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Now and at the end

Everything must be just right. Like Goldilocks would determine but at a meaner, faster pace.

While everything seems cuddly and perfect, there also has to be a submission to my ways. 139 more words



The pain is unbearable as I struggle to sleep my way back into the middle of the night. Writhing, I attempt to find a balance between discomfort and exhaustion. 65 more words

Nothing And Everything


I don’t really wrote anymore (I’ve never really done it), but I’m starting to listen more and more speeches from Alan Watts, so I thought I’ll leave a quote from him. 77 more words

Nothing And Everything

Egyptian Emotion

Alicia Keys  song, This Girl is on Fire, comes to mind every time I have a hot flash. I feel the need to scream the chorus out loud. 198 more words

Nothing And Everything

Washed out

I did my work before I left the house.

I turned on the washers…

house works for me.

Nothing And Everything

Yummy Expectations 

I rarely spend my hard-earned, save it for a rainy day, cold cash on beverages. I don’t drink coffee nor do I frequent the bar scene. 189 more words