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Just One of Those Mornings

Today was just one of those mornings. You know the ones, where nothing fits and nothing is going right; you’ve stubbed your toe three times on an open drawer that you swore you’re after closing three times already. 254 more words

Bad Day

I don't have anything to wear! #firstworldproblems

Hello again lovelies,

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that constantly looks in their wardrobe and says/thinks “I don’t have anything to wear!” I’ve always loved clothes, getting new stuff, trying things on, everything. 292 more words


Help, I have nothing to wear!

A while ago I looked into my closet and I had a little meltdown (…had the same kind of meltdown when I went on the scales after a few weeks of careless eating). 366 more words


I Haven't A Thing To Wear But It Doesn't Matter

As many of you who follow this blog and read my training schedule will know, today is a rest day from the gym and I shall only be taking the dog for a walk a little later in the day as I shall spend a good deal of it saying farewell to an old family friend who died the week before last, as today is her funeral. 1,066 more words



… Where do we go from here?

We have nothing new to wear!

Since we undresses our mind,

Our feeling to us just bind.

Out of cloud’s hurt, 65 more words

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不管有沒有化妝的習慣,我們都由青春期或之前便開始買唇膏,有色或無色、潤唇膏、唇彩… 這是女人的本能。比較愛美貪靚的話更不用多說,幾十支口紅只是小事一樁。


結果縱使天天shopping,穿來穿去還是那幾件,又或者其實不是來來去去那幾件,只是我們買來買去都是買差不多的款式和Style罷了!XD 我便是這種人的其中一份子,例如覺得某牌子的背心剪裁稱心合身的話,每個顏色一件之餘,某些經常穿著的顏色有時候還會多買一件作儲備,如果我們是同類,妳一定懂的。:)

唇膏也是一樣,覺得好用的話,總是越買越多顏色。今次和大家分享的,便是我越買越多兼難以取代的唇膏產品,當然我不會放棄繼續購買其他的口紅,但一年下來我發現以下系列的唇膏已經成為我的Must-Have items!

首先要介紹是在香港還未有開店的Too Faced – Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

這是我已經敗到手的顏色,Original Meltd系列現時有18色,最近推出了 60 more words

B For Beauty