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Izzy was waiting, Emma thought.


The Pursuit of the Mardokites Begins

The journey across Anglesey, uneventful all three contemplating recent events, Jacks natural curiosity very much aroused. King Idris had given Lord Phealan the heart of England a ruby of enormous value and yet Phealan intended to return it. 280 more words


Review of 2016: Dan Smith

My good friend Dan Smith joins us on the blog today to look back over his 2016. Thanks for taking the time to join us, Dan, it’s always a pleasure to host you.  455 more words



After receiving half of my DNA results, I discovered that a good percentage of me is of Scandinavian origin. That means that some of my ancestors were vikings! 109 more words


While visiting the Air and Space Museum, I came across this 19th century model of a flying city that depicted a potential future of people living in the sky. 31 more words

A Sense of Discovery By Martin Perks


When Garry’s mother dies, he’s devastated. It’s not only her death, but her last words to him. He embarks on a search to uncover the truth. 415 more words