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I can hear the grumbling of a train and feel the low vibrations as it passes by about a block up from the cafe where I’m sitting eating lunch. 436 more words


These two dogs have been the best of friends for four years, ever since Dave brought Dega back to Margaret’s condo as a pup. To watch them play, politely I may add, is inspiring. 229 more words


Master Budgeting Chapter 8

Budgeting simply explained is a road map, so a company will know where its going. Used to direct, redirect, and generally stay the course. 120 more words

Managerial Accounting

Pillars of Salt - Fadia Faqir


  • It is interesting that the framework story is being told by a man.  The Storyteller is a man.  His monkey is male and a fool.  
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Kicking (Theoretical) Ass, and Taking (Notes)

A big part of law school obviously is note taking. It’s an essential skill. But the best way to do so? That’s up for debate. Some of the professors at my law school don’t allow laptops in class, so in those classes you’re going old school with pen and paper. 772 more words