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Aegis Omega - Brother in Arms (1)


Chapter 1: The Butterfly

It was a hot day. But then, it’s most always a hot day in Brazil.

The sun shines through whatever measly clouds attempt to defend the people on the ground when they even deem to show up, and on that summer day, none could muster up the courage. 2,011 more words


Aegis Omega - Brother in Arms (0)

Everyone has a past. Everyone is as much part of history as it is part of them. The past shapes the present which influences the future, at every conceivable level of existence, and so there is no decision that is made objectively. 146 more words


Sold a new collection

I’ve signed a contract with NineStar Press for a collection of short stories and novelettes. It’s a mix of new material and reprints, from both Storm Duffy and Jules Jones. 55 more words

FRAGILE DREAMS Now Available for Pre-order

I am excited to reveal the cover and announce that my upcoming novella, FRAGILE DREAMS, is now available for pre-order through the JournalStone Publishing… 219 more words

The Benefits of Writing Contests

There’s always a struggle in deciding how much time you need to focus on your “break out” novels versus writing shorter works for competitions. I hear you asking, “I want to be a serious author, so why waste time entering writing contests when I could be pitching to agents?” Well, dear reader, simply because… 852 more words

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M. S. Harris : Third Week of Camp Nano

Hello wonderful people!

How have you all been? How’s Camp treating you? How are your stories/projects? I hope you are all doing great.

I, for one, am not. 466 more words

Camp Nanowrimo


I have been holding onto this announcement for a while now, and I know some of you have been waiting ever so patiently, but I can finally announce the next book in the ALLEVON series by… 277 more words