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Mohamed Lazouni

Rab Dzair, one of Algeria’s fabricated myths fell a few weeks ago when Bouteflika, or whoever is deciding in his name, dismissed General Toufik. More pictures and even a video footage of the head of the DRS finally emerged and people got to know how the man looked (I am not speaking of the old images). 363 more words


The Algerian Mandole

All lovers of Algerian Chaabi music must know the Algerian mandole for this instrument is a must in any decent Chaabi performance. It is also used in Kabyle Chaabi or traditional music and in Andalusian music as well. 206 more words



This morning, as I checked the Algerian Radio website, I read the sad news of Cherifa’s death at the age of 86. I spoke in… 301 more words


Nidhal Guessoum

You may have noticed that most of the people in the Noteworthy Algerians section are dead. The ratio so far is 25 dead to 6 alive. 374 more words


Azzedine Meddour

I was still a boy when my interest in History started. An Algerian TV program, called “Facts and Facts“, accompanied me during that period and I still have vivid memories of it. 352 more words

Noteworthy Algerians

Mohamed Racim

One of the reasons why I liked Orhan Pamuk‘s famous book My name is Red, which I mentioned here, was the fact its main characters were… 422 more words


Athmane Ariouat

Every time Algeria holds its local elections, a movie comes to my mind and probably to many of my compatriots’. I am speaking of… 228 more words