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Notes from the Author

So many life changes have occurred and many projects await me on my desk. I am working out a new schedule for myself and hopefully shall be posting on a semi-weekly basis. 78 more words


I am hereby announcing my return to this blog! The past seven months have been really great, but also insanely busy, forcing me to put “for the love of” aside to focus on my Masters program. 20 more words

Notes From The Author

Industrial Elegance Editorial

This Industrial Elegance shoot took place in a warehouse to provide a stunning aesthetic for an elegant wedding shoot by our favourite photographer We Are Origami Photography. 46 more words


bad news

i cut my finger and got stitches, so no update this week. or until i can type normally again

Marsala Musings Editorial

It’s Editorial month! To celebrate the fourth birthday of The Party Connection (that started on August 23rd 2012 with a candyland cake) we are doing something a little bit different around here – for the next month I will be featuring my favourite editorial photos for wedding and party shoots from some of my favourite photographers! 102 more words


Break Time!

okay and that wraps up Part One of the Walk Away Nuzlocke. i’m going to take a quick break so no normal update next week. 22 more words

because I forgot to update yesterday I’m going to publish two new chapters this afternoon