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Anna Faris On Tabloid Rumours Of Marital Trouble With Chris Pratt: 'It Made Me Feel Incredibly Insecure'

When you’re a celebrity couple, make-believe tabloid rumours of relationship strife come with the territory. And while it’s easy to assume stars have thickened their skins enough to be able to laugh off such reports, Anna Faris admits this is easier said than done. 303 more words


It was just a coincidence...

…that my recent purchase was books about books!

What’s your favorite book about books?


Stones Exhibit Hits NYC

As part of traveling exhibition that ran in London,  the Rolling Stones exhibition comes to NYC this week and runs till first week of March.  For any fan I think this is a must see.   1,078 more words

Speakeasy TV

Now in their second season is a television series that has one famous person or musician interview a fellow performer.   This makes for an interesting conversation from a different perspective.   52 more words

Nota Bene

When the going gets tough, the tough...pick up a book

To practice some self-love and care these past few days I instinctively turned to the thing that makes me happy: reading. In books I find escape and solace; I find adventure and new friendships; I find compassion and hope. 344 more words


Kutsal İnsan, Andrey Platonov ve Can

Çevrimdışı/İstanbul  Ekim-Kasım-Aralık 2016 4. sayısında Agamben’in Kutsal İnsan’ı doğrultusunda Metis Yayınevinden yayımlanan Andrey Platonov’un Can isimli kitabını inceledim. Bu inceleme doğrultusunda Hannah Arendt, Cemal Bali Akal, Adem Yıldırım gibi duraklara da uğradım. 7 more words

Hooray for a walking commute!

After three years of driving to work (in stupid, erratic traffic no less), I’m finally able to reduce my carbon footprint by walking to and from campus. 49 more words