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The 'Best Topless Fails Compilation' Is Proof That Men Make The Biggest Mistakes When Not Wearing A Shirt


Men are idiots. This has been proven time over time since the very beginning of history. But there’s something about the warm weather and liberation of the summer that makes men extra stupid. 28 more words


Brotip: Don't Ride A Mechanical Bull At The Bar If You're Wearing A Skirt And A Thong


Mechanical bulls are the type of thing that NEVER ends well for someone. You either rise to the occasion and ride the shit out of them or you make an ass out of yourself. 14 more words


Drunk Lad Tries To Punch His Friend But -- Oops! -- Misses And Falls On His Face


Lads are the British counterparts to Bros. They’re usually savage AF, but this kid in the Abercrombie tee that was cool circa 2005 clearly doesn’t know how to throw a punch. 38 more words


Watch This Girl Smack Her Head On A Surfboard After Trying To Do Some Tricks With Her Man


Tandem surfing is either beautiful and majestic like figure skating or realllyyyy ugly, like the fall the girl in the video above experiences.

For something more graceful, watch this: