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Yours or Mine?

Robert Mueller once asked a Burmese why women,

after centuries of following their men,

now walk ahead?

The Burmese man had replied, “there are

many unexploded land mines since the war.”

The Sun, May 2016



Upcoming perfomances in London and USA!

     I am delighted to announce that my song ‘Nothing and Everything’ will be performed in a new SATB arrangement by the European Queer Choir this year.   121 more words


The Raisin Bran Paradox

I don’t usually work out in front of my husband. I just don’t.

It’s not me.

It’s not us.

He’s not my work out buddy. Well, only when it matters…and that’s certainly not work. 220 more words


Battery Charger

The current news:

If you have a high tolerance for overcharging,

put some energy into a secondary cell.

Tap it when the darkness falls.

Nothing And Everything

Comfort Zone

Don’t leave your comfort zone so often that you’re never comforted.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the here and now.


Nothing And Everything