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Freefall Destiny (4/4)

To Part 3


“I HAVE NO WORDS!” Keilo grabbed his own head in unrelenting excitement.

Jik laughed, “YOU SEEM TO HAVE A LOT.” 1,993 more words


Freefall Destiny (3/4)

To Part 2


“Oh! And a major misstep has just occurred!” That was the downside of having the commentators on my ear, they never shut up and only made mistakes sound even more urgent, constantly passing pessimistic judgments on everything. 2,444 more words


Freefall Destiny (2/4)

To Part 1


He looked so much younger, shaving will usually do that to someone, but as the jump came closer, so did he seem to get younger. 2,494 more words


New Year Wishes and Submissions Updates

Happy New Year!

Thank you for helping CW magazine grow and sending in your stories and essays in 2015.  We have enjoyed another year of working on the magazine and the website, bringing you stories from all over the world by intercultural writers—both beginners and veterans. 111 more words

Cecile's Writers


John was a straightforward man. Fresh out of his literature course and already editor assistant at a mediocre publishing company, he earnestly climbed his way up the professional ladder. 2,681 more words


"All Wrapped up with You" is now available!

A couple of days ahead of schedule — “All Wrapped up with You” is now available in the Kindle store! Good timing, since I just… 70 more words

Christmas At College

The Word Count maketh the Novel or should I say Novella...

Short Story vs. Novelette vs. Novella vs. Novel.

Since I’ve started blogging I have been more careful with using these four words when writing a review – I mean an author would not be very impressed if you referred to his novel as a novella – hard work goes into writing books. 523 more words