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#ADHD Richmond launches a Closed Member Forum for #parents #carers to chat privately

#ADHD Richmond launches a Closed Member Forum for #parents #carers to chat privately

Simply, ask to become a member @


Please respect each other; use NO foul language; be courteous. 8 more words


brother notes

says he been seeing things after they happen

/ aims to bury
for free
bomb squad
dogs / thinks hell

if a scarecrow
can miscarry
in kite

#Teachers #schools read @ADHD_Hayward #ADHD #classroom interventions

#Teachers #schools read @ADHD_Hayward #ADHD#classroom  interventions


First published in ADHD in Practice 2016, Vol 8 No 3. Reproduced with kind permission of Hayward Medical Communications. 14 more words


A Note On Palatability


You are not TOO MUCH

You just need to surround yourself

With TONGUES that won’t CHOKE


THROATS that won’t GASP

At your FULLNESS… 11 more words


Signs That You Have A Background (However Small) In Theater

When you I get off the phone for a phone interview and find yourself thinking, “I thought that went well, but where are my feedback notes?”

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise

Fitnah - New Letter by Tarek Mahenna

It’s my eighth autumn looking at the Sun through a cage.

Though I’m looking directly at it, the fact that the part of the planet on which I’m standing is tilted away from the Sun at this time of year means that its light strikes it at a less direct angle, leaving its energy less concentrated, which is the reason we’re feeling the biting cold here. 2,020 more words


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