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Happiness is seldom bought

Fat or thin,
Poor or rich,
Dark or fair,
Tall or short,
Well-dressed or not,
If u think happiness is bought,
Then surely you’re facing life’s rot..
Without a second thought!!!



all the sweet new designer accolades

how many people could you confidently

confide in, a serious question under hard

light, pose it / i fixed everything… 102 more words

To Free and Be Forever

I may be less transfixed by physicality
And ever less restless on matters of nature
I have nothing that needs proving
Nor desire to find such presence… 49 more words



I sit and look deep in your eyes
And I can’t see your soul
Instead I see a darkness
A deep and empty hole… 131 more words


Hello March

Isang pag-uusap habang naglalakad, naka-ipit ang isang garapon ng stik-o sa kaliwang braso ko at naka-patong naman ang kanang braso ko sa kaliwang balikat niya. 80 more words


An instapost


Indlæg har der ikke været mange af denne uge, til gengæld har den været begivenhedsrig. Jeg har passet min niece, pigen med øjenvipper så lange som på en giraf. 136 more words


Nothing No. 9

The nothingness of art is not nothingness.

from Art-as-Art Dogma, Part III (1966) by Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967)