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Go, girl

I knew my commute to Boston would find me running along The Charles…


Stations in life

I’m in a good place…and it’s a bonus to be there with my sister today.

Nothing And Everything

Disney, Disney, Disney...

So I was just casually watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean and noticed an incredibly unnecessary  scene. When Barbosa and Elizabeth Swan go into the bath house in Singapore, not only do the guards make her undress, which was needed, but they put her in a tiny ass robe as well. 192 more words

this isn't meant to be rude, but...

So my mom brought up a very good point about the mentality of Trump supporters when it comes to Hillary Clinton. Since they are so outraged by the idea of this woman running the United States they have expressed interest in moving to Canada instead. 120 more words

Life In General

Yeah... Sorry...

So sorry about the lack of posts. I’ve been on vacation doing absolutely nothing but sitting around the house and catching Pokemon with my boyfriend. But now I’m back. Vacay done and well spent.

Life In General

Dog On It

I’m asked how I know my dog is deaf?

1) He’s a 12-year old pug.

2) He sits in the living room window to wait for me to come home. 223 more words

Nothing And Everything