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Concrete Jungle

Last night was my first class at Gotham Writers. Fourteen writers with a story to tell. Our introduction was simple – write the working title of your novel, the flap cover description, the time period and the piece of music/art that best accompanies your novel. 593 more words

Early Bird

The world is a hot mess of things to sort out. One of them is getting up early. I don’t like to do mornings, let alone be coherent when being mopey will do nicely. 183 more words


Apple iBooks Author Event - Mini burgers and Vodka cocktails

Apple iBooks have been great champions of The Sister since its release. Reading the blurb they had written especially for my story, and realising someone at iBooks had actually read it, made me glow as brightly as the Apple on my MacBook. 401 more words


Day 9 - Music to Write To

Another chapter down, and it is moving a subplot forward! It wasn’t really a subplot that I was planning to write in the beginning but the more it comes up, the more I like it. 224 more words


The 5 P's • Creating Characters

I found this list of the 5 P’s to remember when creating characters on Pinterest and decided to write it out here as I think it’s very useful for anyone having trouble fleshing out characters. 408 more words


The Wednesday Sisters - Book Club

In 1967 a group of women bond at the playground in Palo Alto, California. They are different in background and personality, yet united in their love for family and in a dream, to be authors. 264 more words

Writing and blogging (and mountain pics, too)

How do people do it, how do they write and blog without losing their focus? I can happily blog away when I’m not writing or when writing shorter pieces: poetry, essays or short stories (though I have to admit that I so seldom write short stories, mostly because I so seldom read short stories, mostly because I find them unsatisfying. 243 more words