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Novasure Ablation 1 month later

*Warning: I will be very detailed in this post. I will share my personal experience since having my nova-sure ablation done. I will talk about things that some might find gross. 391 more words

Why our patients drive from all over

We see many patients from all over the metro-Atlanta area who drive further than necessary to see a GYN, just to see us at the Ashford Center. 305 more words

Is My Period Normal?

Issues of Women’s Health can be touchy subjects, or just difficult and uncomfortable for some women to talk about, so it’s not at all surprising that many women have questions about their periods. 345 more words

How Common are Heavy Periods?

If you suffer from heavy periods and PMS symptoms, you may wonder how common your situation is or even feel alone or isolated. Fortunately, you are far from alone when it comes to these symptoms, as you can see in this video from ChangetheCycle.com… 73 more words