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Vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food

Still the fight goes on….


Do you like vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food?

I like both, but a little more inclined towards non-veg.

While having non-veg food do you think about those… 113 more words


Rise of the Cute Hoor

Fintan lay on his bed and stared at the walls. Other teenagers covered their walls with posters of their heroes and idols, mostly footballers or pop stars. 587 more words


Home made

version 1:

Son   : Mom, why are you never getting tired ?

Mom : How can I, when you are my first priority?

version 2: 23 more words


Go ahead. Make a wish.

Go ahead. Make a wish. Throw a coin into a wishing pond. Blow out your birthday candles. Pull your part of a wishbone with someone. Look up to the night sky and make a wish upon the first star you see. 19 more words


High self-esteem

Why can’t I be over confident?

I don’t understand when my confidence turns out to be overconfidence..

Is there a gap between the two, segregating them? 82 more words


Question of the day

Statistics reveals that mother is the primary care giver for more than four out of five children in a single parent family.

And why not father? 77 more words


My message reached her

We were in the same college. But in different classrooms, different hostel rooms.. Different gal gangs (as someone mentioned on gangs, Once in a while Insanity… 185 more words