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From NOVA: "Fossil Fuels Are Destroying Our Ability to Study the Past"


21 Jul 2015
Tim De Chant

It’s been used to date objects tens of thousands of years old, from fossil forests to the Dead Sea Scrolls, but in just a few decades, a tool that revolutionized archaeology could turn into little more than an artifact of a bygone era. 416 more words

Applied Research & Technology

From NOVA: "Agriculture May Have Started 11,000 Years Earlier Than We Thought"


Mon, 27 Jul 2015

The technology that allowed us to build cities and develop specialized vocations may have first started 23,000 years ago in present day Israel—some 11,000 years earlier than expected—but then mysteriously disappeared from later settlements. 388 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Persiapan Sunatan yang Mencekam

Suasana lebaran adalah suasana yang syahdu. Semua umat Islam berbondong-bondong merayakan hari kemenangannya dan bermaafan antar sesama. Nggak lupa, diantara mereka banyak yang pergi ke rumah-rumah saudara dengan harapan mendapat uang THR, namun yang ada, pertanyaan : 741 more words



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