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Writing ALL the words

I posted a piece of flash fiction last Wednesday and made a quick mention of what flash fiction is. I hope you enjoyed the short piece. 381 more words

What I'm Writing

Vessel: Far and Away

Finally, I’ll round out the Big Three with a discussion on Vessel and how it applies to the subject of Alternate Realities. Got your popcorn handy? 269 more words


The Three Safeties: Time and Place

While I was preparing to write these new articles, it struck me that I had placed Corona and The Three Safeties in the same story universe. 255 more words


Corona: Where and When?

When discussing alternate realities, it is important to understand a few basic concepts:

1) How does the alternate reality distinguish itself from our own?
2) How radical are the changes in the alternate reality versus our own? 206 more words


Vessel: Title or Something Else?

Truth be told, Vessel was not my first choice for a title. Shocked? Don’t be. Titles rank near the bottom of creative things that I obsess over when working on a story and I was pressed to come up with something other than “Untitled SF/Adventure Story”. 125 more words


The Three Safeties: What does it mean?

The Three Safeties’ title was a small departure from my usual title naming habit of picking one-word titles. Why? Because the story demanded that I go with my gut and pick a title that not only caught the eye but made potential readers ponder its significance. 117 more words


Corona: What's In a Name?

While I consider book titles significant, I place them at the end of the creation process. Let’s face it, of all the things that we writers put ourselves through to write a story, slapping a name on it is by and far the easiest part of it all. 142 more words