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Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up

By Jillian Stacia

Keep going.

Sometimes, life is hard and crazy and full of ridiculous shit that makes you want to throw in the towel and ask “why me?”. 516 more words


Physical or Spiritual?

Physical or spiritual? Are we human beings having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience?

Whatever your beliefs right now, cultivating our spiritual and human bodies is a must right now. 809 more words


Tending hope

Tenderly I wash the wound
and know that wholeness will come

© Meisaan Chan


That feeling that something is missing

If something is missing, come first to me, God says
and I will fill every hole;
or you can come last to me
and I will still fill every hole, 10 more words


3 Intentions I’m Setting This Summer

By Kate Kole

My favorite way to complete a fitness class or yoga practice is by taking a quiet moment to create and commit to an intention, focus, or vision for the rest of the day. 427 more words


How Meditation Has Changed My Life

By Kristina Baltutis

Recently, my partner and I went on a two night camping trip with our dogs. The second morning, I was lying on a picnic table, looking up at the trees, and pondering the irony that this place was a beautiful spot to meditate, but I hadn’t stopped to meditate once. 605 more words


10 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up the Third Trimester

By De Elizabeth

Let’s be real: the first trimester of pregnancy is pretty terrible, but the second is like a little vacation. You feel energetic and hungry again, and basically like your normal self. 318 more words