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Notion of the day

If you are fed up of this Hide n Seek game, why don’t you exit and start a new brand life of your own..?


Stuck on you

There’s a room full of people

But I am stuck on you.

And I get it.

I get how you feel now,

Like you’re sorry that you don’t care… 86 more words


A shadow speaks…

Why you are going away from me?

I have asked you the same question many a times. Is it due to my dark colour that you don’t mind me or is it due to my lengthening and shortening nature? 212 more words


Happy Friday! Visit a pumpkin patch this weekend.

Happy Friday! Visit a pumpkin patch this weekend. Go on a hay ride. Walk through a corn maze. Have fun!


No Uniform Day

Joseph had been out of school for two days with a stomach bug. Admittedly there were better ways to claim two days off school than periodic vomiting – if only choice was a factor. 1,126 more words


Notions in the strings of a Guitar

My words started to play a new notion in the chords of a guitar. I have no intention to play magic with the chords…But I just want to learn.. 26 more words


Consciousness, an illusion

Consciousness; is it an illusion?

After all, we are physical beings, driven by a physical brain.

So how comes a software embedded in the brain connecting us with the outside world? 18 more words