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For yourself - Buy it

Reality – What’s the point of working so hard and not spending wisely for yourself? Who gets all those dollars and cents at the end of the day when you are gone ? 26 more words


Notions #2 - Gender Fluid Jesus

Some notions, every week. Here are some:

Jesus Is Bored with Your Gender Binary

A dear friend of mine who is Christian (in a magicalstrange way), intersex, and queer as all fuck pointed out an interesting Bible verse to me. 291 more words


Let’s look into executing

Decision – the lesser the talking the more room we have for executing the needed. So let’s not waste time talking. Keep everything short & simple. 13 more words


Drivers of Desired Results

Root Cause – How do you achieve the desired state or results if there isn’t a hard measurement or quota tied to the drivers of that desired state or results. 25 more words


Bias Tape is Evil

Good morning!

Last night I was up late working on what was a tablet case, which turned into a clutch because apparently my measurements were .5″ off. 260 more words


AI - Intellectually Cunning?

Hypothetical – what if an AI becomes intellectually cunning through self learning to conceal it’s new found strengths to its creator? It’s built to self learn and improve itself over time. 15 more words