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the more things

though life’s lived wrongsideout,sameness chokes oneness
– E.E. Cummings, love’s function is to fabricate unknownness 

that we pile upon our piles
and while away with worry… 55 more words

Poetic Asides

What Do We Do?

It’s just another day in the world of news, except for the funeral of Mohammed Ali that somehow got pushed to the bottom of the page. 487 more words


Don't Know Where I Am

Don’t know where I am
Nor where I’m going to be
Can’t see down the road
Or far off cross the sea.

For I am. 40 more words


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Evidence is Proof

So we have all realized that I am meant for a life of misery, pain, suffering, and incompetence. Lets talk about the evidence. People can say that they are all the things I have said, and not really tell the whole story. 958 more words



This is my first post, and honestly, I do not know what I am saying or doing. I recently was told that I have an legitimate depression problem. 796 more words