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Team Of Reporters Completely Lose Their Shit While Reporting News Of A Car Crash Involving Clowns

What did they reasonably expect to happen when a report about two clowns — dressed in clown garb — getting into a car accident opened like this… 174 more words


Construction Worker Tries To Ride A Dirt Tamper Like It's A Damn Bull


I’ve always wondered if this was possible. In principle, dirt tampers are pretty much mechanical bulls when you really think about it. That said, could you imagine if that thing started tamping his nuts out of control? Goodbye, groin.


Watch This Dude On A Four-Wheeler Lose Control And Crash Into A Lake


I kind of feel for the driver of this four-wheeler. No way he saw a spill into the drink coming. Just was cruising along and hit that puddle without knowing how deep it is. 47 more words


This Babe's Rope Swing Attempt Went Very, Very Poorly


This has to be one of the most piss-poor rope swing attempts I’ve ever witnessed, but hey — Gotta give the lady extra points for being a babe, right? 33 more words


The 'Best Topless Fails Compilation' Is Proof That Men Make The Biggest Mistakes When Not Wearing A Shirt


Men are idiots. This has been proven time over time since the very beginning of history. But there’s something about the warm weather and liberation of the summer that makes men extra stupid. 28 more words


Brotip: Don't Ride A Mechanical Bull At The Bar If You're Wearing A Skirt And A Thong


Mechanical bulls are the type of thing that NEVER ends well for someone. You either rise to the occasion and ride the shit out of them or you make an ass out of yourself. 14 more words