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Once, I

A proverbial mushroom

in the closet

fed you know what

eat me and get high for a while

vomit me back into the toilet

I will eventually make my way back… 190 more words


Carrie's Thought for Today... I have nothing

If I sing with a voice as beautiful as an angel’s

But do not share the love of Christ

I have nothing

If I have a beauty that brings compliments and praise… 196 more words


Belief System / Daily Hints / Daily Challenges

There are events that are everyday occurrences, some we consider negative or an aggravation to you, which eliminates you ever getting to a peaceful life.  We have experienced everything that we are going to describe and we will continue to only describe our experiences.  1,169 more words



We came through winter. Intact, all in all. New understanding of just how much water a basement can hold, and the buoyancy of Rubbermaid crates. Now the heat is off. 55 more words


Celebrating Ambika’s 56 years at National Zoo

Original source from here: https://insider.si.edu/2017/08/celebrating-ambikas-56-years-national-zoo/

Are elephant sanctuary experiences something to add to your travel plans?

On World Elephant Day–Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017–the Smithsonian’s National Zoo celebrated Ambika the elephant’s 70th birthday. 41 more words


Elephant poaching crisis in Myanmar

Original source from here: https://insider.si.edu/2018/03/elephant-poaching-crisis-myanmar/

Are elephant day-trips worth adding to your bucket list?

Scientists at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) have found that poaching is an emerging crisis for Asian elephants in Myanmar. 111 more words



What matters to you?
If your answer is nothing
What can you expect?