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The Beautiful Books 20: August

Welcome to another installment of The Beautiful Books, this one focuses on appearance and description, so this installment will probably be a little more lackluster than usual, I’m certain I have mentioned short and tall far too many times. 840 more words


The Beautiful Books 19: July

Hey there, Camp NaNoWriMo wasn’t a success but it wasn’t a failure either (in the strictest sense). I had a super amazing writing friend beta read what I had written so far and Kim did a brilliant job pointing out some problems, so if you need to hire an editor, talk to Kim. 1,375 more words


How to Clone a Neandertal

After hearing the claims of Harvard geneticist George Church that it could be possible to clone a Neandertal I began writing a novel (and short stories set in the world of this novel) exploring the lives of cloned Neandertals. 919 more words


Seriously Write: Researching Historicals By Tamera Lynn Kraft

by Sandra Ardoin

Do you write historicals? Today on the Seriously Write blog, author Tamera Lynn Kraft gives tips into immersing yourself in the era in which your story is set. 15 more words

The Writing Life

In Defence of Neandertals

Image: MAshable/mambungalon/DrWankalot/Reddit
The wax figure is from an installation at the Espace de l’Homme de Spy in Belgium.

In Defence of Neandertals

Anatomically Modern humans (that’s all of the humans living today) think they’re pretty hot shit. 1,979 more words


Productive Procrastination with Pinterest

Pinterest is my favourite form of procrastination. Not only can it be inspiring, but it allows me to do some visual research, too! And any form of procrastination that makes me want to work isn’t… 127 more words

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How To Implement a Crime When Writing a Mystery Novel

When something is easy, most people say that it’s just like “taking candy from a baby.” Of course taking candy from a young child is easy because they can’t really fight back. 754 more words