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Five Talents - Episode 1

I’ve begun recording Five Talents and will be uploading weekly installments of the main story episodes here. The full story includes plenty asides and digressional sections for backstory, world building and general word count filler (two of those are accurate), and will be included in the final, full release of the audiobook this summer. 54 more words

Novel Writing

A Call

This is the fourth chapter from the “September” section of my nearly-finished (!!) novel PUSHING THE RIVER.  Watch for the fifth chapter next Friday, and catch up on  previous chapters in my blog entries over the past month. 533 more words


R is for... [R]esearch #AtoZChallenge

One more week to the finish line… Almost there… Don’t get burnt out. Do not get burnt out…

I’m all caught up, and I’m even early with today’s post—compared to my usual knocking on midnight posting time—so let’s skip right to it, because I have a feeling this post is going to be short— 711 more words


What to Research

Before writing any novel, there is something else that is so important. The research. But when all you have is the idea, how do you know what to research? 508 more words

Novel Writing

The End is Near

Novel edits are coming along faster than I thought. Might actually get them all done by the end of the month :)

It’s weird to see the novel being reshaped under my editing scalpel. 48 more words


Q is for... [Q]uarrel #AtoZChallenge


This was a mistake, but I ask for Gregory anyway.

“Who this?”

Hang up, I tell myself, I must have the wrong number. But his last text came from this phone. 912 more words