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HOORAY! It's The Party Connection's First Giveaway!

Can you see it? Can you see the confetti falling from the sky in excitement over the fact that The Party Connection is hosting it’s very FIRST (and definitely not last!) giveaway! 630 more words

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Party Themed Songs

We all have those songs that get us pumped to party – the ones we play as we dance around the bathroom putting on our make up before a night on the town, the ones that make us hold our glasses up and say “this is MY song!” and hell, even the tunes that cause us to dance around the kitchen while we are making pasta.  138 more words

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Solving The Dress Code

If you are invited to a wedding, a baby shower, a birthday party or any other event in between you will always be met with the same issue – what are you going to wear? 1,001 more words


Guest Post: How To Create A Party Kit by Soraya Pearl Jolly

I met a wonderful lady while at The Blogcademy in 2013 named Soraya Pearl Jolly, who runs a lifestyle blog called Pretty Mayhem. Soraya-Pearl Jolly is a French girl living in Melbourne with a passion for entertaining, travelling, and all things pretty. 551 more words


When Should You Go On Your Honeymoon?

In the old(er) days the bride and groom exited their wedding in style with a shower of uncooked rice that symbolised taking their first steps into the next part of their journey through life together. 1,440 more words

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Hello World!

Hi folks. I decided to start a blog, just for fun. I am studying to become a successful 3D artist and everyone says that social media is the ticket, so here I am world.  19 more words

Notes From The Author

Mind Bending Dinner Parties

There is nothing like an amazing meal served at a dinner party and having your guests exclaim in delight about how delicious your pork roast is and how perfect your cheesecake for dessert tastes. 787 more words