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As an independent author, I’m all for supporting fellow writers…

Today is Electric Eclectic Book Blatt Day. If you see a post anywhere, can you please share it. 15 more words

Recommending some great authors - Electric Eclectic

Today is Electric Eclectic Book Blatt Day. Having read many of these authors before, I can thoroughly recommend their writing. If you see a post anywhere, can you please share it. 17 more words

News On The Run

Hugo Finalists 2018: Best Novelette

I managed to chew through the Novelette finalists over the past two weeks and this category was much harder to pick from. There are some great pieces and I believe I liked these better than the short fiction entries, so far, but overall great pieces of writing and it’s so awesome to get a feel for where science fiction has been going over the past year. 775 more words

Science Fiction

Novelette: "What Is Eve?"

“What Is Eve?”, by Will McIntosh

Appeared in Lightspeed Magazine, April 2018 (issue 95); read or listen to the podcast here

10,160 words

The mystery, the big reveal, and the ending were all delightfully satisfying. 19 more words

Twenty-first Century

SE1: Episode 5 - Style and Form

Welcome to the fifth episode of Digital Cup in the Morning. On today episode we will look at the different types of writing and genre. There are many to choose from whether you are writing for pleasure or profession – or reading! 1,002 more words

Digital Cup In The Morning

Scary Sunday

Seven Days of Electric Eclectic Novelettes – Day 7


Miriam’s Hex

by Paul White

A dark tale of greed, selfishness and latent curses, laced with black humour, in a light-hearted way. 360 more words