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Invisible, but acting upon us

There are many things in the universe which are not visible. But we are forced to believe their existence.

We , the great Homo Sapiens build so many mathematical functions to prove the existence of these invisible things. 48 more words


Explain the new leanings to a child

Learned something new today.

How will you ensure that you learned it properly?

Go and just explain it to a child

If you are able to make him/her understand on the new lessons, yes – you succeeded. 22 more words


Don’t sleep in the North-South directions

My grandmother used to advise me to sleep in the East West direction. Initially, I thought it to be some traditional belief of old generation. Later on I came to know about the magnetic field acting behind the same. 96 more words


More Than One Notion

When we look back on our own lives we often find things aren’t always as they seemed. We viewed our life one way while living it and look back and see it wasn’t what we might’ve thought. 925 more words


Paranoia plagues me

My soul is unease

This ephemeral connection

I cannot appease.

To feel so close

Yet be so far

Don’t know what this is… 39 more words

Creative Writing

Smile of a short guy

How hurt he would have been when she just teased him upon his height!

He is a short guy (indeed not a dwarf), but with a cute smile. 40 more words


Day Two: The Gobshitery of Self Help

“Notions” are a dreadful thing in Ireland. As a nation with a collective of fear of getting above our station (caused by generations of being smacked down by the English, the Church, agricultural blights etc.) it is something we are very careful to avoid.  527 more words