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The exposure triangle is composed of aperture shutter and Iso
aperture is inside of the lens to let lighting Big number is small light, small number is bigger light… 51 more words


Words of Wisdom: Sh*t My Professors Said in Spring 2017

Part II of ? in my personal Sh*t My Professors Say series. Spring 2017 was a particularly fun semester, so it gets a post all of its own! 288 more words


5 Tips to LVL up in Productivity

Finding that you are unmotivated or don’t know where to start? Here are tips that might help you. 533 more words


I've Changed My Mind

Welcome back to my church notes posts! And it’s actually posted at 9am EST on Tuesday like planned! :) 410 more words


Vape Train Cookies & Cream

“Cookies & Cream” means Oreos or some other unofficial doppleganger. This is the way that world works. I understand that both “Cookies” and “Cream” have their own meaning, but that combination means that you’re talking about chunks of Oreos involved somewhere. 657 more words


RR Why people aren’t motivated to address climate change

This article is a reading response. All the quotation text come from <Why people aren’t motivated to address climate change> by Art Markman at https://hbr.org/2018/10/why-people-arent-motivated-to-address-climate-change… 141 more words