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Nothing Lasts Forever

I had come to believe that I couldn’t do anything right. My sister once told me that whenever I want to make a decision I should think carefully about what I want to do and then do the exact opposite. 521 more words


Nothing Last Forever

Dear Diary,

Forever is a long time. Actually forever is on going, something that never stops. The only problem is things do stop. Nothing lasts forever.  240 more words

Nothing Lasts Forever - Chapter 2

Semester finals just ended at my school, so I finally found the time to update! Here’s a new chapter for everyone :D It’s from Taeyeon’s point of view this time. 2,227 more words

Nothing Lasts Forever

Burning bridges

Building towers

Letting the flames lick my feet

And not thinking for a moment that I’ll suffer.
Not thinking of you,

Yet thinking of you. 80 more words


Nothing Lasts Forever - Chapter 1

author’s note: I’ve had this idea for a while now, and I played around with it in my head a lot, but never got to put it down on paper. 2,114 more words

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever - Prologue

Hello everyone!! I will be posting my first fic on this blog. I hope you guys will enjoy this fic. I watch a lot of historical Chinese palace dramas, and they kind of inspired me to write this. 260 more words

Nothing Lasts Forever


A pain on my fingers
Fatigue of the thoughts
I fumble with words
Chasing the changing flares
The flipping images
Flapping like a restless bird… 275 more words