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Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist

I was SUPER nervous to read this book for two reasons.

1) I LOVED We Should Hang Out Sometime by Sundquist. I’m talking my top five favorite books and I was nervous that this novel wouldn’t live up to the expectation. 265 more words


Behind the Scenes—iTunes Playlist

This is the playlist I’ve been listening to while working on my novel. I usually try to listen to music from the period of my story if possible.


The White Winged Faerie: Prolog

Within the deep, lush forests of the Southern Front there lay a small community of faeries. The village, surrounded by ancient trees, was strangely silent for a mid-summer evening. 1,550 more words


Chapter 13

Chapter 13

When we returned from spring break things seemed to return to normal for the most part. The first week was rather hectic and I didn’t get to see much of Sebastian. 2,199 more words


ISBN Purchases

Any authors out there have an opinion on whether purchasing ISBNs is a waste of money for self-publishing authors? I’ve self-published a soft cover edition of “Menta-Life” using a createspace ISBN for FREE, technically making them the actual publishers; I’ve also published a hard cover edition with an ISBN that I’ve purchased from Bowker. 42 more words


The friends we once were

The Friends We Once Were

The nails that used to cover his fingertips were now scattered on the hardwood floor, leaving only his skin to munch on. 786 more words