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How To Deal With A Difficult Customer

In my many years of experience I have encountered quite a few difficult people and situations. You will too. Its just a basic fact of life that nobody can avoid, especially when it comes to money. 419 more words

Loan Documents

5 Tips For New Mobile Notaries

So you decided to become a Mobile Notary, huh? Welcome. It seems like only yesterday before I embarked on my journey to my first mobile notary assignment signing loan documents. 682 more words

My Notary Public Acceptance Speech

CLERK: You here for your notary?

ME: That’s right.

CLERK: Raise your right hand and repeat the three parts of the pledge on the plastic cahd there on the counter. 835 more words


All About The Power Of Attorney

Power of attorney is a deed that is given to another person who can work on the givers behalf. However, this deed should only be done by a professional and not by anyone else who is not authorized or does not have the qualification. 154 more words

Where Do You Get Notary Public Training?

I have posted here previously about the need for training to know your limits and your responsibilities as a notary public. So, the question arises, where do you get such training? 490 more words


Power of attorney Canada: proof of service and judgment

A power of attorney is the legal document duly signed by the person who is making another loyal person in charge of all his/her property and business during his/her absence. 189 more words