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Just a friendly reminder that life is far to short to hold on to things that are not good for us. If someone or something is bringing you down or hindering you from reaching your full potential, get rid of it. Simple.


What Fuels you?

In our quests to attain optimal health and for those of us who are aware, we watch our diets and everything we eat, because we understand that the reality of getting a non-communicable disease, like diabetes or hypertension, is a sobering life sentence. 287 more words

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3 Personal Benefits of Intermittent Fasting on MY Body/Mind

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between a period of eating and a period of fasting.

When you fast past 8-12 hours, you give your body a chance to break into your stored fat to produce the energy it needs to function. 249 more words


What Is Nourishment?

Knowing what we need can sometimes prove to be quite difficult. Being able to really know yourself and the nourishment required to meet your needs is not always as simple as walking to the fridge for a snack. 145 more words


My Skincare Favorites

Skin is our largest organ so it is important to make sure it is properly taken care of. This is why I take skincare very seriously. 381 more words

How Are You...Really?

By Kate Kole

I’ve noticed a trend in talking with others recently. Not with anyone in particular or specifically from my mouth or theirs. It’s just been a common theme, seemingly weaving its way across conversations. 643 more words


Getting to know The Nowhere Girl

Hi! Welcome to The Nowhere Girl. 

Keya is the creator and writer for The Nowhere Girl. She is on a journey of self-love and nourishment, currently studying at university and left penniless by almond milk chai’s and sushi. 241 more words