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FREE! Wild Boys

Today through Friday get my post-apocalyptic novella WILD BOYS for FREE! Please consider leaving a review.

Can you fall in love at the end of the world? 79 more words


At last! The Mother Earth Insurgency is on sale now at Amazon.

I’m happy to announce that The Mother Earth Insurgency, the first story in my series Tales From A Warming Planet, is now on sale exclusively at… 156 more words

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Making Progress

First of all I want to start this post with shameless self promotion. (Writing is literally a way of life, after all).

Make sure you don’t miss out on  291 more words


2017 Hugo Nomination Thoughts: Novelettes

Next up, novelette time, aka “Emily frantically rushes to finish reading all the Hugo nominations before the actual award ceremony.”

(The Rabid Puppy slate pick is not being reviewed.) 655 more words


Aegis Omega - Brother in Arms (12)


Chapter 12: Nino’s gift.

It took them a while, too long of a while, but they eventually reached some kind of warehouse complex. Without stopping, nor mindful in any way of how Nino was desperately gasping for air, Rivaldo ran towards a specific warehouse. 1,441 more words


Aegis Omega - Brother in Arms (11)


Chapter 11: What Rivaldo lives for.

Nino would never say it out loud, but he felt disappointed by nothing happening that night. Rivaldo came for him at daybreak and invited him home since Rita had already left to take his little brother to school. 1,587 more words


Aegis Omega - Brother in Arms (9)


Chapter 9: Bros before Blood

It was a Friday evening, and they had just finished dinner. It was roughly nine o’ clock when the doorbell rang, which was something that hadn’t ever really happened before. 1,636 more words