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For years, I have worked on various projects that I hoped would develop into novels. I have participated in National Novel Writing Month without any real idea of the direction I wanted my piece to go. 476 more words



Today I woke up with the idea that I should push myself more to express myself as an artist. ¬†This sounds easier said than done. Not that I haven’t been writing and revising this week, and failed to make blog posts for the past few days. 188 more words


It was a Dark and Stormy Sunday Afternoon

by Christina Lay

I’ve written about how I tend to be a fast writer, a “panster” who plunges ahead at a furious pace and sorts it all out in an excruciating second draft. 805 more words


A scary-easy way to help you find passive voice!

I found this amazing blog post about Passive Voice on Grammarly’s blog today, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. To see the real post, click… 393 more words


Writing About Places in Fiction - Maryland's Eastern Shore in Inn Significant

As a writer, it’s important to research the places you may feature in your writing. I spent a ton of time walking around Annapolis, Maryland, for my first novel, … 545 more words

On Life

On Heroes And Villains: What Is Right, What Is Wrong?

Good vs. bad is a common theme everywhere. It’s in novels: your protagonist is “good” and no matter what genre you’re writing in, there’s always a “bad” guy who happens to be the villain of the story, your protagonist’s rival, or simply just someone who is mean and considered “bad” by the readers. 629 more words


On Quests And Adventures: Where Is Your Hero Going And Why?

We all know that a novel isn’t really a novel if the characters don’t do anything or if they don’t go anywhere. Most of the time (but also depending on the genre), the characters leave home and go on some sort of journey. 610 more words