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Review: Unknown Sender by Ryan Lanz

Jessica’s world revolves around studying at college and affording prepackaged meals, which leaves little time for socializing. In fact, she is quite content without being noticed, which only makes the attention of a mystery texter all the more unwanted. 170 more words

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Gus Barton is struggling to get his writing career off the ground.

He finds an ally in an unlikely place. 251 more words


Wisdom From The Ashes - Part Seven

The sound of crashing blades rang out through the hills as men and women struggled in mortal contest. Horses kicked up dust and shouts echoed. There were dozens involved in the grim exchange, a heavy patrol of Harmur’s men, both on foot and horse, locked in battle with Zethar’s growing band of rebels and outlaws.

11 more words

Daughter of the Windswept Hills - Part Five

The Aedring warriors took up positions near the entrance to the valley to the west, from whence the raiders would come. The stream crashed its way down through the gap, towards the lowlands, and there an old trail made its way alongside it.

96 more words

Ravyne’s Lament — a Novelette: Part 2, Chapter 5

(warning: this chapter has an incestuous theme as means of revenge)

Part Two: The Rebirth

Chapter Five

When the ravens realized that they were no longer needed, they flew away as quickly as they had appeared. 991 more words


Ravyne’s Lament — a Novelette: Part 2, Chapter 4

Part Two: The Rebirth

Chapter Four

Following the ravens through the city streets of London, Ravyne had only one thing on her mind—revenge. Revenge for denying her, not once, but twice, for stealing away her heritage, and for loving a dead woman more than an alive child. 817 more words


Ravyne’s Lament — a Novelette: Part 2, Chapter 3

Part Two: The Rebirth

Chapter Three

The room was dark except a small lantern on a table by the door. Elanna followed the young man into the room and waited for him to close the door behind them. 907 more words