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Self-Care Challenge Day 28: Feed me.

I generally have enjoyed cooking in the past but the last month or two I have had no motivation. Nothing sounds good. Everything feels like a lot of work plus my almost-five year old’s preferences change as quickly as the temperature rises and falls these December days. 154 more words

Yet another course correction

So since I started this journey 4+ years ago, there have been many sharp turns and I am no where near where I thought I would ever be… life is interesting, isn’t it. 62 more words


Something About Change

When we think of change, we think “scary” “fear” “what if” and or “yes, I’m ready” but majority of us are afraid of what’s behind those closed doors. 641 more words


About Preaching Morals and the Doctrine of Karma

For a person specialised in psychology it is clear how little in life gets done by simply preaching morals. Morality must flow into human nature as a force. 102 more words


Healing Through Nourishment

By Erin Webb

I came to Brooklyn Herborium, first as a customer with hormonal acne, sensitive and reactive skin, red and raw-feeling patches on my face and chest that looked a lot like rosacea, and very dehydrated skin. 1,347 more words

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4 New Year's Resolutions to Make in the Name of Love

By Isabel F. William

I may be a little chubby on the hips and I may have made one too many promises to myself, like the one where I’m giving up chocolate and carbs altogether along with dropping the Netflix binge-watching. 809 more words


When the Holidays Bring More Pain than Joy

By Cece Flores

The holiday season is one that brings images of togetherness, comfort and joy to mind…depending on whose mind you’re examining. For some of us, the seemingly immediate jump from Halloween to Christmas feels like someone stomped on the panic button in our brains. 589 more words