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Spring is on its way

This is my favourite time of year, when Spring is starting to let us know that it will soon be here. This morning, going out of the house at 7.15 am, it was still dark but the sun was starting to rise and day was trying to break. 106 more words


Getting used to new working environment

Today is a GREAT day, of doing pretty much nothing. Senior took unpaid leave and I was left to her desk to explore the things I can explore……..the many full stops pretty much sums the bordom! 149 more words


january 25

Sometimes I google the names of my friends from my past.  A couple I have found and connected with on facebook.  A couple I think I may have found, but can’t be sure. 47 more words

Long Way to Church

Stratus Status Amid Melting Winter Gray

Long way to church….Reservoir stretch marks…life seethes…unknown abyss….owns this prayer, like a first caught fish, Childhood, motherhood…frozen fish… men bend… drill… laparoscoptic ice holes…friends… tipping Bud Light…rocking camp chairs…in salamander warming tents …like proud expecting fathers….dream catching…. 102 more words