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The Beautiful Books #23: March 2017

Welcome to another installment of The Beautiful Books, where I bather on about my current WIP Novel Project, which would be Orion – Volume II in the Pushing Boundaries series (yeah, I know, it says Scorpius is the title of Volume II on the Pushing Boundaries link page, clearly I need to change that, Scorpius will be the title of Volume III instead), however, there have been some complications with the plotting and outlining process. 1,242 more words


Puddled in Your Head

Does it feel like you’ve been researching way too long without producing much?
Does it feel like way too much information has puddled in your head with no relief? 107 more words


Research for a novel

As the title states, I’m doing research for one of my current WIPs.  I am in need of some first-hand insight, experience, and stories from anyone who has used any form of intoxicant. 43 more words


The Beautiful Books #22: February 2017

Last year when I answered these questions, the couple I chose to focus on was Beth and James, however, this time around I’d like to focus on another couple. 1,198 more words


3 Ways a Lack of Research Will Ruin Your Book

I remember the first time that I was interviewed for a national publication. I experienced a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Being interviewed as an “expert” in your field is a great opportunity, but I worried I might sound dumb or unprofessional. 1,534 more words

Writing Tips & Advice

No such thing as too much research

When researching for a novel, there is no such thing as too much research. So, during the odd hours of the night, when you find yourself googling info about the Pyrenees Mountains in France, don’t question it.

Found: The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is one of mankind’s oldest and most enduring legends. It is a captivating tale of deception, wrath, and paradise lost – a tale familiar in cultures and civilizations the world over. 790 more words