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788. I just now found a way to get this picture on my phone...

and so wanted to share it. If you’ve ever wondered if there is a heaven, the answer is yes and I found a glimpse of it in France just an hour from Paris. 23 more words


Day 60: Note-Syncing and Mini-Golfing



I’m so happy right now. I just now (after two years) figured out how to sync the notes on my iPhone with my Macbook. 155 more words

I’m always a part of the problem.
Never (okay that’s exaggeration) a part of the solution.

Clumsy Writing at its Zenith of CLUMSINESS

So, its like every stupid dawn, this hyper-(de)caffeinated idiot inside my brain experiences a whole lot of neuron activity shouting out “Dude, write something” like it or not, there are times when I feel like writing whatever agglomeration of letters that come to “idiot inside my brain”(assuming that I have one) is like pain in the backyard, and there are this shimmering moments of glory when its more of a “Wow, I am doing something gallant”. 298 more words


Dining room Design

Custom dining room with a custom 10′ x 5′ dining table with burl inlay. Cove ceiling from 9′ up to 10′ to make the room feel larger than it is. 14 more words


Shero weighs in on the Devils' offseason agenda

NHL free agency begins at noon on Wednesday, but Devils GM Ray Shero said the club might not make an immediate splash (June 30… 170 more words


Share the meal

The table was set for me, and the dishes placed before me were many. So I said to my son Tobiah: “Son, go out and bring in whatever poor person you find among our kindred exiled here in Nineveh who may be a sincere worshiper of God to share this meal with me. 19 more words