.