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Quito Alternativo: un paseo en bicicleta por las barbas de la contra-cultura

Todo empieza con el café de Juan Pablo Jervis. Un hombre, una idea, una disciplinada ejecución. Frente a una taza de arte cafeinado como la del barista y gastrónomo Jervis, es difícil acordarse de un tiempo cuando Quito se deleitaba con brebajes de máquinas de Nescafé, aunque fue hace poco tiempo. 1,519 more words


What do you do on your "Do nothing days"?

I had one of these days today. With it being bank holiday weekend and all, I’ve pretty much had a do nothing day the past two days in a row. 505 more words



I can’t think straight anymore. I feel like everything in my head is a bunch of tangle thread. I don’t know how I should feel, act or say. 71 more words


company asked nothing

what it seems

and who it was the other

and closed of the door

and who it was the wires

and for the fool

and how it was the tool… 42 more words


28 August 2016

“The fear of death is only the consciousness of unresolved contradictions of life” -Leo Tolstoy



I did nothing today
so this is a poem
about that

It is very short

nothing as you said

kept on the floor

and what it store

and keeping

and for the dreaming

and said on the motion

and made on the whistle

and thus on the point… 44 more words