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Yummy Expectations 

I rarely spend my hard-earned, save it for a rainy day, cold cash on beverages. I don’t drink coffee nor do I frequent the bar scene. 189 more words


Shut eye

I don’t usually sleep on the train but sometimes I force myself to take a nap and shut out the busy day and people around me… 124 more words


Cooking 101

Our married motto for the last ten years has been the common “I cook – you clean”, mainly because I don’t cook anymore and he doesn’t clean. 204 more words


Go, girl

I knew my commute to Boston would find me running along The Charles…


Stations in life

I’m in a good place…and it was a bonus to be there with my sister today.

Nothing And Everything

Disney, Disney, Disney...

So I was just casually watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean and noticed an incredibly unnecessary  scene. When Barbosa and Elizabeth Swan go into the bath house in Singapore, not only do the guards make her undress, which was needed, but they put her in a tiny ass robe as well. 192 more words