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#DearMe: A Letter to My Past Self, or Everything Will Be Okay

Dear me,

How you do on academic measures of success is not the ruler by which you should measure your life.

In junior year of college, your sky-high expectations will crash as you will finally realize that you… 355 more words


Lose twenty-five pounds quickly…

It’s never been so easy –

You’ll feel like you can move again…

Never seen on TV –

Exclusive photos now released! 8 more words

Nothing And Everything

Bucket List

Buckets. Lists. Laundry!

So much it’s a quandary

No. Stop. Boundaries!

Nothing And Everything


Contentedness is based on one’s view of the contents.

Nothing And Everything


Trying not to close my eyes when I’m tired…

is like trying not to laugh when I’m funny.

A stronger urge  just takes over.

Nothing And Everything