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Doctor Who: Use Your Words

‘ere be spoilers, me hearties, k?

In a Doctor Who story featuring two big reveals, the one regarding the vault was interesting, given the stuff about measurements of fatality, with an apt call back to River Song, but that was the curtain raiser. 671 more words

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Doctor Who: Raising Stakes

Ok, this is a two-fer-one deal this week. Two reviews for one episode. It’s happened before and it may happen again. Here we go.

Remember when Psychic Bec™ described the 2017 season’s arc in terms of how each episode would edge closer to the main point of the series and how, in another post (if you’ve been following along at home), I decided the theme this year was barriers. 471 more words

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Amusing Me: to be or Knottbee.

Well reader I did it. A couple of posts ago I mused about setting up a blog (or some such) to publish some short story-like things I have stored in my computer from years ago. 264 more words


Writing somebody else's world

I began a story for a particular call out for submissions. In a keenly felt tragedy of non-epic proportions I lost what I wrote in the first draft mid way through. 636 more words

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And then I remembered

Completely forgetting about a short story being published is just one of the many ways I can tell I haven’t coped very well with some less than wonderful personal happenings at the end of December and into January. 138 more words


Only stories left alive

Avoiding space

Space is the ultimate void with which we fill with stories, because human nature abhors a vacuum. After seeing Rogue One and reading various articles about women and… 1,156 more words

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