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Living with painful periods – Mother Nature – what were you thinking??

I’m not just a single parent, I’m a lone parent. I am raising my son alone and have no one to turn to when things get tough. 999 more words

Just Call me "Party Girl!"

Warning:  This post may contain a few TMIs! 

Greetings all!  My surgery (D&C with Novasure procedure) yesterday went very well and I’m spending the day resting in my comfy fleece pajamas.  474 more words


From a fractured tibia to a hysterectomy...what a year!

You know how you think to yourself, “I should blog about this!” but then you realize you probably arent that special and no one will find it interesting, so you dont….?  1,100 more words

Millions of women experience these 9 effects of heavy periods

Written by NovaSure

It’s estimated that heavy menstrual bleeding affects 1 out of every 5 women – that’s about 10 million women!

Many women begin to experience heavy and/or irregular bleeding in their 30s and 40s as they begin to get closer to menopause. 269 more words

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