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My Life Altering Decision To Have The Minerva Procedure

Yesterday I had a medical procedure done and it is a life altering decision.  This decision was to address my menstrual cycles.  So, here’s the polite ahead of time warning – this post may be TMI for some. 2,887 more words

Bye Bye Baby

Another year, another blog . I’ve decided to chronicle my weird life again in the hopes that regularly purging  the contents of my head  will help me organize my thoughts and maybe some day even finish the memoir that’s been abandoned on a hard drive somewhere on this computer. 836 more words

Endometrial Ablation

Shock and Awe or My Poor Uterus

It’s been a little over two weeks since my Novasure ablation and tubal ligation procedure.  I found that reading other women’s blogs, stories or comments gave me a lot of information to ponder on before and after this procedure and decided to add my own story to the interwebs, in the hopes it may be of some help to another woman in the future.  717 more words