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Winter of Content

It’s been bitterly cold and dark in Melbourne, but the sun has been shining on me this week. I got a present in the mail from the Stella Prize as a thank you for their support. 227 more words


Writer: Know Thyself

The process of becoming aware of your writing style, and more importantly, your mistakes, can take a while. Like poker players with tells, errors and odd phrasing, or word tics, can follow any wordsmith through their works. 523 more words


Mid Year Writing Stock Take

In Australia the end of June marks the end of the financial year. Retailers hold sales, and everyone works out if they need to make more deductions ahead of preparing tax returns. 412 more words

Stuff I Like

Abstraction Distraction

I’m in online writing groups. They are peopled mainly by novelists, and mainly those who self-publish. What’s interesting is a proportion of novice writers seem more concerned with publication theory than writing practice. 553 more words


More please

In writing, as in physics, once things begin to happen, they keep happening. I’ve just had another story accepted and it’ll be out next month. It will be the second published from my once upon a time ex-almost collection, so at least some of it was on the right track. 417 more words


When losing is winning

Earlier this year I entered a collection of my short stories into a competition. I reflected at the time that it was a handy thing to do, preparing a complete manuscript, because it helped polish them up so they felt fresher. 120 more words


Over a barrel

Ideas Kaboom!

The idea of creative writing is plastic. It’s a vast global business, it’s a singular remote activity, it’s digital and ancient, it’s free and expensive, it’s a past time and a career, it’s a legacy and aspiration, you can study it, you don’t need to, it takes myriad forms, it’s individual and there are societies, groups, and collaborators, with boundless measures of success and of failure. 946 more words