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Tick Tock

Intentionally lose part of yourself every day –

give someone your time.

Nothing And Everything

Does the shadow know?

Last night I dreamt in shadows. What does that mean?

I usually dream in beautiful technicolor.

I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

I was in my own bed, with my husband and the pets nearby. 80 more words

Nothing And Everything


And the question was asked, one twin to the other, “I wonder if there is life after birth?”

p. 109, Rediscover Jesus

Nothing And Everything

A change is gonna come

How my brain works and how I hear music in my head.


Hate and pride haiku

Pride travels in groups.

Ferocious and dangerous.

Stay far from the pack.

Nothing And Everything

Prejudice - 6 word challenge

“You went to school with them?”

I went off to college not realizing that I too would be the educator.

Nothing And Everything