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Hugo Finalist Review: "A Series of Steaks" by Vina Jie-Min Prasad (Novelette)

It’s the near future, and 3D printing of organic material, such as meat, is easy.  3D printing of meat that looks convincing is harder – it takes technique, and artistry.  189 more words

Hugo Finalists 2018

The Ghosts of Temple Bruer part 16

Sarah came upon a log cabin when she went walking around the lands around the estate. She had knocked a few times, but it was quiet inside, nothing stirred, nothing moved. 503 more words

Goth Stories

The Ghosts of Temple Bruer part 15

Life at Temple Bruer became stodgy, and dour as Sarah grew miserable. It seemed the castle fed off of the melancholy of those that inhabited within its caliginous walls. 622 more words

Goth Stories

The Short Story FALL and Story Awards

There always has been a dog in my life — a canine, I mean…

So, it seems a natural thing for my writing to include dog stories. 226 more words


"A Cry in the Night: An Electric Eclectic Book" By Karen J. Mossman

“To the entire world Rick has it all, rock stardom, fame, fortune… but inside he is burning out.
On the edge of depression and a breakdown he takes to an isolated shoreside hideaway and crawls into a bottle. 712 more words

Book Review

The Ghosts of Temple Bruer part 14

Sarah returned misgiving thoughts about returning to Temple Bruer and wondered if it was a mistake, but she had promised Philip she would return after visiting her sister. 578 more words


"Mark of The Hyena: An Electric Eclectic Book" - By Mark Fine

I’ve enjoyed Mark Fine’s writing since I read his novel, The Zebra Affaire. Delighted to find his Electric Eclectic novelette, Mark of the Hyena, I eagerly dove into reading it. 637 more words

Book Review