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Review: Conversations with Friends

I read Sally Rooney’s Normal People in my trek through the Man Booker longlist this year and was floored by how readable and relatable I found Rooney’s prose. 1,007 more words

when you met me

i can’t think anymore i just want to lay on the floor and die and disintegrate into tiny particles that can be swept away as a pile of dust leaving no trace. 381 more words


Different Kinds of Editing; or, How Developmental Editing is like Raising a Toddler

One of a writer’s most important tasks is editing, but one of the most common misunderstandings I see with writers, particularly new writers, is that editing is all about grammar, mechanics, and sentence-level issues. 1,011 more words

the first encounter & last encounter & a few others

she was well aware that there was a spirit there, and the key he had left before she had left was still in her possession. the talking signs and beauty of Santa Cruz kept her still, so she needed to see who this person was that lived in this apartment, and whom she was going to live with. 358 more words


The Yellow Brick Road - #ELJones13

The hostel was shining. Eva worked cleaning all week. She didn’t notice any change and she still had not understood the reason for the task. 618 more words

Eva Lee Jones

working through the nonsense

the purpose of this post is to work through the nonsensical senses that occupy this space called my brain, i’m not insane, well i was once but only for a day or two, then i came back. 166 more words


The Price of Magic - Chapter 6 Excerpt

The horrible red head turned toward them.  Lady Iolana Staff felt a thrill of fear as the great yellow eyes met her own.  It was by far the closest she’d ever been to a tyrannosaurus.  837 more words