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Contentedness is based on one’s view of the contents.

Nothing And Everything


Trying not to close my eyes when I’m tired…

is like trying not to laugh when I’m funny.

A stronger urge  just takes over.

Nothing And Everything

Bumbling thru Life

There’s a fine line between creativity and insanity…and I’m not afraid of crossing it.

Nothing And Everything

The light

There’s this light
That everyone wants to touch
Touch and all will be fine

We touch it and feel it
We sense it and taste it… 52 more words



A thin portable computer having a touchscreen, literally – because it hits you in the head, as the primary interface (not counting the twenty-four pound pug plopping onto your belly as an interface) and input device (with output of┬ásome profound language) but lacking a keyboard, lid and ability to continue writing in a reclining position.

Nothing And Everything