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The one with the shrinking wardrobe

The thing with shrinking by a stone or two is that your wardrobe inevitably shrinks with it. There was an awful in between bit where I was losing the weight slowly but surely and nothing fitted me properly but there was no point in buying anything new until I had lost more weight. 421 more words


10 things my wardrobe told me..

Moving house a couple of months ago brought home to me one simple truth: I have waaay too much stuff. Too many gadgets/glasses/knick knacks in my kitchen, too many books and DVDs in my living room, and definitely way too many clothes in my wardrobe. 1,216 more words

Family Life

What Is a "Capsule" Wardrobe?

In my previous post New Capsule Wardrobe ,I talked about taking the first steps to starting my first capsule wardrobe. I then realized that if I didn’t know what a capsule wardrobe was until recently, then there are surely many more people who don’t know as well. 211 more words


New Capsule Wardrobe

Getting dressed for any occasion is exhausting at this point in my life.I have tons of clothes in my closet but I always feel like I have nothing to wear. 381 more words


The importance of being well-dressed

“I have nothing to wear!” – I think every woman in the history of the world has said this at least once in her life. From Eve, who had literally nothing to wear, to the modern woman, who has a closet full of clothes but “nothing to wear”. 727 more words


my wardrobe consult

“Ugh! I need a wardrobe consultant!” I whined to my husband.

Recently, I made the switch in my closet from warm weather wear to fall and winter clothing. 838 more words

The Time is Now!

You know how it is….you go on and on about the same thing day after day. Some days you try this and some days you try that, but you never fully commit….and yet you go on and on.  306 more words