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Nothing is Perfect

The only truly perfect thing is nothing. There are no problems, no mistakes and nothing that can be improved.

That’s why a feeling of needing to be perfect is always going to be limiting. 230 more words


Remembering my Spirit...(My First post back in 2009)

I first met my Spirit in Highland Indiana in May of 1991. It was for me, an awakening when I first saw it. It was right in front of me glowing so bright, I could see nothing else. 425 more words



My sister visited me last night and, what started as a good visit, wound up making me feel like garbage.

As they usually do.

We were talking about my mom feeling down with everything going on, and I had said, “We all know mom wasn’t perfect. 345 more words

Perpetual Room

People are always passing through the perpetual room, looking different, being the same. You don’t know what you’re missing, you’re not much troubled by anything. It’s always noon in the perpetual room, without shadows you cannot tell demon from friend, but there’s no time for caution. 190 more words


Nothing _____. Apologies, but no _______ was _____ for the _______. Perhaps _________ will _________ a related _______.

How well could you read someone’s personality, or obtain a glimpse in to their current situation, by having them fill in the blanks?


The pleasure of doing nothing!

I got this idea from a movie, ‘Eat pray love’.

Well! For few people, its difficult to do nothing. Restlessness lingers.

The thought that clock is ticking. 79 more words