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Nothing Is But A Contradiction

some say ashes is where we came from.

the dust of the mysterious.

some believe we were once nothing.

but nothing is absolutely nothing,

the definition itself means… 468 more words

Shame, shame.

Understanding shame, that’s how we’ll learn.

Last night was a re-run of my early 20’s, as are nearly all trips back to my hometown, most often times occurring around the holidays. 527 more words



Everything is not
All is
There is a ringing
In the air though
The bell was struck long ago


A cold
Without harshness… 68 more words


3 Reasons you aren't doing anything

There are literally an infinite amount of things that can keep us from achieving our goals. An infinite amount of outside sources constantly pushing us toward, not only failure but inactivity. 819 more words

No More

I have no words left to say

I’ve lost and used it all

I told you all I could and needed

Still, it’s no use… 24 more words


3 simple quotes that might change your day

I have spent an unhealthy amount of time reading quotes. Most of these quotes were from people I hadn’t even heard of before I read the quote. 927 more words