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An Untellable Attainment

An Untellable Achievement
Jesus bragged. Jesus felt grief to the point of death. Jesus wept. Jesus whipped money changers.
Jesus, before being caught and crucified, was talking to another persona. 160 more words

Ballantines x Boiler Room

Ballantine’s and Boiler Room hosted the True Music Forum, an evening of talks, learning and idea exchanges held at the Victoria Yards in Johannesburg. It was the third True Music Forum and the first to happen in Africa. 345 more words


Looking in the Mirror

When I look in the mirror in the morning, I see a person who’s just getting by, who wants to keep what little comfort she has since any rock she’s standing on will be shattered and she will fall a long, flailing fall with nothing to hold on to but herself. 629 more words



Lately Ive been on a hiatus, no not from my blog considering that I post here about every three months or so, if that. Id like to think of my self as quite an efficient person, never wanting to waste time on trivial things, but this whole month of June has just been a complete Hiatus as they call it. 379 more words

Writer's Block - Poem of the Week

Writer’s block

Radio static

Thought unlocked

Something dramatic!

Repeat and mock


Tick tick tock

Head all sporadic

Knock knock knock

“That’s it, I’ve had it!” 8 more words


He Creates from Nothing

God creates out of non-existent material world, which emphasizes the absolute dependence of all creation upon him. The material is believed to come from the spiritual world in which God lives. 484 more words


Nothing Happened.

I am the type of person, who can sit in the bathroom and cry, but walks out like nothing happened.

A Trigger For Your Thoughts