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Eturnity: (n.)

The endless turns one takes while searching for a parking spot in the city.


I spent nearly an hour trying to park my car the other night. 177 more words


Reed’s word of the day: enthusiasm

Definition: having an intense enjoyment and interest for the task at hand

Usage: if your lacking enthusiasm, your probably doing the wrong thing ~ tjreed… 62 more words


Tupac Classics

After viewing the biopic today… Just wanted to pull out all my classic CDs!


Reed’s word of the day: variety

Definition: a state of having diversity, uniqueness or difference

Usage: A world without variety is nothing but a copy machine ~ tjreed

TJ Reed and… 59 more words

The death of butterflies

Butterfly – noun

Plural noun: butterflies

1. A nectar-feeding insect with two pairs of large, typically brightly coloured wings that are covered with microscopic scales. Butterflies are distinguished from moths by having clubbed or dilated antennae, holding their wings erect when at rest, and being active by day. 246 more words


Poet's Block 

By Benjamin Shapiro
Feeling awfully empty round these parts

With no words in my soul

Nothing inside to put to paper

No nouns to fill this gaping hole. 76 more words