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A Question of Courage

by J. F. Bone
first published in the pages of Amazing Stories, December 1960

A hyperspace scout ship with a serious morale problem finally sees combat. 937 more words


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How one reader buys her books

I have a good friend with whom spend a couple of hours every Friday morning. She knows I write science fiction novels but has never read any of them. 881 more words



by A.E. van Vogt
first published in the pages of Astounding Science-Fiction, April 1940

A thrilling jetpack ride above Europa turns into a hopeless struggle for survival on its inhospitable surface. 752 more words


Breeds There a Man...?

by Isaac Asimov
originally published in the pages of Astounding Science-Fiction, June 1951

It’s the Cold War, and a top U.S. nuclear scientist has gone mad. 824 more words


Writing ALL the words

I posted a piece of flash fiction last Wednesday and made a quick mention of what flash fiction is. I hope you enjoyed the short piece. 381 more words

What I'm Writing

Vessel: Far and Away

Finally, I’ll round out the Big Three with a discussion on Vessel and how it applies to the subject of Alternate Realities. Got your popcorn handy? 269 more words