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Book Review: Nothing On Earth (Conor O'Callaghan, 2016)

“Everything was caked in orange dust off the building site: the windows, the furniture, the bottles and tins, their packaging, even the dirty dishes in the sink, the loungers out the back, the envelopes in the hall… I could taste the dust coating the inside of my mouth, like paprika left out for years and gone stale, flavourless.”

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Nothing on Earth - Conor O'Callaghan

Since the rapacious early years of this century, certain strains of the Irish landscape – namely, those weird, amorphous zones between town and country, between national road and rubbish-strewn field – have been haunted by the spectacle of what our government departments still call “Unfinished Housing Developments” and what everyone else calls ghost estates. 1,444 more words


The ghost of the good priest

Must all clergy automatically be distrusted because of the Catholic church’s abominable record of sexual and physical abuse?  What about the good priest? Don’t honorable nuns exist? 728 more words

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