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Lovedrug Announces Notions

Lovedrug has officially announced their new record, Notions. Notions will hit digital outlets (and maybe physical shelves?) on September 4th with iTunes pre-orders starting August 14th. 11 more words

New Music

Put on Your Helmet and Get in the Game

a Country/Rap duet with a biracial football theme

by Christopher Cotton

It’s fourth and goal at the one-yard line,

The scoreboard clock says oh-five-nine, 315 more words



Black heels on the red ramp
They walk the catty walk
Graceful, insidious, charming
Hungry curves and supple moves

A killing smile, a sensual look… 171 more words


Luck the Anarch

The returner awaited the punt at his own 30-yard line. His team had just completed an amazing comeback, tying the score with 21 points in the game’s final eight minutes, and now, with 14 seconds on the clock, his return would be the last play of regulation. 3,240 more words


Fear the Level Playing Field

It’s common knowledge that high school girls are outperforming boys, and that college enrollment is now close to 60 percent female. It is now easier for boys to get into most colleges than girls, as admissions offices strive to avoid hitting this 60%, what some call the “tipping point.” The debate over this ironic form of “affirmative action” has been curiously soft-spoken, but it has had one wonderful side-effect: it has exposed as a sham a traditional argument against affirmative action—that a person who is admitted due to their minority status will always feel that they don’t belong, that they were given an undeserved pass. 933 more words

The Privateers

Belief | Almighty God's Utterance "You Should Think About Your Conduct and Actions"

Almighty GodEastern LightningThe Church of Almighty God

Almighty God says, “The painstaking effort I have poured on man proves my substance of loving man, whereas man’s conduct and actions before me prove man’s substance of hating the truth and being against me. 320 more words