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In so many ways, I’ve become my perpetrators. I’ve adopted their rot and allowed it to sit over me, suffocating me.

I imagined my current self comforting me after the rape. 68 more words

As Right As Rain

Forget about fake news. Are you ready for the truth? Here it is:

Met Éireann has never produced its own weather reports.

History will tell you that once the Brits left, the Met Office of the Tan was replaced by the proud Met Éireann of the Irish republic. 850 more words


Fantastic 5 For January

I scoured the internet to find these 5 must have items. Whether referencing knit or crochet or used exclusively for the craft, these are must haves in my book. 139 more words


Different Sides

She took those bricks and piled them up her head and ran to the other corner.

Her pace had increased, as the sky got cloudy. 48 more words

A Closing Counter of the Hot Food Kind

Greg stands in the fruit and vegetable section of his local supermarket. He gazes forlornly at the variety of salads from which he must choose, flicking back to his phone for any further inspiration. 895 more words


Literal Rambling, Literally

Wise eyes mean nothing

If in a moment your immaturity shines through.

You talk a great talk and walk a great walk

But bring you something serious… 121 more words

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