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Still You (2. Confession)

Hinihintay ko lang si Ma’am na i-dismiss ang klase. Nangangati na kasi ang kamay ko.

Kating kati nang kurutin ang makulit kong katabing si Marki. 582 more words


Still You (1. Bad Hair Day)


Kahit andito ako sa kwarto, alam ko kaagad kung sino ang bagong dating.

Napapitlag ako sa higaan ko nang marinig ko ang boses niya na tinatawag ang pangalan ko. 1,067 more words


Hammer of the Pygmies - Part Ten

Leaving behind the fallen snake, the expedition pressed on again, following the stream deeper into the cavern. If the sounds of their clash with the snake had been heard, no sign of it was forthcoming from the pygmies, neither those back at the settlement, or those that had followed them into the old temple.

45 more words

Wakers - New story coming out in August Asimov's

Well, this is the cover for the June issue, but I’ll post the August cover when that issue comes out… with my story “Wakers” inside. 68 more words


Alphabet Series Writing Tips - L is for Length

I actually debated for a bit as to what I wanted L to be for. Love interest, lethargy… but I finally decided on a topic that I think a lot of writers stress over. 920 more words

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The Oasis of Broken Bones - Part Ten

The cadaverous hermit stalked towards where Blade lay prone upon the ground, still rattled from having landed heavily. The hermit held a wickedly curved knife with a serrated edge in one hand.

49 more words

The Oasis of Broken Bones - Part Nine

The hooves of horses thrummed through the night, kicking up clouds of dust as the Hashalite band followed Halakir down from the hills, towards the deserts below.

53 more words