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Battery Charger

The current news:

If you have a high tolerance for overcharging,

put some energy into a secondary cell.

Tap it when the darkness falls.

Nothing And Everything

Comfort Zone

Don’t leave your comfort zone so often that you’re never comforted.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the here and now.


Nothing And Everything

Wonder Land

He suddenly falls into a hole of darkness.

Like Alice through the looking glass, he tumbles into confusion.

Everything small is now big.

Nothing makes sense. 58 more words

Nothing And Everything



I’d have it no other way.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year …

from our house to yours!

Nothing And Everything

Now and at the hour

The challenge was “write an essay about your mother”.

I struggled over where to start. How to start.

What should be the focus?

The words wouldn’t come. 32 more words

Nothing And Everything

Fan mail

Your letter arrived.

It turned my world around

and brightened my day.

Nothing And Everything

Wait...it's grace

In the mammography waiting room –

I focused on an inspiring large photo print of the tiniest fluttering hummingbird –

with this quote under her wings: 14 more words

Nothing And Everything