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How to eat what you want and not get fat

Have you ever googled that phrase? I have, and chances are if you are reading this, you have too. I am not going to tell you the answer, or even claim that it is possible. 453 more words


Busy Bee

All God’s creatures need to slow down sometime to gather nourishment for their soul and bodies. We slow down to eat, we slow down to catch our breath, it should not be any different for us to slow down and refresh our soul. 75 more words


Minimalist "Diet"

I put “diet” in quotes because I do not at all believe in or support them. As much as I believe in subtracting stuff, subtracting thoughts, and subtracting things that are no longer useful, I do not believe in subtracting from diet. 385 more words

Soul Gardeners

Just a short post this week.  I am so grateful for the people in my life.  My garden, my life, my soul is in full bloom and I give thanks each day!

Sharing Nurturing Thursday with Becca.


The dimensions of health with Ayurveda.

When I was first introduced to the art & science of Ayurveda, it was foreshadowed by my preliminary knowledge of panchakarma (which recommends methods of elimination that I had found unnerving given all my schooling of Western medicine), aromatic and pungent spices, and recipes that I almost always mispronounced (kitchari rhymes with stitchery, I’ve since learned!). 502 more words

Femme Replete

Buildings Boobies and Bluebeany

Hull artist Anna Bean (Bluebeany, Hu5 Collective, Hull Truck, Adelphi #30, Danza! Ferens etc) kindly used my own words, to introduce the talk about her creative practice. 930 more words


inspirational parent: maria shaflender

I have a passion for children’s health.  I really get that fire in my belly feeling when I meet like minded health professionals…we simply have the best conversations!   643 more words