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Holiday Tales!

Yay! Tis the season. Who doesn’t like to get wrapped up in the holidays? Cozy fires and warm blankets, getting all wrapped up on the couch with a good book. 123 more words

Word Counts – How Long Should This Be?

There are no hard and fast rules to word counts. The truth is that a story is as long as it needs to be or in other words as long as it takes to tell the story. 453 more words

Sheffield Science Fiction Fantasy Writers Group

Novelette: "Three May Keep a Secret"

“Three May Keep a Secret,” by Carlie St. George

Appeared in Strange Horizons, November 20th, 2017

7,682 words

A moving story.

Edited to add: I like Matt’s voice. 7 more words

Twenty-first Century

Nebula 2017 Reading List is here! My recs

The 2017 Neubla reading list is being put together right now and it’s an exciting time. I thought I would point you to some amazing things to read off the list if you’re short on time and want some clear recs. 684 more words


Novelette: "Lagomorph"

“Lagomorph,” by Alexander McLeod

Appeared in Granta 141: Canada, November 9th, 2017; available to subscribers here

7702 words

(Heavy spoilers lie ahead.) I was so relieved when the rabbit didn’t die. 44 more words

Twenty-first Century

Novelette: "Night-Gaunts"

“Night-Gaunts,” by Joyce Carol Oates

Appeared in The Yale Review, Volume 105, no. 4, October 2017; PDF here

14,249 words

Like “Murmur,” this piece digs into the life of a thinly veiled real person, and very satisfyingly. 59 more words

Twenty-first Century