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Day 29: Turn off notifications

Having a cellphone means you are always and everywhere reachable for other people. No matter what time or place they can send you a text, ring you, tweet you, Facebook message you or what other social media messaging is hooked up with your phone. 144 more words


A chance for the better - it all begins with a single message.

So yeah, a change for the better is what I am about to try to pull off now.
Lately I’ve tried to deal with anxiety attacks as good as I’ve been able to do but that would only result in temporary solutions and come back to me in a combined way. 386 more words


Show Member Avatar in buddyPress notification loop

To show member avatar in buddypress notification-loop (You can find it in members / single / notifications / notifications-loop.php )

Below snippet will return user id of that activity ( BuddyPress stored it as  secondary_item) : 32 more words


Outdoor Sport Channel® now also available in Sweden, via MagineTV, in the Sports & Action pack SEK39,00 and as a la carte SEK19.00. Click below to subscribe and enjoy Outdoor Sport Channel®

Outdoor Sport Channel

I Discovered I Can Review TV Shows

Those of you who have checked out this blog’s sidebar recently, might have seen a widget about another blog I have recently created with a couple of my friends. 418 more words


Having to do the unimaginable

What I am writing here deals directly with my knowledge of the Marine Corps, I am not sure if it is the same across all branches of service. 1,031 more words

[Trouble Shooting] – K2 ส่ง Notification Email ไม่ได้ #ภาคสอง

จากบทความที่แล้วเรื่อง  – K2 ส่ง Notification Email ไม่ได้ วันนี้มาต่อภาคสอง ลงลึกกันอีกนิดนึง สำหรับการส่งแจ้งเตือน (notification) แล้ว Email ไม่ออกนะครับ(ใครยังไม่ได้อ่านตอนแรก ย้อนไปอ่านก่อนนะ)

  1. ตรวจสอบใน K2 Workspace -> Management Console -> Environment Library > … > > Environment Fields …
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