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Joy is part of us...

Over time, as flexibility increases, we learn that
we have the power to nourish ourselves at every moment.

We find we need less and less outward support…

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Dropping the can'ts, a love letter to a dog.

If you have ever skinned your knee or torn your ACL or woken up with a crick in your neck – that is, if you are human – you know pain. 590 more words


raw passions consume
feasting at desire’s buffet
a dinner for two

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Principles from Elijah’s Experience concerning Stress

Filling Your Emptiness

-Spend time alone with God

-Receive God’s rest and physical nourishment

-Seek communication with God.

-Wait on God’s response.

-Respond honestly to God. 16 more words


Green Goodness

Just because I ate slightly too many delicious medjool dates yesterday, I prepared myself some vegetables for today last night, so that I’d be more green-focused on the bright March day! 53 more words

2015 Lenten Prayer Book: 10

Grace Before a Meal

Without you, my Creator, without the work of your creation, this opportunity for nourishment would cease to exist. So I pause to give you thanks and proceed to eat more slowly, so that I may grow more appreciative of this blessing before me. Amen.


Farewell, February!

Looking back on February, the {thankfully} shortest month of the year:

February brought us mornings so cold we could write the forecast on the window panes::silent stillness of snowy days inspiring simple meditations::comfort foods and too many carbs {needing fortification against the chill settling in bones}::the search for light, finding it in unexpected places::deep blue sunsets::found nourishment in small moments::slow deep stretches on the mat::the birthday celebration of a dear friend. 8 more words