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"Joko Aku Polisi " hal 1

Aku dan adikku Cristina lahir tumbuh kembang hingga remaja di lokalisasi pelacuran Jarak dan Dolly Surabaya. Rumahku terletak di pinggir jalan raya, di tengah-tengah lokalisasi Jarak dan Dolly. 161 more words

Aku Polisi

This is such a rough draft....


Flora Maxwell was the kind of old woman that you wanted to run away from and yet ask any and all questions of at the same time.   1,285 more words



This week I reworked the plot of my novel, sticking every major scene onto flash cards. I’m raring to go, I want to go in and squish all those issues in the first draft. 227 more words


Ten Things I Learnt From My First Draft

Okay, so as the title suggests, I finished my novel’s first draft recently (the wee early hours of Tuesday). I expected myself to be utterly sick of the thing by the time I was done but nope, it’s mental torture trying to put myself to work on things that have nothing to do with it. 1,248 more words


First Draft Complete

I try not to talk about my writing too much on this blog, but I thought this was worth mentioning. I’ve finally finished the first draft of my first novel. 124 more words


Sometimes You Just Have to Let it DIE!

Of course, I’m talking about my first novel. You may remember a few months ago I dusted off Novel 1 in an effort to re-edit and make it publishable. 495 more words

My Writing

Untitled - Very Rough Draft - A start (Copyrighted)


Flora Anderson walked over to her chest, used the key around her neck to unlock the lock, and took out the letters inside.  One letter in particular took all of Flora’s attention.   687 more words

West Virginia