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Problems All Girls Face!

Being a girl is tough, we have so many things we want but we just cant’t get. Clear skin, sticking to a healthy diet, nice eyebrows, curled eyelashes, but instead we’re stuck with, uncontrollable hair, cravings 24/7 and one eyebrow thicker then the other. 307 more words


I have Nothing to wear !

Hello Everyone,

After spending hours together going pillar to post for shopping and bringing huge shopping bags full of clothes & accessories within a few days I start feeling like I have nothing to wear ! 424 more words


Personal Shopper vs. Style Boxes

In this day in age when you can get a box of clothing and accessories delivered to your door, why would you choose a personal shopper? 541 more words

Personal Shopper

The Minimalist Wardrobe Cleanse

So you have way too many clothes but nothing to wear. Classic! You keep investing in impulse purchases, but your wardrobe is still ever more unsatisfying. 1,564 more words

Nothing to Wear

Take out all of your clothes from the closet.

Even the hangers.

Over 3 years Id moved so much and my wardrobe got skinnier and skinnier. 260 more words


Courtney's Doing The Capsule Wardrobe

The Capsule Wardrobe, 37 items you can mix and match to your little hearts desire. The premise is to have a limited selection of versatile pieces rather than a ton of clothes cluttering your closet. 486 more words