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These Boots

2017 has so far been quite hard to handle, with my attempts to land the perfect job dominating  every waking (and often unconscious) thought of mine. 657 more words


My Twisted new TG novel, available NOW!

There are two kinds of books I write. Romances, where a boy becomes a girl, and uses the opportunity to express his feelings for his straight male friends. 211 more words

Lisa Change


Neither Wangye nor Wangfei were in their other courtyard. In this melancholy mist, chilly and desolate rain, Yun Ge’s heart was very relaxed. The mountain pressure from the two people had finally disappeared, and the series of misfortune that befall upon Wangfei was also gone. 732 more words


Review-Bridget Jones's Baby

I decided to pick up this series after having watched the films fairly recently (which I really enjoyed, unusual as I say, dont do chick lit or chick flicks). 210 more words

Carson McCullers at 100 (Pt. 2)

McCullers on Love and Isolation

… every lover knows this.
He feels in his soul that his love is a solitary thing.
7,245 more words

Kopi Kaiya

K-O-P-I sebuah kata yang mengawaliku untuk menuliskan cerita ini kembali, Kopi mungkin tengah akrab di lidah dan hidung Kita semua, bagaimana secangkir kehangatannya mampu menghipnotis bagi para penikmatnya, diantara mereka ada penggila rasa pahitnya, penggila aromanya, ada pula diantara mereka penggila keduanya, aku rasa sah-sah saja mereka mengagumi apa yang mereka suka sehingga mereka menyebut dirinya “penikmat kopi”, lalu bagaimana dengan aku ? 2,317 more words


Missed Connections - a review of This Modern Love


It’s like real life, but better – Tinder slogan.

Apps like Tinder are a natural consequence of a world of pickup artists and pseudo-harems, where 10% of the men fuck 90% of the women and everyone else is left paying hucksters thousands of dollars to learn how to play a game they were never fit to play in the first place. 259 more words