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Novel Writing 101

To honor my friend and fellow writer Tim Hall, whose debut novel is out.

Step One–accept that you have a story to tell.

Two–confront the many ways to tell it: memoir, fiction, photo montage, essays. 172 more words

Appalachian Spring

Larry Ellis posted this over at Home Economics. It’s a great description of where we live, in the heart of Appalachia.

At the end a character is introduced and then left standing there. 668 more words


Westerlynne Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Party and Bullshit

Manny walked into the event as if he had grown up in Westerlynne; cool, calm and collected, contrary to how he was feeling on the inside. 2,865 more words


Andy's Boxing Ring

Via: Daily Prompt – Ordinary

Andy clipped her client on the chin, forcing him to throw his head back with the blow. Next, she got down on her haunches and threw one leg out, swiveling it to push her client’s legs out from beneath him. 1,091 more words

Creative Writing

Five Talents - Certain Universal Truths

Another footnote post today. This one is inserted into a scene where a character is working on a crossword. Since the digression does nothing to develop the character or scene, I made it a footnote. 49 more words

Novel Writing

Writing Query Letters

Writing a query letter is something everyone in the creative writing section must do. If you ever want to be able to publish your novel – or publish anything for that matter – you are going to have to write a good query letter. 643 more words

Novel Writing