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There Is A Crack

The harbor has frozen solid in the bleak, squat days of January.  Geese trot along in formation where water rippled just last week.  The thin sheets of ice have formed fissures, cracks that divide the harbor into tectonic plates of distinct islands with amoebic coastlines.  834 more words


Finish Your Novel This Year

Hey you. Yes, you. You’ve got a piece of a novel in a drawer somewhere, don’t you? Or if you’re anything like me, you have revision number six of the same damn novel in your google drive, taunting you. 399 more words


what's a writing routine?

I’ve been told that writers are supposed to have some sort of routine… a set time that they write, along with all the bells and whistles: ambiance, coffee, music on or off, no phone or television or internet, etc. 427 more words


Secondary Themes

When I wrote The Five-dollar Miracle, I recognized the main theme as being faith, and much like the story I am currently writing – The Girl Who Could Not Love – the story developed as I wrote, with no preconceived ideas or outlines. 203 more words

Writing Ideas

Book report, week 2: cowboys and corrections

Surprisingly, I’ve had quite a productive week despite not being able to get that many man hours in. The main thing I’ve been focussed on is seeing where there are gaps in the story as I go through it. 474 more words

Novel Writing


When I write, I like to write about what I know. You’ll (probably) never see me write a detailed and biologically accurate medical drama or a sci-fi novel about absolute reality versus perceived reality (case in point – I struggled with whether to call it “objective reality” or “absolute reality” and started going down a rabbit hole of philosophy sites. 295 more words


Keeping Score: January 24, 2020

Only 947 words written so far this week.

I’m not worried though; first because I’ve got the weekend coming, and I should be able to crank out another 600 words, either tonight or tomorrow. 87 more words