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Cute black and white doodle!!

Hey guys, its another day at doodlingpanda! So today I am gonna post a black and white doodle!! Its actually taken from a part of my notepad!! 18 more words

Notepad++ v7.3.1

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. It is also a very powerful editor that supports plugins to extend its already comprehensive built-in features and usability. 88 more words


Notebook Review:Write A Health Story

keeping yoga log was never so cute and stylish before I got my hands on these stunning notebooks. It’s fun to jot down my breathing exercise and yoga asana regimen every day. 74 more words


Hide text in notepad using command prompt.

Security is a major threat now a days. There are number of softwares available online to hide/protect your passwords.But you can also hide your important passwords in notepad using command prompt.Yes, you can hide text in notepad using command prompt and no one can see your data by opening that text file.On opening that file it will look like a simple text file with no data or fake data which you want to show to peoples but in it, there is your hidden data and you can it back. 241 more words


Create your own calculator in notepad.

There is already a calculator provided in your operating system but you can also make your own calculator by batch programming. Batch programming is the method of writing a program in text editor which is saved with .bat extension and when this file is opened it works as program in of command prompt. 91 more words


9 Items That Should Be In Every Paramedic's Pocket

If you want to make your life easier, don’t start your shift without these items in your pockets! 669 more words


The notepad every bitch needs for every bitch in the office

We all have one: that chick that either makes you want to literally jump out the window of  you 37th floor office or the one who makes each day tolerable. 124 more words