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Daughter of the Windswept Hills - Part Nine

The first riders out of Abas Sul met them short of the walls of the small city, a dozen men on wiry horses. They were alike in appearance, in spiked helms, and armour of silks and irons.

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Review of “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium”, novelette by Gray Rinehart

This novelette was published by Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, 05-2014.

The human colony on Alluvium has been taken over by a lizard race called Peshari. 228 more words

Science Fiction

Wisdom From The Ashes - Part Ten

Zethar risked a quick glance down from the hill top where he sheltered. Harmur’s army gathered below, blocking the only real way down. Steep slopes littered with boulders and jagged ridges marred the sides of the hill, making the climb to the top all but impossible, except for one narrow path that wound its way up to the top.

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Daughter of the Windswept Hills - Part Eight

It dawned grey with the arrival of the following day, rolling clouds sweeping down from the mountains and across the hills, while distant peals of thunder rumbled ominously over the peaks.

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The White Clover Project: Phase 1

Having an identity involves more than understanding your inner self. It also involves influencing others to view you as YOU view yourself. But if you don’t like who you are on the inside… 246 more words


The "She" Stands Alone

Keels, Nadine C. The “She” Stands Alone. Smashwords. 2014.

Dumped by gorgeous David, Sheridan Jones is heartbroken. Vowing to be done with men, “She Sher” (as she calls herself) styles a new hairdo, flaunts a new pair of red boots, and obtains a new attitude all her own…until the neighbor-mailman, Eugene, starts to show an interest in this contemporary romance… 156 more words


Wisdom From The Ashes - Part Nine

Screams echoed from the small camp through the hills surrounding it, torn from the sleeping form of Nhaqosa. Abasan, Niati and Lakach were startled from their sleep at the sound of it.

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