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Under a spell

There is a final sentence in one of Tim Winton’s short stories in his intertwined anthology The Turning that winded me with its beauty, poise and connectedness to what had gone before. 441 more words

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unManley Hopkins

Gerard Manley Hopkins was an innovative and scholarly poet, if mostly unpublished in his lifetime. His unquiet poems, with their vivid descriptions in sprung rhythm still resonate with me. 154 more words


Writers: born this way?

A FB writing group I’m in posed a question about whether writers are born or made. It garnered many, many enthusiastic responses. Most members asserted writers are born, or are somehow a combination of both born and made. 872 more words


Not imagining war

I am a new student of German Longsword. It’s been mentioned before in dispatches, but it’s a bit like boxing, or dancing. Cuts and parries (movements) are in response to those of your sparring partner and vice versa. 763 more words


Mystery is the reason for the season

I’m a big admirer of scientific discoveries. I collect data and evidence because they are reassuring and often useful in life and stories. Right now, the Geminid shower is taking place, but I can’t see anything.  678 more words


Doctor Who: Use Your Words

‘ere be spoilers, me hearties, k?

In a Doctor Who story featuring two big reveals, the one regarding the vault was interesting, given the stuff about measurements of fatality, with an apt call back to River Song, but that was the curtain raiser. 671 more words

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Doctor Who: Raising Stakes

Ok, this is a two-fer-one deal this week. Two reviews for one episode. It’s happened before and it may happen again. Here we go.

Remember when Psychic Bec™ described the 2017 season’s arc in terms of how each episode would edge closer to the main point of the series and how, in another post (if you’ve been following along at home), I decided the theme this year was barriers. 471 more words

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