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some mysteries...

She knew that she was just one among his crushes. Still she couldn’t resist talking to him. She was very well aware of his flaws. Still she was bound to him… 50 more words


Notion of the day

While sitting relaxed, are you lethargic even to change your own physical position?

You are not lazy; you are just obeying Newton’s first law of inertia.

20 more words

Happy when no response for courtesy call back

Found a missed call in my phone. But I was too hesitated to call back. Or something else prevented me to give the courtesy call back… 84 more words


Treasure hidden in a haystack of needles (et cetera)

I mentioned in my last post that we inherited precious patchwork quilts from our grandmothers. However, when we got married, my husband’s Grandma Fleagle made us two brand new quilts as wedding gifts. 625 more words

Young Adulthood

How confident are you?

He says “If you are confident of doing it, please go ahead.”

If we are 100 % confident, then there is no question of doing it or not. 93 more words


The Devil You Know

I saw a man at work go for a run at lunchtime. Out for a healthy jog on his break, not a big deal, all fine there. 988 more words


This is Not TV Knitting

I Got Cocky

I’ve become a bit arrogant about the Walderton shawl.  It’s an eight row repeat, and there are 36 repeats in t he shawl.  348 more words