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Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences (Notes)

  • Lrrr continues to love Earth culture as seen through his enjoyment of The Scary Door. I think that the only reason he has not yet subjugated Earth for realz is because he knows cultural exports will stop.
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18 January 2018

In class, I learned a lot about getting experience in the work place. Most companies won’t hire you if you don’t have some sort of background in the job you are applying for. 17 more words


Education System of Pakistan a.k.a A Joke…

Now-a-days education has become an important aspect of our lives and the lives of most of the people who reside in Pakistan revolve around education or something related to it. 204 more words


A plethora of note-taking apps

Despite my love of writing things down in lovely notebooks, I’m also a fan of electronic notes.

This is due to a combination of fear that I’ll lose important things written on paper and a (perceived) need to have access to anything I’ve ever written at any time or in any location. 1,025 more words