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Battle of the Closet

This post is about my all too often Battle of the Closet. It’s so full it couldn’t stand to hold another hanger, yet I see nothing in it. 502 more words

Nothing To Wear

I know we all have said this before while getting ready on many occasions. What makes this statement worse is, we typically are standing in front of a closet full or even overflowing with clothes. 176 more words


The one with the shrinking wardrobe

The thing with shrinking by a stone or two is that your wardrobe inevitably shrinks with it. There was an awful in between bit where I was losing the weight slowly but surely and nothing fitted me properly but there was no point in buying anything new until I had lost more weight. 421 more words


10 things my wardrobe told me..

Moving house a couple of months ago brought home to me one simple truth: I have waaay too much stuff. Too many gadgets/glasses/knick knacks in my kitchen, too many books and DVDs in my living room, and definitely way too many clothes in my wardrobe. 1,216 more words

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What Is a "Capsule" Wardrobe?

In my previous post New Capsule Wardrobe ,I talked about taking the first steps to starting my first capsule wardrobe. I then realized that if I didn’t know what a capsule wardrobe was until recently, then there are surely many more people who don’t know as well. 211 more words