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šŸ¤‘Get RichšŸ¤‘


Without sounding like a putlocker pop up ad, I’ve found away to get cash quick.

All you need is a shit load of pennies. 146 more words

Just Shizz

Reinhardt's 12 rules for pure art

  1. No texture. Texture is naturalistic or mechanical and is a vulgar quality, especially pigment texture or impasto. Palette knifing, canvas-stabbing, paint scumbling and other action techniques are unintelligent and to be avoided.
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The Note (2 min read)

Written by Millionaireā€™s Digest TeamĀ Member: Priya Kavina

Founder & Owner of:Ā Kavara Stories

Millionaireā€™s Digest Team, Contributor, Writing Writer

A piece of paper on the street, beat up and torn, was attractive for some reason. 413 more words


Burrow, Borough, Burro

burrow, n. a hole or tunnel
v. to make a hole or tunnel

borough, n. a municipality smaller than a city

burro, n. 18 more words


Thank you

From a very young age, my mother instilled in me the value of writing thank you notes.Ā  I remember sitting down with my Lisa Frank stationary at our coffee table and hollering at my mom in the next room when I needed help spelling something.Ā  342 more words


Notes for making other videos

These are just things which I understood making the little music video. As I want to study by the mistake I’m to write down such advise for future me here. 160 more words