Listen// The dark side of electropop

Delacey’s new single is brilliant electropop darkness. 166 more words


TGIF - the end

It’s been a great week.. thank God it’s Friday!

I know for sure that you are one with the rest of us who are happy it’s Friday. 309 more words


Nothing Lasts Forever (And That's Perfectly Okay)

I have been thinking about a lot lately. But most times, my mind could only think of one thing in particular: separation.

To say that the world is designed under one grand cosmic plan is an understatement. 978 more words

Nothing Lasts Forever!

Hi everyone, Kathryn here and I have more or less spent the day wondering how on Earth September is just two days away. And it made me realise that this year has gone really quickly (much too quickly for my liking). 122 more words


Nothing Lasts Forever

I live in Arizona and we’re having a heat wave. Imagine that – a heat wave in Arizona! It was 108 degrees in Sedona today. Phoenix, two hours away and in “the valley,” has been hovering between 118 and 122 degrees. 679 more words

Nothing Lasts Forever by Sidney Sheldon- Book Review

Hello everyone!

So here I am back with a book review that I read about a week ago but I haven’t been able to review it due to my current depressing state. 583 more words


ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - Epic Masterstroke 'NOTHING LASTS FOREVER' Released 20 Years Ago...

When timeless in sound and vision…

‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ by ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN

After the band split in 1988 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN reformed in 1997 with original members… 312 more words