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This One's For You

By Jillian Stacia

How is your day going? What does your heart feel like? Are you heavy? Light? Floating? Grinding? What does life look like for you, and how are you carrying the weight of it? 752 more words


Nanoparticle Silver is available in Kampot!

What is it?!
Silver is an antibiotic older than penicillin. It works on sustained contact to stop infections and promote healing. Unlike other antibiotics, viruses and bacteria cannot develop a resistance to silver. 200 more words


Vegan Banana Pancakes

Hello hello!! :)

Is there anything better than waking up without alarm on a Saturday morning  and having pancakes for breakfast? ;) Last weekend it was one of those relaxed ones, and I made use of the time to re-do again a vegan banana pancake recipe I found a while ago at… 286 more words


3 Life Swaps I'm Making Before Turning 30

By Kate Kole

I turn 30 one month from today and I’ve kind of been freaking out about it. I say ‘kind of’ because I’m thankfully yet to have a… 788 more words


Pork Chops & Mango Salsa


~Improves Digestion

~ Alkalizes the whole body!!! (This is BIG and important… especially in America!!!)

~Improves Eye Health

~Lowers Cholesterol

~Clears the skins

~Prevents Cancer…. 565 more words

Healthy Living

Nourished: Book Reception and Signing

Get your Tickets here!

Get your Tickets here!

Official Book Signing and Reception for Pamela Wasabi’s debut book “Nourished”.

Nourished, lays the road for any individual to transition into a plant based lifestyle with the ultimate commitment of doing so for love, awareness, our loved ones, and the planet. 139 more words


How Random Acts Of Kindness Can Spark A Series of Fortunate Events

By Cece Flores

I didn’t know that Random Acts of Kindness Day was a thing, but I’ve always operated on the belief that being kind to people — those we do and don’t know — can set off a chain reaction. 619 more words