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As we age, maybe we can’t be better then we were yesterday, BUT we can be better then we would have been if we didn’t try. 115 more words


i used to be afraid of losing someone that i love but not to death, to illness. i used to be afraid of losing someone who is perfectly healthy- breathing well. 377 more words


Notions do Lay-Off

When I ran into my grave;
No rain did shred-off.
When I ran into my past;
No drains were kept-off.
When I fainted to dream; 46 more words


not at all

i cannot afford to let my heart break for the third time. i don’t think i am made to be strong. i refuse to be an emotional baggage which needs to be emptied every now and then to another soul. 136 more words


What is rickrack trim? A #tutorial @ ChellyWood.com for #crafting w/#dolls


Today’s tutorial video answers the following questions:

  • What is rickrack trim?
  • How do I use rickrack trim?

If you look back at Monday’s post this week, you’ll see that our outfit this week included rickrack trim. 554 more words



I’ve never had a Hydrangea bush before. Luckily this house has 3! They are just coming into bloom.  I noticed the buds yesterday. Do Hydrangeas have buds? 710 more words