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Better in B&W

Waiting for the 2801 at the station, going home is beautiful.



This was taken at the Company Gardens entrance. I am trying to get her to see everything I’ve seen thus far. Her great grand dad would’ve been proud right now. 107 more words


just a dream

i dreamed last night and i saw you. your face is different from the way i remember you. you are not smiling but you’re just looking at me, straight to my eyes. 359 more words


Little Islands

This post comes in light of a recent loss of a friend, who died just a few days ago. I want to honor her memory with some of what I have learned about suffering and the hope that can be found through it all. 600 more words

A Quick Note

Short note. Mystery name.

Somebody wrote me a note after spanish class but I can’t make out much about this one… Not much is said and the signature is a complete mystery to me. 44 more words


Re-living the past at one minute per minute

I have an embarrassing secret.

I listen to podcasts on one-and-a-half speed.

To be honest, you don’t notice it after a while – your brain just switches into gear and it becomes the new normal.   1,047 more words


The Offline Shortcut Key Wall

This project is for you.
I hope you will participate in it!

Dear Future Shortcut Key Nerds,

In contemporary design practice, the most important areas that we focus on are creative listening, conceptual design thinking, and innovative design principles and approaches. 235 more words