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Marriage Does Not Necessarily Equate Children

Photo of a drunken me seeing a baby by Aimee Claire Photography

Your life is your life, and in the same way that you choose what kind of wedding you want to have, what themed party you should go with, and who you want to marry, you are met with choices that help to define who you are and your direction in life. 1,857 more words

Notes From The Author

Notes from the Author.

“Worlds gone Dayglo” episodes will be posted once a week. Trying for each Saturdayish.

Notes From The Author

Notes from the Author.

Met an awesome folk who is a regular at my day job and a follower of my blog. They sent me a message thanking me for my words. 35 more words



You will find many postings here which will state “Original Post DATE“.  The reason for this is because the original blog which these were on, is no longer in existence.  17 more words

Notes From The Author

Everything So Far


The Cities of Luna Book 1

August 2015

6,970 words

Sharing a birthday not only with each other but also with the founding of the lunar colonies themselves, Moriel and Kellan are resigned to being minor celebrities for the centennial celebrations. 1,469 more words

Notes From The Author


Happiness is a fish tank…


The New Map!

So I spent my spring break working on a better map, for my own purposes of writing… and procrastination…

The map is subject to change but… 6 more words

Notes From The Author