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Crazy house

English: How crazy is this house in Poland! It was made to look like it is melting and accomplished the goal. The building has 3 floors and there’s a pub in the first one. 32 more words


An Open Letter to Russell Brand & Brian May

Dear Russell and Brian,

In the run up to this year’s UK general election, I have been closely following your respective approaches to getting people to engage with the pressing problems of our times. 1,636 more words

yang memberi segalanya

aku seorang yang memberi segalanya

dalam sesuatu konteks

;hasilnya aku lah yang terpinga pinga

yang menerima hendak mahu was was

lantas aku ditolak ditinggalkan sia sia… 58 more words


Blue Lagoon

English: Need to relax? Go to Blue Lagoon in Iceland! This hot spring helps your skin to look young and you can have a massage there! 42 more words


Y-40 Deep Joy

English: The deepiest pool ever is in Italy, 30 minutes away from Venice! 42 meters deep! The place offers some leisure dives and dive training before you get in. 35 more words


The Case For NOTA: A Call To All Reformists

As the 2015 UK general election approaches, talk of electoral reform and interest in NOTA UK’s campaign to get a formal None Of The Above (NOTA) option added to UK ballot papers grows. 936 more words

Sant Jordi’s Day

English: On April 23. the couples in Bacelona can join Sant Jordi’s Day, the most romantic of the year! Boys give flowers to girls while girls give books to boys. 60 more words