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...The words turn about the axis (XVII) The Borderline...

Play for powers– lasts for hours
Wetter, pet, in April showers.

Lapping up irrelevance
Map left, right? Make sense.

Forecast claim– it follows. And tracks… 135 more words

One man and his dog

Part five of Nothing

An older, grumpier, sadder Rupert, showing all the signs of disillusionment with the world of vanities.
Portrait by Lely, 1660 -70, oil on canvas. 508 more words



(Bb – Eb/Bb – Cm – Cm7 – Bb )

Wake up, warmth holding me tight

I feel nothing, I am nothing now

Weary day that lies ahead of me… 154 more words


Nothing No. 17

He has left nothing to say about nothing or any thing.

John Keats (1795-1821) to John Hamilton Reynolds (1794-1852) on William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Letter dated 22 November 1817


Here we go!

Admiral’s log : 260415.

The ship has sailed.

Maiden blog-yage of the lifetime began 5 minutes ago, i missed my breakfast,… shit!


Nothing - Guilty of Everything

Aggravated assault and attempted murder are crimes more often associated with black metal than shoegaze,1 yet here we are with Nothing, a band whose creative force, Nicky Palermo, was jailed for two years after committing such crimes. 304 more words