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kitchen adventures with Plated

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve started cooking regularly again.  I wanted to share some of my adventures with y’all and also review the service I’ve been using: Plated. 4,487 more words


Where does Pepper come from?

Black pepper was once known as black gold because of its value. To this day it is the most common used spice (often accompanied with its partner-in-crime, Salt) Native to South India, Vietnam is the world’s biggest producer and exporter of pepper. 143 more words



If I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that I generally don’t eat for nourishment.

Sure, I know the food I eat is the fuel for my body. 317 more words

October 2016

Hey Drake, Depression Isn't Weakness

By Molly Burford

Drake, the sensitive guy whom we’ve all learned to know and love for his introspective, crafty, and vulnerable lyrics has disappointed the Internet and fans alike in a big way. 543 more words


It Was Him Or The Dog: I Chose The Dog

By Heather Angiletta

I had a truly shit birthday. And I care a lot about having awesome birthdays.

Leading up to the birthday of me sitting alone on the couch over-utilizing my Hulu account was a very serious effort to have in fact an awesome birthday. 1,110 more words


Immune Boosting Soups Week II: Autumn Spiced Carrot Soup

In continuity of last weeks start to our mini series, on nutrient dense soups and stews that will help bolster our immune systems for the coming winter months, we will be taking a deep dive into an easy recipe that packs a rich nutrient punch.   544 more words

Mind Body Connect

RBTI Analysis: Personal Body Biochemical Analysis

Your body is a wonderful self healing instrument that works in accordance to the dynamic laws of nature; it is meant to be vibrantly healthy. From a naturopathic viewpoint the more you can do to return harmony to the body, mind and spirit, the easier it will be to rebuild and heal.If your body is suffering from symptoms such as excess weight, anxiety, depression, stomach upset, nausea, reflux, bloating or hyperactivity you are going against the laws of nature. 612 more words