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everythiing ez fear in love nd war


Abstract | on the fringe of nothing

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on the fringe of nothing

By apglucky13

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First Amazing Article

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Author: Mr. Student

Synopsis: This is an amazing article detailing absolutely nothing about anything. It is an in-depth look at nothing in particular, in fact, a work so vacant of any meaning that it is literally analogous to a blank page. 21 more words



This is where I learned that nothing wasn’t simply the absence of everything. Nothingness existed then and there, if only for a second or two. It wasn’t something I had pictured as a child every time I would close my eyes and observe dark shades resting beneath my eyelids. 440 more words


nothing and it ease

what it took of the


and  how it stands

and it made the rush of the parts

nothing has given its own

thought of the pause… 45 more words


nothing we do

don’t change the way you ride

and keep the sight of the game

and whose the one

who is refusing of the settle

and how it keeps on the time… 46 more words


Bagaimana mungkin aku berpaling darimu jika melepaskanmu dari mimpiku saja begitu sulit.
Bagaimana mungkin aku tidak memikirkanmu, jika melihatmu adalah rinduku ketika membuka mata di pagi hari. 81 more words