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Friday Fives

1. Dear Taylor Swift, you completed my year. You’re welcome back to Des Moines at least once a week to repeat whatever just happened last night. 352 more words

Friday Fives

Research Trips - July to September 2015

I’ve not really got to grips with the whole blog thing for this course yet. I am happy to add stuff to my sketchbook but the blog hasn’t found its place in my work yet. 855 more words

Research & Reflection

Will I submit to a life of rest?

How can I tell when I am living according to my own soul desires? When I wish I had more: living in soul desires is to live in deficiency. 309 more words


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Notes & Highlights...

Are you a note-taker / highlighter when you’re reading? Yes or no…why/why not?

Sometimes as I read, the perfect thing will hit me and if I don’t get it down, I’ll forget it for my review. 388 more words


로맨스 코미디 드라마를 좋아하신 분?

제가 이 ‘맨도롱또똣’ 드라마를 봤는데 아주 재밌어요~!

그 드라마를 본 후에 갑자기 여행 가고 싶은 그런 느낌이 왔어요 쑤우우우웅~~ ‘와! 제주도가 그렇게 참 예쁘다 ♡ 가고 싶어요 거기!’ …

On the so-called mid-life crisis

There comes a time in your life when you take a good hard look at it. You look back at what you did, you look into what you want to accomplish, and you figure out if you’re on the right path. 344 more words


Note for myself

Why did you say what you did when we met
Was it to sort out the birds from the bees
Always timid you made straight for the trees… 82 more words