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PSA: Amoraphobia

Increased life expectancy is a founding father of the epidemic known as “amoraphobia”. Amoraphobia*, a word I just invented, is a disease currently gripping “first-world” countries and leading to symptoms such as increased rates of casual hookups, breaking out into hives at the mention of relationships and rapid popularization of dating apps such as the highly controversial Tinder. 112 more words

Creative Writing


It’s hard too write when you have nothing to say. Yet there are so so many people in the world who have plenty to say about nothing. 208 more words


Tool Time- Row Counters

No matter how focused we may find ourselves on a knitting project, the fact of the matter is… distractions happen.

The timer on the oven dings, the kids have seriously pressing questions that they simply MUST interrupt your deep knitting thought process to ask (such as… ‘When is dinner ready?’ or ‘Where are my shoes with the blue laces?’), the delivery person raps on your door with a parcel, you realize that you really should stop knitting and get out the door to get to work… the list goes on! 358 more words

Argue for the Opposite

I argue in favor of things I don’t want

I argue in favor of words I don’t trust

I argue in favor of persons not liking me… 97 more words


(11/23/2015) Resurrection Cancels Sacrifice?

Today, reply is made to the mistaken notion that the value of the Lord’s death upon the cross is made less by his resurrection.  The divine use of elements familiar among mankind such as blood, death, and sacrifice must be understood within a framework of non-negotiable law, love, sacred process, and eternal purpose.  1,006 more words


Woman - Kitchen lovers..?

My friends, do you think that woman are kitchen lovers..? Normally it is assumed that kitchen is the woman’s place. It’s just a job which anyone can do irrespective of the gender. 378 more words


He is the good man.

He is the good man that will buy you flowers and take you for dinner.
He is the good man who will put his mother and sister before you. 427 more words