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It is time for the ‘I Can’t’ list to die!

I recently read the short story Rest in Peace: The “I Can’t” Funeral in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul.

A teacher had her students write down everything they could not do that worried them. 383 more words

All There Is

Almighty God's Utterance "Only Experiencing God's Work Is Truly Believing in God"

Chinese Title: 經歷神的作工才是真實信神

Almighty God says, “When Jesus came among men, he did many works. But he only accomplished the work of redeeming all mankind and was only man’s sin offering, and he did not rid men of all their corrupt disposition. 213 more words


[Eastern Lightning]Almighty God's Utterance "Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen"

Almighty God says, “I call all those predestined by me into my family to be the ones who listen to my word. Then I bring before my throne all those who obey and thirst for my word, and put aside for the final punishment all those who rebel against my word, who do not listen to and obey me, and who openly resist me. 239 more words


Almighty God's Utterance "You Should Prepare Enough Good Deeds for the Sake of Your Destination"

Almighty God says, “My mercy is expressed on those who love me and deny themselves, while the punishment the wicked ones suffer is just a proof of my righteous disposition and even more a testimony to my wrath. 301 more words


A Mixed Bag

Earlier this week when I woke up back in my own bed, a bit worn out, I was overcome with a touch of sadness: Stitches West was over. 293 more words

Stitches West


And as the day
Goes on
And the aged
Slowly die off
The principles
And preconceived notions
Of terrible societal problems
Will wear away
But so will… 7 more words


"We are all born with the desire for exploration"

What is it that drives people to change? Is the need to change, and the drive for difference, embedded in us from the beginning or is it something that happens? 400 more words

All There Is