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Phrases in Honor of InSignificance and My Third Eye

(k)Not left shoe or right arm but a finger sent on approval /
Control Your Artifices Transmog Martian Girl /
Old hat, still fluxing Spinga rabbits / 111 more words


happiness comes in the form of

a homecooked meal

and your mom sitting at the sofa, greeting you with a huge smile when you’re back home from work

Nothing Much

don't waste your time on jodi

i am honestly confused if i just read my fifteenth book for the year or not.

about 2 months ago i cleared my room and decided to get rid of my smattering jodi picoult and twilight collection that reminded me of my poor adolescent taste. 374 more words

Nothing Much

rennnnnn..... rennnnnnnn..... rennnnnnnnnnnn....

Dual qua-lia anna estalia quasio rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Deo knee-lia anna estalia quatro rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Finley tu-lia anna estalia qwen roh rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn…. 223 more words


what are your hobbies char?

my friend syl asked me.

“reading and drawing”

“wow yes it’s as anti-social as it sounds”

have been making reading a habit, particularly when i’m commuting. 86 more words

Nothing Much

somewhat of an eventful day

i took 1 normal grab and 2 grab share rides today and they were interesting. i shouldn’t be writing about how i met with 3 very different personalities since that should be a given but it felt quintessentially so. 485 more words

Nothing Much