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At 65

To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am.
–  Bernard Baruch

So, I just recently turned 65.  I’m officially a “senior citizen,” which implies a general condition of being cast off.  761 more words


29 April 2016: A reminder

The donation gifts from Camp NaNoWriMo have arrived, and I love the sticker design so much that I stuck it on the cover of my journal. 179 more words

Blog Every Day

Write it--Shadows that Bite Characters

Originally published on Bonjour Bellingham with musing about my second novel, “Agnes et Yves”

Before I fully understood the psychological and spiritual concepts of shadows and projections, I still managed to create characters with shadows that bit them.  417 more words


Speeding Up

Novel’s at 82,649 words.

Deadline seems to be working. I’ve been writing about 400 words a day since setting it, pushing myself to write more than just my 250-word minimum so I can hit the goal. 65 more words


Write it--Line-by-Line

After working out the plot points, developing characters and reading notes from beta readers, the time arrives to go through the manuscript line by line. Take off the writing hat and don the editor’s cap because line editing demands total ruthlessness.  845 more words


24. How Was Last Night For You: Escaping Talise, A Wicked Sea Witch

Please read Chapter 23 here.

Chapter 24: Escaping Talise, A Wicked Sea Witch

Nina wanted to scream but the hand covering her mouth made it impossible for her to make a sound. 2,430 more words


Quick update & new story in progress

Hi everyone!

I am still alive! I know in my previous post I mentioned that I will be pausing on my blog, but this does not mean I won’t try and check in from time to time and let you all know what I am up to! 611 more words

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