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[Upcoming] A Native of Beijing in New York

The story of A Native of Beijing in New York spans from the 1980s till today. In the 1980s, China looked up to foreign countries like the USA. 157 more words


New Project: Snow White and the Real Heroes

Folktales (or, fairy tales) are a convenient source of inspiration. Adaptations of the Grimm Brothers’ tales are especially good at inspiring new stories. Whenever I read one to my daughter, I think of ways to absorb familiar elements into retellings. 120 more words

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[Upcoming] As Long As You Love Me

To the eyes of the general public, Zhou Xiao Meng (Lai Yu Meng) is the doting younger step sister of mafia leader Zhou Yan Zhao (Dylan Xiong). 188 more words


[Upcoming] Half a Lifelong Romance

Shanghai, 1930s. Shen Shijun, a young engineer, has fallen in love with his colleague, the beautiful Gu Manzhen. He is determined to resist his family’s efforts to match him with his wealthy cousin so that he can marry her. 199 more words


[Upcoming] Beneath the Embroidered Uniform

The story is set during the Ming dynasty. Female police officer Yuan Jin Xia (Tan Song Yun) receives the order to help the fierce embroidered uniform guard (imperial secret police) Lu Yi (Allen Ren) solve a case in Yangzhou. 126 more words


[Currently Airing] Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors (Web Drama)

The story begins in the Northern Qi Kingdom. The prime minister Gu Qing Hong (Zhang Xiao Long) schemes to murder his wife Miao Qian Qian (Wang Li Kun), the daughter of an aristocratic family, together with her whole family. 244 more words


[Finished Airing] Top Young Doctors

Top Young Doctors is China’s first youth comedy drama set in the medical field. After hurting his right eye and receiving a cornea transplant operation, the parentless hooligan Hua Yi Long (Wei Da Xun) is suddenly able to X-ray with his eye. 195 more words

Finished Airing