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Review of Craig DiLouie and Jonathan Moon's "Children of God"

Children of God by Craig DiLouie and Jonathan Moon is an unexpected surprise from these two horror writers.  I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever read something quite like this, even though I’ve read quite a bit of poetry.  381 more words


The Hitchhiker.

So here I am. Stood on the edge of this godforsaken road, no end in sight. The dusty track appears to wind off into nowhere, eventually fading completely into the dim evening glow. 3,275 more words


Silver Rock Part 6 (Conclusion)

Janice walked up the long sidewalk with Natalia next to her. She rang the bell and was greeted by a young woman. She pointed to Jonathan who came over as the young woman quickly left the room. 1,017 more words


WIP Wednesday #21: Abiding Folly

The work continues apace. Inspiration is ground beneath the stone of process, turned into the millet of…something? Never mind. Anyway, week 21. Wonders and horrors abide herein. 411 more words

Short Story

5 things I won't forget about you (Episode 2)

I came out of his office and stopped a cab to take me to my new office. But my heart protested,”No, what’s wrong with this office? 509 more words

Silver Rock Part 5

Janice awoke in a small room as a woman stood next to her. “My name is Dr Natalia Romanov. I am sorry about the way in which we brought you here. 1,032 more words


Novella Review: Water of Versailles by Kelly Robson

4 of 5 stars.

When creatures of folklore appear in fantasy, they often inject a wild element into the civilized backdrop of the tale. This heart-felt novella upends that notion by having the non-human creature, a water sprite known as a… 293 more words

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