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Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever.

This may be a regular topic that I cover, because it’s this phrase more than any other that sees me through the more difficult, crazy, chaotic, stressful, demoralizing moments of parenthood. 636 more words

Orange Boy

Perfection In Limited Time

It’s all I know to do,
to fall all over you,
drench you in everything that I know,
everything that I am,
and soak you to the core… 19 more words



He came into her life, mewling like a bin-scrounged kitten seeking shelter from the rain, all the world and its cruelty. She fell to her knees, opened her arms, and he came to her with melting eyes and frozen tabby fur. 524 more words


It’s not that I don’t have feelings for you. I just don’t want the commitment now. This could be forever. That’s scary to be honest. 12 more words

Nothing Lasts Forever

War within the heart

I hate this situation that we have. I’ve explained all of this before…but I can’t get away from you. Not saying that I want to (because I don’t), I just can’t get away.

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Our generation:

Our generation:
Girls: Only thing in their mind is boys who play with them like toys and recycle them when they make too much noise. They pass them to their friends until the now known “hoe” finds a real man, who takes care of her and shows her unfamiliar emotions.But because of all the playing the girl doesn’t trust what the man is saying. 267 more words

Nothing Lasts Forever

Out on my lonesome

I hate feeling left out of something. Don’t you, or is it just me? It seems like everywhere I go, people are different from me. Every one is different I know I know, but it is baffeling that those people who are different from me have people who are like them. 334 more words

Nothing Lasts Forever