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Erik Friedlander ~ Nothing On Earth Soundtrack

How best to score a film about a photographer in Greenland?  The potential pitfalls are numerous.  One needs to translate the wide open spaces and sparse topography without seeming dull or chilly; and to portray the dazzling allure of the Aurora Borealis without seeming treacly.   295 more words

Richard Allen

Sexual Objects and Casual Sex

OK, if you happen to be a perv who’s stumbled on here hoping for either a little titillation or even something downright naughty, sorry but this post is actually all about two of the very best singles to come out of Scotland this year so you know where YouPorn is.* 275 more words


Casual Sex - Nothing On Earth

Music video for ‘Nothing On Earth’ by Scottish band Casual Sex.

Directed by Joseph Andrew Mclean
Cinematography by Martin Heron

Joseph Andrew Mclean

A Devoted Desire

What is the most pressing desire that you are experiencing right now? That I can assure you is the most important aspect of your life unmet. 152 more words



PROG: 78 – Nothing On Earth!

Script: Chris Lowder

Art: Pierre Frisano

Letters: Jack Potter

Plot: At the American Space Research Centre, Houston, Professor Weems and his team identify a UFO heading for earth. 512 more words


Reverse That Aging Process: It's the American Thing to Do

An online coupon promising everything showed up in my email box recently. Coupons.com “daily deal” on August 6, 2011 offered “America’s #1 Anti-Aging Supplement.”  For $25 I would receive a three-month supply  of  life-giving elixir (a $75 value). 377 more words

Looking Old