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Here's the story...🎡🎡🎢🎢

I had a “Peter Brady” dinner tonight – – –

– – – you know what I’m taking about…

πŸ΄πŸ·πŸ–πŸŽ 🍯!!!!


Nothing And Everything

My life feels like spaghetti

My life feels like spaghetti..

Tangled, twisted, knotted yet scrumptious looking, delicious and just well… weird really. I feel nothing and everything all at the same time. 312 more words

Hang Ups

I don’t like the word privilege…

it’s almost as bad as denial.

If people are so entitled…

why isn’t there more acceptance?

Nothing And Everything

Lazy Sunday

As much as I’ve enjoyed today, it just doesn’t seem right.

There was something grander I was supposed to accomplish.

It’s time to make a flip – and get time back on my side.

Nothing And Everything

I hear it again and again.

Always starting the same way…

Sniff. Sniff.

At times it’s even sad…

and always needing to be the center of attention. 19 more words

Nothing And Everything

Kicked - Roughing - Down

Mental toughness is like the Patriots…

…trying to take one for the team

but a little deflated inside.

Nothing And Everything