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#ADHD and Fatigue via @PsychCentral

#ADHD and Fatigue via @PsychCentral

For someone with hyperactive symptoms, being in an environment that requires patience, self-control and ability to tolerate boredom can be really tiring and energy-sapping. 6 more words


Bottomless Pit

The bottomless pit is a term used exclusively in the book of Revelation. In it, there are seven (7) mentions of this term.

So what is the bottomless pit? 472 more words


Garden of dreams

Why do not they leave me,

in this my world,

Where there are neither cinderellas,

Nor dragons,

but where I am ?

Why do not they let me judge… 76 more words


Opening the Heart

Each loving or kind thought that touches the heart, opens the heart, just as misery and sadness close the heart.  Even when going through more difficult times, feed the heart with loving thoughts, even if these are only the kindness and love you owe to yourself. 12 more words

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ASA physical status classification system

ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) grades all dental students should be familiar with:

ASA I – Healthy patient

Patients are considered to be healthy, non-smoking, with no or minimal alcohol use.  783 more words


Fall 2016 Committee Meeting

I had my Fall 2016 committee meeting on Thursday, Dec. 8. Pretty productive, with some good discussion about what to do going forward with my samples from this summer’s field season. Slides can be found here.

Lab Notebook

White ant -- Japanese Circle

I remember pulling the curtain of my hostel’s window every morning, experiencing the very same thought time after time: I am in Japan, I’m here. After years of dreaming, years of planning to get a chance, I was there, among the entire nation, the traditions, and the culture. 392 more words