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I was alone

Sitting on a stone

Looking at the sky

I let out a loud sigh

At least before I die

I would like to lie… 18 more words


Nothing lasts forever.

I have pernicious anemia and I have been bad about taking my B12 vitamin which I have to inject into my thigh. I don’t have any problems doing that and don’t ask me why I didn’t carry on with my injections, but I stopped doing them at least a year ago. 1,087 more words


the past is back

I tried my best to choose what is right
And set aside my feelings as hard as I might
All along I believed it to be fine… 70 more words


Nothing Lasts Forever Review

Nothing Lasts Forever Review

Written By Roderick Thorp

Year Published: 1979

Genre: Action/Drama

Page Number: 188

Wrong Spoilers Right Time

Since you’re all likely into the post-holiday blues by now, let’s try and continue that theme with the novel that inspired the  beloved holiday classic, “Die Hard.” Yes, you heard right, the book “Nothing Last Forever” was eventually adapted into “Die Hard”.   1,564 more words


We created our own world

It will be you and me till we grow old

We are opposites yet still the same

And so we engraved in a stone our name… 103 more words


Nothing Lasts Forever

Life is short. Too short, for some. In the long and winding passage of time, our lives are merely fractions of everything that has been, everything that is, and everything that is yet to come. 304 more words


Die Hard vs Nothing Lasts Forever

When I started this series I set out to try and find films that most people wouldn’t have realized were based on novels. It would be easy to grab books that are famously based on literature and then see how they stack up against each other, but I like to think I typically pick movies that you never would have guessed were based on books. 2,620 more words

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