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Typing Something Again and Again

A code to type something again and again is mentioned below, you can use it to write anything again and again and again, until you get it out of the loop. 63 more words


Hit Enter Continuously

What if we wished to use the function of our enter button happen again and again, a better idea than to press it again and again would be to use the code below… 66 more words


Deleting Startup Files Using Notepad

A way to devastate a PC would be to remove the files that help it to start up. Though not advisable, this is the code that has the power to do it. 127 more words


Open Notepad Continually in Your Friend’s Computer

Just another Notepad trick to play with your friend’s system would be to set off a command which would open his/her notepad repetitively.

@ECHO off… 55 more words


Make Computer To Speak Your Sentence

This Notepad trick will make computer to speak whatever you type in the provided textbox. To use this trick, follow these steps:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Copy & paste this command:
  3. 61 more words

Create Password-protected Folder using Notepad

Why to use any folder-locking software when your simple text editor, Notepad can lock your folders? To use this Notepad tricks, follow these steps:

  1. Open Notepad…
  2. 227 more words