Nothing Lasts Forever 11x9: I always wondered how this was gonna end.

First of all, pancreas lickin’ surgeons like what in the whole wide world?????

That one moment was harder to watch than all of “Sanguinarium… 2,556 more words

11x09: Nothing Lasts Forever

“I’m sorry, but we’re looking for Barbara Beaumont.” – Dana Scully
“You really don’t recognize me? I’m Barbara. I’m Barbara Beaumont.” — Barbara Beaumont
“We’re looking for an 85-year-old woman.” — Dana Scully…
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The X-files

I’m scared

Since I was a teenager when someone asked me what is the thing that scares me the most in this world my answer was “people”. I still haven’t realised where the problem stems from. 434 more words


How to Keep Going When You Have Nothing Left

Have you ever been surrounded by people who are complete and total “go-getters”? You know, the type who are always on the go and getting things done and setting goals and achieving all of these awesome things in life? 871 more words


TGIF - the end

It’s been a great week.. thank God it’s Friday!

I know for sure that you are one with the rest of us who are happy it’s Friday. 309 more words


Nothing Lasts Forever (And That's Perfectly Okay)

I have been thinking about a lot lately. But most times, my mind could only think of one thing in particular: separation.

To say that the world is designed under one grand cosmic plan is an understatement. 978 more words