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Trying to Understand Tasting Notes

Anyone I’ve ever seen try to get into specialty coffee always asks about tasting notes. Graham cracker, marshmallow, and blueberry. Well, that sounds like the best s’more you’ve ever had, but why doesn’t my coffee taste sweet and fluffy like a marshmallow? 848 more words


An Unofficial Education

I am a man of very many beginnings and few endings. I seldom even achieve intermediate success. I click through Wikipedia links like an office job and am never satisfied. 207 more words


A Good Report

“This is the Gospel that is the beginning, middle, and end of everything good and of all salvation. For we have often hear that we must first hear the Gospel, and after that believe and love and do good works; not first do good works and so reverse the order, as the teachers of works do.

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Let us never forget the sweetness of solitude. That inner yearning for the voice of The Lord in the wilderness. That day after day withdrawal to the mountain passes of The Almighty which is food for thy soul. 83 more words


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I don’t think one poorly thought-out letter is going to really cut it here, but what else do I have? I’ll just talk, and maybe something good will come up. 1,079 more words


1345. There are hundreds of languages in this world and one transcends all, the language of love. ~Julie Parker

Beneath the chaos, YOU ARE STILLNESS.
Beneath the pain, YOU ARE JOY.
Beneath the fear, YOU ARE LOVE.
~Julie Parker

I believe Love is everywhere. I believe Hearts speak to hearts. 115 more words


Summary and thoughts about the final 3 chapters from 1900 to post World War 2

My tutor suggested in her final feedback I did a summary of the final 3 chapters with a concentration on 4 headings:

Research & Reflection