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The Red Trail

The Red Trail

At the end of a very long line of black poles and strung wires, a matte steel building rose above the red sand. 1,924 more words

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Windhaven 14


Welcome to my What If? and novel writing blog. My original intention was to post a few pages  of Windhaven every week. That obviously hasn’t happened. 1,629 more words

Laughing At Myself

I’ve been laughing at myself. When I finished the first draft of April Showers 1921, I thought, what a mess. Then I began hunting for what to do. 317 more words


Penang. It's official. The setting of my new novel.

I’ve been contemplating using Penang in one of my novels for years. I lived there from 2006-2017, so I got to know the place well. But for some reason, I don’t like to write about places where I currently live. 353 more words

Writing Process

Consistency in Writing

Okay, I’m sure more than a few of you have had a few days or weeks where you have’t written anything because you were either lazy, had writer’s block, or simply didn’t feel like it. 494 more words


Milestone: 20,000 Words

Hot damn.

Twenty thousand words already, and it’s only been a week and three days. You know what that means? I’m tired.

But, I’m making good progress. 208 more words

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