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Style Guide: The 'Nothing To Wear' Days

Hey Ladies!

Today I want to talk about a problem I run into quite a bit, the days where nothing feels good on. This is one of my biggest fashion struggles. 794 more words

The struggles of a fashion conscious person

Creative people may have a lot of talents than you, but that doubles our struggle with simple things thing don’t bother you at all. We have so much problems and struggles dealing with our artistic taste so we will focus on only one of them. 451 more words


Got Loads of Clothes but No Outfits?

“I have nothing to wear!” Yes, we’ve all stood in front of the wardrobe, huffing and puffing, surrounded by a pile of clothes on the floor, close to tears because from our three bulging wardrobes full of clothes, we can’t find a damn thing to put on. 1,542 more words

Style Tips

5 Ways to Overcome the Feeling of "I Have Nothing to Wear!"

Do you frequently panic because you have nothing to wear? If this happens more often than not, chances are you probably do have clothes to wear, but there are several reasons why you feel like you do not. 339 more words

Daily Mice: #21

I made a bunch of mice notes while I was traveling, so I am going to publish them in the next few days. The first one continues the story of a last minute packer (who I’ve talked about… 8 more words

Hedonistic Mice

How does Style Lend work?

It’s in our human nature to want what’s not ours. Remember college? Living with 5 of your friends – and access to their closets? All throughout undergrad my friends and I would effectively shop each other’s wardrobes before weekends, and the effect was a bit like living in Cher’s closet, just without that cool computer feature. 400 more words


Black is Our Power Color

This morning I woke up and did not want to get out of bed. I tried to think of numerous excuses not to get to work, but remembered I needed to submit my hours to get paid for the week today, so I knew I had to get my ass up. 533 more words