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Nova Sagittarii Close-Up

The nova star in Sagittarius has re-brightened. I captured it in a telephoto closeup.

Here is Nova Sagittarii – likely an exploding white dwarf star – as it appeared before dawn on the morning of March 28. 153 more words

Alan Dyer

OpenStack clients installation on Ubuntu for the OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

Throughout the OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook we expect the reader to have access to the client tools required to operate an OpenStack environment. If these are not installed, they can be installed by following this simple guide. 392 more words


Black Vortex: Nova #28

Nova #28

Written by: Gerry Duggan

Art by: David Baldeon

Cover by: Orphans Cheeps

Released: March 25, 2015

In this issue we got Nova trying to hide the Black Vortex from the villains. 108 more words


Nova 009

Eva Alexander in Nova 009 (2013). Art by Paco Medina.


This painting is drying beautifully

As I was working on this piece a couple came in and said it looked like the Corona Australis. By the time I finished I felt it was more like a Nova. 11 more words

Stephanie Burns

The All New, All Different Avengers Roster Revealed

Today, the cover of the All New, All Different Avengers comic book was revealed.

It reveals that Miles Morales AKA The Ultimate Spider-Man, the new female Thor, Ms. 33 more words


Marvel Comic Book Reviews for the week of 3/23/15

1. Up until the 80’s Comic books were written for a younger audience and used a lot of words like “Gee Whiz!” to express surprise. Now we have solid writing with amazing plots that are complex and worth every moment you put into them. 723 more words