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When "Body Neutrality" Is the Best That You Can Do

By De Elizabeth

Trigger Warning: The following contains language about eating disorders.

A few days ago, I pulled out a romper from the back of my closet. 758 more words


Enjoying a Nourished Life

Friends, when plants are nurtured, they are beautiful and bring forth fruit, but when they are neglected, they become dry and lifeless.  This situation is not unique to plants but also applicable to us humans. 307 more words


Gifting and Receiving

Gifting and Receiving…Oh What a Joy..

In a Physical World, Just the Joy of Gifting Someone Something on an on going basis Opens up a New Energy Flow and creates more love. 105 more words


How can it be so still?

Is it that my eyes move?

Pause and break the calm

Nodding old wrenched but strong

Grazing skin and tip to chatter… 60 more words


More thoughts on food

In the year long preparation for living and traveling full time on the road, i have become comfortable with two basic staples, Quinoa and Tempeh, in my diet that provide for my need of carbohydrates and proteins and satisfies my particular taste preferences. 211 more words


On Words

Those keeping track may have spotted that I haven’t posted in a while.

In fact, for those playing at home, it’s been almost six months since I last wrote for this blog. 3,126 more words


What I didn’t expect from anxiety 

I didn’t think I’d ever do a post about this. The Daily Muse is meant to be a fun little blog about relocating my life overseas, then back home, then overseas again, aaaaaand back home again. 1,296 more words

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