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Holiday denial

Just one more week before I fly back home for the holidays. I think this will be my first Christmas home in four years. Previously I had spent those in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. 175 more words


Tentang Sebuah Punggung

Di pagi buta, saya mengira, bahwa punggung itu menunggu saya untuk berdiri di belakangnya.

Kami berjumpa di depan pintu dengan mata berat. Saya sungguh adalah orang yang tak bi(a)sa dikurangi jam tidurnya. 209 more words

Tim goes strolling

As the sun is setting, children and their parents get dressed and head home, while a few beach fires are lit here and there. Soon, long haired people will be showing each other the stars, and someone will play a guitar. 294 more words



Hello out there i know yall are spreading crap how to protest the election results.
Exactly where is this protest going to be ? Why of course yall ant going to tell . 39 more words


Page 715

Page 715 in my bible only has three words on it. It is blank on the back.

All it says is “The New Testament”. Here are some pics. 373 more words


I Am But A Mote (Poem)

I am but a mote;
a jot of dust
left afloat
a shard of light.

they pass over me.
never seen.

I am the atom, 22 more words