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A Writer's Aesthetic

“The writer has little control over personal temperament, none over historical moment, and is only partly in charge of his or her own aesthetic.” 

― Julian Barnes, Nothing to Be Frightened Of

Hooked On Quotes

Already Read, Sep 2013

The atheist writer Julian Barnes, in the twilight of his life, documents how he came to terms with Death and ended up talking about life – not his own, but the lives of people he loves and people he admires. 774 more words


The Great Tragedy Is Not that Men Perish

“In my early twenties, I kept a box of green index cards, onto which I copied epigrams, witticisms, scraps of dialogue, and pieces of wisdom worth preserving. 440 more words


It All Adds Up to Happiness... Doesn't It?

“Bumper stickers and fridge magnets remind us that Life Is Not a Rehearsal. We encourage one another toward the secular modern heaven of self-fulfillment: the development of the personality, the relationships which help define us, the status-giving job, the material goods, the ownership of property, the foreign holidays, the acquisition of savings, the accumulation of sexual exploits, the visits to the gym, the consumption of culture. 395 more words


After She Was Gone

“My grandfather said that remorse was the worst emotion life could contain. My mother did not understand the remark, and I do not know what events to attach it to… 607 more words


Nothing to be frightened of (in Gautier, Mississippi)

The Blue House in Austin has a front porch, a back deck, and -upstairs off the single bedroom- a terrace. Asked what he was reading, my friend Mister Chu paused, and said “Barnes. 464 more words

The American Alphabet

Identity Is Memory

“Memory is identity, I have believed this since — oh, since I can remember. You are what you have done; what you have done is in your memory; what you remember defines who you are; when you forget your life you cease to be, even before your death. 433 more words