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Divided Race To Nowhere

Dust settles;
We cannot.

In this divided race to
We fight



I reach for my phone.  It’s 02:30. It’s a text message from him. “Ahoj  bestie I got so drunk last night that I think my phone died and idk where is it…….. 474 more words

Do You Know?

Do you know? A whisper slipped into my ear, jolted me alive, perceiving a multitude of colours brought to me in a reverie. I pinched myself at the thigh, realising that my bed was gone, I was sitting on my bare bottom. 204 more words



I am a wholly non-religious man. I do not believe in God, or Allah, or any other gods, or all-mighty, all-powerful beings. It just doesn’t make sense to me. 778 more words

Weekend Randoms

You happy yet?

Today i woke up feeling a pressure on my chest. The pressure of depression. All i want to do is lay in bed and melt away with the earth. 568 more words

Book Journal #2- Going Under Major Surgery

Well, I suppose that this is “Book Journal No.2″…

Right now, my book Nothing is going under some major surgery as I removed a lot of the  182 more words