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Every leaf tells a story.

I write not only because I love doing that, but writing, for me, had always been like a leaf 
that falls in the forest with nobody around to hear it fall! 337 more words


The moral and...

religious system which Jesus Christ transmitted to us is the best the world has ever seen, or can see.

-Benjamin Franklin

**Photo taken at Westminster Abbey by Natalie


Today’s church sermon and the realisation that I knew God a long time but had never welcomed him in....

Since I’ve started biblical study I’ve been getting so much more from church sermons and my creativity is certainly flourishing!! I so love learning new things, and to me it’s like a lightbulb moment that I can have a relationship with Jesus Christ!!! 258 more words

Christianity Journey

Sous Vide Notebook

I bought an Avono Sous Vide “Precision Cooker” earlier this month (June 2018). These are various notes.

06/23/2018 – Chicken Thighs with Thyme
Read this… 127 more words


Terkesan Tak Bersyukur...

Terkesan tak bersyukur terhadap apa yg aku miliki sekarang aku akui itu semua karena memang aku merasakannya setiap apa yg sudah kudamba dan kini terlaksana aku selalu mencari lebih, lebih dan lebih itukah manusia? 248 more words


Book your child/ren's place at our Monday #ADHD & hf #ASD Club 25 June e: communications@adhdrichmond.org

Book your child/ren’s place at our Monday #ADHD & hf #ASD Club 25 June e: communications@adhdrichmond.org


Have you ever looked back at yourself from pictures and wonder how have you become the person who you thought would never become in the future? 115 more words