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Four books a year?

I just finished reading this article which talks about how many books a person should write. By the way, the answer is how many they want. 182 more words


My New Year Starts Now

I tend to look at my writing goals by quarters. Also I look at the writing year kind of like a physical year in business. My year starts in October, for NaNoWriMo preparation. 290 more words


First Line Friday

To commemorate this week’s installment of Refining Sylver, I’m posting the first sentence of chapter 5!

“Blood pounds through my head, making my eyes pulsate as my mother kisses Kanis Grey’s whiskered cheek.” 63 more words

Experiences And Advice

ARC Review: If Santa Were a Cowboy (Melissa Cutler)

~*~*~ SPOILER-Y REVIEW ~*~*~

I think all the ratings I have for this novella are reserved for both Paul and his dog, Sadie. Because the heroine, Kelly, just annoyed me to the point where I thought Paul was definitely better with someone else who could appreciate him. 260 more words


February (Calendar Girl #2) by Audrey Carlan

In February, Mia is sent to Seattle to work as a muse. French artist Alec Duboi is working on a new exhibit calles “love on canvas” and finds Mia the perfect model for it. 1,966 more words

Book Review

Love Slave Part 10 (18+ only)

Day upon day for almost a week, I hover by the door at 11am. I alter all my appointments so I can be at home when the post arrives, although most days all that I get are circulars and bills. 2,295 more words



I did not come to Mount Olympus.  Mount Olympus came to me.

A flame was caged in my heart as I lay in bed every night.   84 more words