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Eat, Laugh, and Create Better Endings!

The Nurturer (or, Nourisher) archetype in us likes to bring about Better Endings; or, perhaps more accurately, the Nurturer initiates Better (New) Beginnings. It is an initiating or ‘originating’ energy in our Psyche. 346 more words

BE2: Tuesday Life Paths Tools

The Benefits of Living Positively

Keeping on trend with Positive Psychology and why it truly is a health tool we should be using regularly; I’d like to explore both the positive aspects of living positively and what trends we see in those that think more negatively.   426 more words

Mind Body Connect

Sweet Tea and Southern Blues

I love the guitar. I love to create on my guitar. I love to feel it in my hands. To play it, to explore it—to feel those luscious vibrations flow throw my body. 178 more words


Summertime Sips: Reviewing The Starbucks "Secret" Rainbow Drinks

By De and Kate

Chances are, you’ve heard the social media whispers of Starbucks’ Secret Menu. And if you haven’t yet, allow us to introduce you to the coffeehouse world of Narnia. 451 more words


The Last Poppy

The heart is in the breast

of a beauty.

A flower blooms amid

all who have finally

given up the ghost.

The last

sucking out all the… 55 more words

8 Things We'll Never Feel Bad About Spending Money On

By De and Kate

Remember when we were in middle school, and we’d go to the mall, and our parents would give us some money to buy whatever we wanted? 526 more words


7 Simple Ways To Embrace A Healthier Lifestyle

By Tamara Burgos

Last year, I let school, work, and social commitments take over my life, and as I tend to do, I put myself at the bottom of the priority list. 916 more words