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Daily fashion fix

This is a great relaxed look that can be easily recreated. Below I will give information on how you can buy the designer items used in the picture. 58 more words


Autumn Wardrobe Essentials: "I've got NOTHING to wear!!'

It’s the same every morning, when we open our wardrobes “I’ve got NOTHING to wear!”, but what we are really saying is “there is NOTHING I want to wear in my wardrobe!”.   94 more words

Fab Fashion Finds

The Daily Read: True Life: I Have a Closet Full of Clothes, But I Have Nothing To Wear!

Like many of you, the morning routine looks a little like this:

Wake up, shower, make-up, decide outfit, sprint out the door because the last portion of your routine took 45 minutes and now you’re late, and your room looks like the epicenter of a tornado. 613 more words

The Daily Read

Am I Even Lifting Today, Bro?

Woke up and decided to stay in bed because today is “late start Wednesday”, but that doesnt apply to 4yo, so I had to get up eventually. 94 more words

Spring = New Clothes?

Chance’d be a fine thing. Having roamed round my local clothing emporiums I can find nothing, NOTHING that I’d like to wear this Spring. It’s all pastels and florals, leggings and skinny jeans all of which I hate. 54 more words


Where do we go from here?

We have nothing to wear!

Since we undressed our mind,

Yet our feeling still bind!

Out of cloud’s hurt- 68 more words