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Do You Hear What I Hear?

The only thing getting in the way of my message…

is my voice.

Nothing And Everything

Polar Opposites

My Glinda cabbie at North Station was one of the good guys.

He was transporting all we munchkins in the city.

He did it with humor and grace and good advice. 28 more words


For the love of...

Live in the moment.

Let pets have the right of way.

Cuddles are precious.



He’d moved far away

but was needed in her life.

She wrote a letter.

Nothing And Everything


My niece and I have a blast watching Project Runway together. We are emotionally invested in the show. We often get so upset with the designers, we shout at the TV. 78 more words


Who nose?

My husband asked me to go to a store for him tomorrow. Knowing I’ve never been there, he gave me some guidance for my visit: 59 more words


The Invisible Woman

Evidently, my girlfriend really meant it when she said –

she didn’t want to be seen with me in public!